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Queens Museum in Winter..

Looking for a great time with your family during this super cold days in winter?
Visiting museum can be a great choice!

Di tengah udara yang super dingin di NYC, memang agak susah untuk mencari kegiatan yang menyenangkan buat keluarga, tapi dilakukan di luar rumah. Apalagi Bo et Obi beberapa waktu yang lalu tengah libur pertengahan musim dingin. Jadi kami memilih untuk mengunjungi museum yang ada di dekat rumah, yaitu Museum Queens

My family and I were enjoying our recent visit to Queens Museum during the mid-winter recess. This museum is located around the neighborhood so it didn't take that long for us come here and have one lovely afternoon together.

The building itself is grandeurly historical. Originally built for the pavilion of the World's Fair in 1939 - 1940, it once housed the world's leaders and diplomats from many member states as the United Nations used it as its headquarters from 1946 - 1950. Before the UNHQ in Manhattan was built, this building has accomodated many important meetings of the UN, including, among others, on the issue of Palestine and the establishment of UNESCO. 

Museum ini sebelumnya juga pernah menjadi Markas Besar PBB lho...untuk tahun 1946 - 1950, saat PBB baru awal-awal dibentuk, Majelis Umum PBB bersidang di gedung ini. Banyak kepala negara dan diplomat dari berbagai negara yang datang dan bersidang di gedung bersejarah ini. Setelah gedung Markas Besar PBB yang terletak di Manhattan selesai dibangun, maka gedung ini pun kembali berfungsi sebagaimana awalnya.

For me who spend so much time at the UN, this is a very interesting facts :). So now, I have so far visited 4 UN Offices in New York, Geneve, and Vienna :).

Well, wanna see what's inside?
Penasaran pengen liat seperti apa di dalamnya?

Come and join us here then...

There are several exhibitions going on at this moment at Queens Museum, besides the permanent display that they have here.

1. the Panorama of New York City.

This is the first exhibition we saw during our visit. The whole New York City built in tiny, tiny pieces, but built in such accuracy it reflects the city's 895,000 buildings made prior to 1992. 
Can you imagine that....
So many buildings, yet so tiny!

Terbayang ngga sih seluruh kota New York dibuat dalam miniatur, lengkap dengan semua gedung, jembatan, taman dan arsitektur lainnya. 
Saya terpana melihat panorama ini...
Benar-benar details dan pasti dikerjakan dengan tingkat akurasi yang tinggi.

I took one spot of the UNHQ :)

No wonder it becomes the huge attraction during the World Fair in 1964 when the panorama was firstly introduced and continue to wow everyone who sees it now. It is indeed the crown jewel of the Queens Museum :).

do you see the Central Park :)
Looking at all those tiny pieces, I cannot imagine how long it took to finish them all...

the bridge connecting Manhattan and daily route :)

Bo et Obi really enjoyed this exhibition. We even tried to find Bo's school and we found it :).
Sekolah Bo yang memang sudah berdiri sejak lama pun ada lhooo..

From the brochure we read, it took more than 100 persons to work on this project, celebrating NYC's municipal infrastructure. None other than Robert Moses, the President of the World's Fair as well as the urban mastermind who commissioned it. 

It was done approximately in 3 years and originally displayed during the 1964 World Fair. But then in 1992, the panorama was updated and this is what we are seeing now.

It costed US 672,662.69 in 1964 or equivalent to US 5 million today! 
Woow... and the result was astonishing!

Let's see more details from the panorama...

that looks sooo familiar :)

still amazed by its details...
2. Floral Lamps from the Tiffany Studios

I just love this collection. 
So pretty..and colorful as well :). 
Looking at all those glass lamps reminded me of Serendipity Cafe :)

The Neustad family founded this one, with the collection of incredible floral lamps made by the Tiffany Studio.

They put the information on the wall as well about the women behind this beautiful designs...

And the simulation of the process of producing those beautiful lamps...

Love to have one at home :)

Share Garden collection truly steal people's attention with its vibrant colors, stunning design and meticulous process it took to produce one...

This is my fave...the dragonfly lamp...

3. The face of Islam

This is a temporary exhibition and the photos put on on it are lovely...

love this particular alley :)

the many beautiful faces of Islam...

4. Behind the Curtain...Collecting the New York Fair

This collection shows the many mementos and memorabilia from the New York Fair back in the 60s. Very interesting indeed..

Mulai dari poster World's Fair yang di awal tahun 1900an memang hits bangeeet, sampai seragam dan hal-hal kecil yang ditampilkan saat pameran tersebut berlangsung.
Kebayang ngga sih mengumpulkan semua benda-benda kenangan itu :)

I love the posters...very artsy :)

Then some other interesting items are also on display..

5. Polit-sheer-form

The Polit-sheer-form Office is the art group formed in China in 2005. They brought many interesting objects as well, but too bad my photos were not that good :(.

So...what do you think? Such a great place to visit, right..
And many lessons as well as interesting info and subjects we learnt during our visit.
Get more information and updates on Queens Museum on their websites as well.

The suggested admission fee is  USD 8 for adults and children over 12 years old, USD 4 for students and seniors, and free for children under 12. But again, just like in many museums here in NYC, it's the suggested admission fee, so if you want to give more or less than that, you are still welcomed to the museum :).

Which on is your favorite exhibition (s) ?

Queens Museums
New York City Building
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens, NYC 11368
Open hours : Wednesday - Sunday, from 12pm - 6 pm