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My Beloved Lampung - The Treasure of Sumatera

"Indah, tell me where is that diving location you've talked about in your blog. Is that your hometown?"

One of my dear friends startled me with her questions in the middle of our meeting at the UN Headquarters here in New York City. Apparently she just read some posts about my diving trip in Tegal Island, Lampung, I made years ago. One of the remedies I took whenever I miss my beloved hometown. Put all those photos and pour my heart out in the stories. Longing soulfully for my home.

On another occasion, I have more friends cornering me during our Diplomatic reception at the Indonesian Mission to the UN here in New York City.

"Look at that fantastic fabrics you are wearing, Indah. What is it called again? Tapis?" Their hands were eagerly touching that beautiful handwoven Tapis in gold and purple, my favorite colors. Then the night was filled with my stories of how beautiful my hometown is. And how I keep missing it, wherever I am.

My name is Indah Nuria Savitri and here's my little story about a hidden paradise called Lampung.

Have you been to Lampung before?
Have you heard of this hidden peace of paradise called Lampung?

Well, I have to admit that Lampung is no longer 'hidden' paradise as we welcome more and more people who love spending some precious  times in beautiful beaches dotting along Lampung Bay.

Lampung is located in the southern most part of Sumatera island. 
Strategically situated as the Gate of Sumatera, Lampung enjoys robust and dynamic development. 

Its fertile terra has produced world-wide famous coffee beans, cocoa beans, pepper, cloves, coconuts, pineapple and more. And in line with this progressive improvement, Lampung now consists of two autonomous cities, Bandar Lampung and Metro (where I was born :)), as well as twelve regencies spanning from the southern most part to the west, east and northern part, bordering with Bengkulu and South Sumatera provinces.

Surrounded by oceans and dotted with pristine islands, Lampung has so much potential in fisheries as well as tourism, particularly. 

Amidst the long list of beautiful things you can find, feel, taste and enjoy in Lampung, I will only focus of three most astounding features Lampung has: its gorgeous natural landscapes, rich and colorful cultures, and delicious culinary experience.

The gorgeous natural landscapes

Frankly speaking, I don't even know where to start as there are so many beautiful spots that we can enjoy :).

Lampung has long been famously known for its pristine islands and beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear and turquoise water. Stretching out from Lampung Bay to the western part of Lampung, this province surely can cater all beach lovers' dream of enjoying pristine, beautiful beaches with such ease.  

Pahawang, Kelagian, Tegal, Legundi, Balak, Tanjung Putus, Mutun, Kiluan, Tanjung Setia, Pisang, Sebesi and Sebuku are only a few examples of beautiful islands and beaches located in Lampung, winning the hearts of locals as well as foreign visitors.

me enjoying Kelagian Kecil island :)

Not to mention its wonderful underwater world. 
Being a diver myself, I can never get enough of it. 
Enjoying the colorful underwater world filled with various unique schools of fish, corals, and sea creatures in vibrant colors and shapes is always be on top of my itinerary whenever I come and visit my hometown. 

some of my amateur underwater snaps in while diving Lampung
I even have a short video, dancing with nemo or the clown fish,  from my last diving trip in Tegal Island, Lampung, back in 2014.

Don't have a diving license? Don't worry.
Even snorkeling  or strolling around the beach in one of the islands scattered along the Lampung Bay will bring joy to you and your family.

Tanjung Putus, where you can freely snorkel with this happy school of fish

pipe fish, taken during my snorkeling trip in Tegal island

Kiluan Bay is another great spot for all mother nature lovers, particularly as you can see wild dolphins freely roaming and swimming around by your side.

dancing around with the wild dolphins at Kiluan Bay

Mount Krakatau  is indeed the famous icon of Lampung. Majestically situated in Sunda Strait, between Sumatera and Java islands, Krakatau or Krakatoa, as the world names it, has literally shocked the world due to its cataclysmic eruption in 1883.
This active volcano, complete with Mount Anak Krakatau or the Child of Krakatau as part of the three volcanic peaks,  continues to steal peoples' attention and admiration for its unique geologic and geographic features. No wonder if  the Government of Lampung galvanizes this world-famous volcano into its annual cultural festival.

Moreover, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park provides more wonderful mountainous area with green lush forests and wild animals. And don't get me started with falls and lagoons, as again Lampung has abundant choices for that.

Pulau Balak, one of our favorite underwater destinations

But that's not all.
Lampung is indeed bestowed with more unique and amazing natural landscapes.
Take a look at Karang Hiu beach, for example. Located in  Pegadungan Beach, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung, this rather newly found spot has instantly become most sought area among landscape photographers due to its fantastic layout and beauty.

Photo is taken from

Or the Way Kambas Elephant training center.
This iconic outdoor adventure will surely boost up your adventurous spirit as you get closer to the nature's wonder and fantastic creatures, the elephants.

And one more thing.
I am always blessed with amazing sunset whenever traveling back home. 
Whether it's on our way back from diving trip or island hopping, or simply while waiting to harbor in Bakauheni on our car-and-ship trip from Jakarta.
Such a breathtaking view!

I can go on and on and on when it comes to all those fantastic spots mother nature has in Lampung. If you don't believe me, you should then go and see them yourself :).

The rich and colorful cultures

For sure, Lampung is also bestowed with rich and colorful cultures. Being famous as Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai or the divine home of two,- the original Lampungnese and pendatang or the newcomers, Lampung is one of the laudable examples of harmonious lives among communities, adorned with traditional values and norms.

Adat istiadat or the traditional values are still dearly hold, as you can clearly see in the daily lives of Lampungnese, projected in their philosophy, traditional language, songs and dances as well as socio- cultural structures.

One of the most prominent aspects of this cultural wonder that I'd like to showcase here is its traditional fabrics.

Have you ever heard of Tapis Lampung before?
A beautiful mix of hand-woven gold threads, ancient patterns such as siger (traditional Lampungnese regal headpiece), kapal (boat)  and traditional umbrella, and vibrant colors, Tapis Lampung surely becomes one of the most-wanted keepsakes from this beautiful land.
I myself have a few pieces of  Tapis Lampung and proudly wear them in many special occasions wherever I am, including here in New York City.

Proudly wearing Tapis Lampung at the UN and Indonesian Mission

I sincerely hope you can get your own Tapis Lampung and adore them as much as I do.

The delicious culinary experience.

And your visit to Lampung will not be complete without having the culinary adventure. 
Like many parts of Indonesia, Lampung offers fantastic cuisines that will surely satisfy your appetites. 

Try Seruit and tempoyak, traditional Lampungnese plates made of fermented durian usually mixed with fresh chili, shallots, salt and sugar. Eat them fresh with grilled fish, fresh vegetables and a bowl of steamed rice, together with your family and friends. Heaven!
You can also try pindang, or fresh, sweet and sour fish soup adorned with fragrant kemangi leaves. For dessert, have a bite of geguduh or sweet banana fritters and a glass of traditional Kopi Lampung, the world famous robusta coffee beans. 
I bet you will be addicted to it. I am literally drooling as I write this!  

Not to mention various cemilan or snacks such as lempok, dodol durian, kerupuk, kemplang, keripik pisang, keripik nangka, keripik singkong, sambal Lampung, and so many more.

some of the delicious snacks from Lampung

Away from home does not prevent me from enjoy all these great food.
I am extremely lucky to have my dearest family and friends sending those packages of love to New York City as we crave for those traditional food.
And I am inviting you all to give them a try and tell me what you think about them.
I have to admit I really want to go home to Lampung now :).

Lampung Krakatau Festival

Photo is taken from

And to celebrate all these glorious nature and cultural diversity, the Provincial Government of Lampung has been conducting an annual Lampung Krakatau Festival.
Care to know more about it?

For 2016, Lampung Krakatau Festival will be held from 24 - 28 of August, 2016.
There are series of events you can enjoy during the Festival, including Jelajah Pasar Seni, Jelajah Layang-layang, Jelajah Rasa, Jelajah Krakatau and Jelajah Semarak Budaya. 
Various activities such as art exhibition and seminars, talk show, photo contest, culinary bazaar and food festival, as well as will be conducted during the Festival, including the iconic jubilant Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival as well as the Investor Summit Dinner.
Now that's a festive event we have here.
And for sure you all are invited to join this festivity!

Make sure you check the complete schedules and more details on

Photo is taken from

How I wish I could be there and witness all these jovial gathering!
But for sure, wherever I am, I will always have Lampung in my heart.

My name is Indah Nuria Savitri and I proudly say I come from Lampung, the Treasure of Sumatera.


Lampung Krakatau Festival 2016,
Suku Lampung,
Batu Karang mempesona di Pantai Pegadungan

8 Oleh-oleh Lampung yang Wajib Dicoba

Disclaimer: postingan ini asli dibuat dari lubuk hati yang paling dalam,  murni tanpa fasilitasi dari produsen produk-produk yang saya sebutkan, namun karena memang saya suka dan menikmatinya. All opinion expressed is based on my own experience and the food displayed in this post is given to me as the tokens of love from my dear friends and family. Dan dilarang ngiler ya :).

ada yang mau? :)

Kampung halamanku tercinta.

Cerita tentang kampung halaman memang selalu membuatku sendu.
Ada rasa sesak di dada saat ingat cantiknya Lampung, tanah kelahiranku.
Belum bosen kan kalau aku curhat soal rasa kangen ini?
I know I have posted several posts about it..
How I miss my big family, the great outdoors and adventures I have back home, the stunning beaches and the yummy culinary havens we have here and there plus refreshing massages and 
Bahkan saya juga kangen naik angkot dan busway andalan tercinta di Jakarta hehehe.

Lagi-lagi..semua bermula dari media sosial dan group Whatsapp.
WA keluarga besarku di Lampung dan juga teman-teman SMP dan SMA di Lampung asyik membahas duren, pempek dan pantai indah yang bertebaran di Lampung.

Repeat: Duren, Pempek, dan Pantai.
Repeat: Pantai, Pempek, dan Duren.
Repeat: Pempek, Pantai, dan Duren.

Lupakan urutannya, tapi resapi ketiganya.

Rasanya pengen langsung pesen tiket, pulang liburan ke Lampung dan puas-puasin ketemu keluarga, teman, wisata kuliner sampai kembung dan diving to my heart's content.

Kalau punya pintu ajaib Doraemon and perusahaan multinational yang menghasilkan keuntungan bersih M-M-an (yeah rite, Indah :)), mungkin saya akan saat ini sudah duduk manis di JFK airport menanti boarding. But what did they say about life? It's so unfair, instead, I am pouring my heart out here on my blog at one coldy corner in Astoria, NYC :).

Kenapa jadi panjang sekali ya intronya. Padahal saya hanya mau berbagi kebahagiaan karena baru menerima paket kejutan of the year yang isinya oleh-oleh kuliner Lampung yang wajib dicoba.

ada yang mau?

Allah SWT memang Maha Adil. 
Di saat kami hanya bisa menatap nanar seliweran makanan enak asal kampung halaman yang keukeuh nangkring di timeline FB, Path, IG, dan bahkan chat WA dan Telegram, ternyata bisikan lirih dalam hati untuk bisa ikut menikmatinya didengar oleh-Nya.

Dan thanks to Nchoe, Novie Herawati Zein, teman koboyku sejak jaman SMP, SMA, kuliah, sampai sudah berbuntut ria, aneka kuliner khas Lampung ini pun mendarat dengan manis di NYC.
Saat membukanya, hati sudah deg-degan, lalu terharu. 

Apa saja sih oleh-oleh khas Lampung yang wajib dicoba dan dinikmati?

Ini dia 8 oleh-oleh khas Lampung yang wajib dicoba a la saya. Abaikan urutannya ya, karena saya yakin teman-teman memiliki selera yang beragam. Yang pasti semuanya enak, semua enak. Lagi-lagi menurut saya.

1. Pempek Lampung

Buat saya, pempek memang yang paling juara. Meskipun pempek identik dengan Palembang atau Sumatera Selatan, namun pempek di Lampung ngg kalah nikmatnya. 

Indonesian fish cake, that's what we call it. Different from the one from Thai, our fish cake is exquisitely tasty due to the fish meat being used and the special sweet-spicy sauce, cuka, that complement it. We use ikan belida or the king fish for the dough. And surely it gives you the wonderful taste.

Saat saya menulis ini, terbayang lembutnya adaan dan lenjer dari ikan belida yang baru digoreng ataupun dikukus. Ditambah cuka yang pedasnya buat ketagihan dan irisan timun segar. Masya Allah, nikmat-Nya mana lagi yang kau dustakan?

Dan kali ini, saya titip Pempek 123 yang lumayan top di Lampung. Namun sepanjang daerang Kupang, Teluk Betung, banyak tersedia toko-toko pempek yang juga terkenal sejak dulu. Ada pempek 88 dan pempek

2. Kemplang dan Kerupuk Ikan

Bisa aku habisin sendiri lhooo..

Can't get enough of it.
That's it :).

Kerupuk dan kemplang ini benar-benar membuat hidup lebih nikmat. Buat yang sudah pernah mencicipi kerupuk ikan dan kemplang Lampung biasanya ketagihan. Paling tidak beberapa teman asing saya di PBB yang pernah mencicipi langsung suka dan minta lagi. Kalau sudah begini, saya yang rugi bandar :).

3. Keripik Pisang

keripik pisang enaaak...

Lampung rasanya selalu identik dengan keripik pisang. Saya ingat, sejak kecil, kalau bawa oleh-oleh dari Lampung pasti pilihan pertama adalah keripik pisang. Karena memang enak dan sejak dulu ada perusahaan terkenal di Lampung yang menjual keripik pisang enak. Dulu rasanya hanya manis dan asin. Sekarang? Hmmm.. You name it, you got it.  Mulai dari rasa coklat, keju, sampai jagung manis :). My favorite? Yang asin dan keju. Coba deh..

4. Keripik Nangka

Ini adalah salah satu varian terbaru di perjagatan oleh-oleh khas Lampung. Apparently, Lampung punya stok nangka yang banyak dan jadilah keluar ide buat keripik nangka. Enak juga lhooo.. Kriuk kriuk dengan manis dan aroma khas nangka. Ngga percaya? Grab one and try it yourself.

5. Kopi Lampung

kopi legendaris :)

Kopi dan lada itu Lampung bangeeet.
Langsung ingat salah satu lagu daerah Lampung yang judulnya. Di salah satu liriknya disebut bahwa Lampung memang surganya kopi dan lada. 

Dan memang kopi Lampung itu asli mantap. 
Kopi Lampung asli ya. 
Masih ingat jaman kami sering main ke Kotaagung, kampungnya Rudi, dan dioleh-olehi kopi Lampung yang hasil gilingan sendiri. Kalau diseduh, wanginya serumah :). 
Jadi, kopi Lampung wajib dicoba juga nih.

6. Sambal Yen Yen

Dulu, Yen Yen terkenal sebagai toko yang menyediakan oleh-oleh khas Lampung. Komplit, plit. Aneka oleh-oleh yang aku sebut di sini ada semua, malah lebih lengkap lagi. Dan sekarang, Yen Yen juga mengeluarkan sambal khasnya. 

Pedasnya? Juaraaaa! 
Dijamin makan dengan sambal ini penuh dengan sound effects.. Bisa "ya ampun, pedesnyaaa.." Atau "gila enak beneer ini sambel.." Sampai.. "Uh, ah, uh, ah.." Karena rasa pedasnya memang sampai ke kuping dan bikin nyandu :).

7. Lempok dan Dodol Duren

Saya ngga punya fotonya tapi untuk yang doyan duren dan manis (unfortunately I don't >_<), lempok dan dodol duren ini juga juaraaa. Setiap saya pulang ke Lampung, sering banget membawa lempok dan dodol duren untuk teman-teman di kantor. Kaau sudah dibuka, 5 menit langsung habis :).

8. Tempoyak

Nah untuk yang satu ini, juga salah satu makanan favoritku. And I gotta admit, I was so regretful about it. Menyesaaal saya baru tahu enaknya tempoyak setelah menikah :). Thanks to my hubby, I am in love with tempoyak now. Makanan khas Lampung ini dibuat dari duren yang difermentasi dan    ditumis dengan sambal. Atau dicampur langsung dengan sambal terasi. Tuhan.. Makan ikan goreng atau tahu tempe goreng dengan tempoyak dan sambal terasi itu serasa melihat surga di pelupuk mata. Lebay memang.. Tai asli enak. Dan sayangnya tempoyak belum terkirim nih ke NYC. Ada yang mau berbaik hati? :)

Sebenarnya masih banyak lagi makanan enak khas Lampung yang perlu dicoba. Termasuk pindang patin yang seger dan nikmat, kue lapis ketan Lampung dan masiiiih banyak lagi.

Satu lagi tentang Lampung yang membuat saya selalu kangen adalah teman-teman tercintah. Termasuk di dunia blog yang seruuu. Walaupun saya masih anak bawang di sini, tapi asli dunia blogging seru abis. Dan adalah seorang Melly Felyadin, seorang selebritis blogger pertama yang saya kenal di ajang Blogger Nusantara. selebritis blogger imut kinyis-kinyis yang ternyata berasal dari Lampung. At least her family is still there in Kalianda. 

ketemuan pertama kali dengan Melly :)

Saya ingeet banget pertama kali ketemu Melly di Blognus. Berbekal selembar kertas yang harus ditandatangani para selebritis blogger itu, saya cocokkan satu per satu teman-teman blogger yang datang dengan kertas print yang ada foto Melly. Niat bangeet yah hihi.. 
Maklum kami masih blogger pemula saat itu dan dengan berbekal PD, saya tanya deh satu-satu. Waktu ketemu, rasanya heboooh beneer dan berhasil dapat tanda tangannya:). Aah jadi kangeen dengan Melly. 

keseruan Blognus ..

Coba deh main ke blognya :). Ada banyak cerita seru di sana. Sebenarnya Melly juga aktif di blog detik. Sayangnya, blog detik ngga bisa saya buka di luar negeri. I don't know why.

Karena sama-sama dari tanah Lampung tercinta,  kami pun punya hobi yang sama. Ngemil makanan khas Lampung. That's why.. Waktu saya drafting mengenai oleh-oleh khas Lampung, jadi langsung inget Melly juga.

Sekarang, Melly yang hobby banget nyetrika ini berdomisili di Bogor.mungkin berikutnya kita ngobrol soal oleh-oleh khas Bogor yaaa. Sounds good to me..