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WW: In Pink We Trust

I'm still celebrating #breastcancerawarenessmonth in this beautiful October :).

Check out some cool merchandises I got from

I'm a survivor..

I stand for hope..

I am also getting ready for my Making Strides against Breast Cancer at Central Park this weekend! Join my team if you're around :).

And have fun bloghopping by linking up with me yooo :)

Kickoff Breakfast Making Strides against Breast Cancer

And we are going to have another walk this year!

Yeaaah ;)...

join us in Central Park :)

Remember Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk that I did last year in the middle of my chemotherapy?
I did that in the middle of the second chemo I got. And it as the AC one..
the tough one :).
I shared it in my blog as well and you can read it here on 

Making Strides against Breast Cancer...The D-Day :)

And this year, 2015, we will have the same, or even more fuuuun :).

And last week, I joined the Kickoff Breakfast for Making Strides against Breast Cancer.
Thanks to my dearest Kisha Kelly, who contacted me in the first place, I managed to get a reservation for this kickoff breakfast.

My dearest Kisha Kelly :)
thanks to Kisha Kelly, I got the email :)

Surely the most fun breakfast I have ever attended!

And very moving as well ..

You know, being a breast cancer survivor, I just celebrated my first birthday a couple  weeks ago.
I just had my mammogram, 1 year after my last one last year, so it marked my 1 year cycle already.
And I never thought it felt so wonderful.

I just can't help it when during the breakfast,  we, the survivors, were asked to light the candles that we got for free together with Magnolia bakery's cupcake.
To light the spirits and remember those who have lost the battles.
I cried like a baby :).
Happy tears indeed..
Even as I wrote it now.

light the candle :)

Merci, Ya Rabb...
I can't help it...
I know it is still a long and winding road ahead with Herceptin and Tamoxifen at least for the next 5 years but I have all the hopes and spirit to stay healthy and live healthier.

So we started the kickoff breakfast at New York Marquis Hotel with the registration for everyone... 
Newcomers, survivors, family members, volunteers, team leaders, pacemakers, sponsors... Everyone is welcomed.

Fight like a girl!

They had photo booth and pink carpet as well ;). 
You should see the properties we have here.. Super cute.

choose what you like...

Then we also had free cupcakes for survivors presented by Magnolia bakery.

thank you Magnoliaaaa...

Inside the hall, we had some presentations, testimonies and information session given interactively by Kelly Crawley. She was supeeeeer coool indeed.

with Kelly Crawley :)

We all made a pledge to join this noble cause of raising awareness of breast cancer and helping those suffering from it. That's why I am also soooo excited to invite everyone of you to join my team, Indonesia Ceria & Beyond, to walk in Central Park on Sunday, October 18, 2015. 

our brekky :)

Even Miss New York 2015 joined our breakfast and will have a team for the walk! 

cheers from the pretty Miss New York :)

We had a blast last year and will definitely come back this year.

Please donate and contribute and show me some love to this great cause. Ask me how to do it ;). look for some charity sales I will soon do (I am thinking of cooking some cakes and food for sale ;) and handy crafts, too) to gather more funds for continuing this fight. 

There are soooo many ways to help as well.

Get more information at  or You can also check making strides against breast cancer in Central Park  and my blog for more updates :)

Here is a video about the next walk we are going to make  :)

Aren't you super excited?

I am ;)

Wish me luck, people ✌