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WW: Snapshots of Berlin, Germany

Here are some snapshots of Berlin, Germany, where I visited this beautiful for about 4 days for meetings.
Have you been to Berlin before?

Bradenburg Gate ...
I didn't get to see the city too much as my meetings in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany were full. Somehow,  I managed to briefly visit the Brandenburg Gate, Concert House, Reichstag Building, Check Point Charlie, Memorial to the Murdered Jews and BMW Berlin. 

I have visited this place before but that was more than 11 years ago. It is really nice to go back indeed.

I remember our days in Europe from 2007 - 2011 and again, Europe has its own ageless charm that hook me.

Konzerthaus Berlin

wish I could see it inside..but no time!

Cheers from mini me and I

The meeting we have on Women, Peace and Security

Well, here's what I managed to get.
Will certainly spill more stories and details after finishing the High Level Segment of Human Rights Council in Geneve this week. Meanwhile, sending love and kisses from Geneva.

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