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WW: Home Sweet Home

I guess I have shared some sneak peak of our house some times ago.

Our living room. And the wooden stairs :)

Well, it's a working progress up until now as I still have a lot of boxes to open and furnitures to set up. And it's tiring LOL.

So far I really love our living room and dining room.
The vintage tiles make it unique.
Just like we wanted it since the beginning.

The vintage tiles we use

favourite we're working on the kitchen set. All white :)

A little purple touch

I really thank my hubby for considering my ideas of adding some wooden touch here and there. And voila...I got the wooden stairs plus wooden Indonesian-tradisional- vintage-inspired furnitures. Plus the tiles!

Do you like the tiles?

Well, as we have more stuff now, I just added a few homey touches here and there to our home sweet home in Rawamangun, Jakarta.
Some Indonesian traditional-inspired sofa and chairs have been added as well.

Our comfy Ikea chairs :)

So, that's what we have now.
Will share more from our home later on, including our journey during the almost-two-year renovation.
Do you like vintage-inspired home as well?

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