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A Joyful Trip Back to Indo Tempeh Christchurch

Welcome to Indo Tempeh, Christchurch 

Hi everyone...

Welcome back dan semoga semua sehat - sehat selalu yaaa.

Now that we're back to Jakarta, Indonesia, I would like to share more stories and experience while we were living and exploring Aotearoa, New Zealand. I realized that I haven't really share that much, not as much as the memories that we take home from there.

One of the them is when we managed to visit Christchurch and hunt for Indonesian food. Yes, food from home is always comforting and that is why whenever I can, I always look for them or make them at home. 

Mba Nana, the owner, and I..

In Christchurch, we have many Indonesians residing there so naturally, we also have many Indonesian restaurant there. Welcome (back) to Indo Tempeh, my number 1 go-to Indonesian food corner whenever I come to Christchurch.

Nasi Rendang, anyone..

Indo Tempeh is located in Riverside Market, Christchurch,- pretty much in the city center. The restaurant serves halal, authentic Indonesian food, including vegan menu. As it is strategically located in the Riverside market, many visitors can easily come and stop by.

Whenever we come to Christchurch, - in my case, I came here 5 times during my stay in Aotearoa, New Zealand, - we also stop by here. I even brought many food from here back to Wellington and bring extra during our road trip in the South Island.

I really like the food here. Not only that they are delicious, the menu are halal and authentic as well. As you can see from some of the photos, there are so many wonderful menus being offered. 

Mixed green & yellow rice with crispy fried chicken and Tempe bacem, my favorite 

Here we can have beef rendang, ayam kremes (deep fried chicken with crunchy battered eggs and flour), sayur nangka, risoles, and many more. As you can see, since they mainly produce tempe or soybean cake, various tempe cooked in many ways (sweet, spicy, and/or deeply fried with crunchy flour) are also available. In addition, you can also enjoy turmeric/yellow and pandan/green rice. Super yummy!

The good thing is,  Indo Tempeh also have great vegetarian option , with jackfruit in coconut milk soup and various tempe or soybean cakes. As I mentioned above, there are many delicious choices, including tempe bacem (fried sweet tempe with palm sugar, coriander and herbs), tempe mendoan (deep fried tempe with flour, spices and spring onion), or spicy tempe.

Some choices of Tempe

In addition, they also sell peyek or crispy rice flour chips with peanuts and kering tempe or sweet and spicy fried tempe. They are indeed my favorite as well!

A pack of peyek & kering Tempe 

The last time we came here, some of the tables are available near the stall but on first come, first serve basis. I always manage to get the table for brunch, lunch or dinner. Well, sometimes, I have to patiently wait before we can get enough space for the four of us, or even more as we also came here in groups. 

I know the owner, mba Nana, quite well, as I met her many tomes. We have been in touch through whatsapp as well as I have ordered fresh tempe several times. Mba Nana is one of the stellar examples of successful Indonesian entrepreneurs in Aotearoa New Zealand. She has successfully promoted Tempe and sold it in many supermarkets in New Zealand. Her vegan catering services are also quite famous. So proud of her!

Happy faces after eating delicious Indonesian food

Paid parking is available for Riverside  Market, including for disabled. The market is also disability friendly with accessible entrances and toilets for disabled as well. For sure it is usually packed during rush hours and weekend. Sometimes we have to be patience for a while as we wait for the parking spot.

Can't wait to be back here again!

Make sure you don't miss this place whenever you visit Christchurch.

See you in the next adventure!

South Island, Here We come - Road Trip in South Island NZ - Christchurch

Welcome to Ōtautahi or Christchurch

Welcome back…

Still on my series of stories about Road Trip in South Island, New Zealand. I know I promised you Lake Tekapo, but apparently I am way from done on sharing about our trip in Ōtautahi or Christchurch and the surroundings area.

Originally, we planned to take tram trip and punting in Avon river as well as checking Christchurch from above through gondola ride. Pretty much the popular tourist destination and activities LOL.

But then, as we arrived there and also met some friends (and the fact that I have taken the tramway tour on my visit to Christchurch back in December 2021), we diverted the plan and ended up exploring riverside market, heading to Castle Hill conservation area, stopping by at An Nur mosque where the Christchurch bombing happened, and exploring the street arts in this beautiful city.

So here’s a little story about our 1 night, 1.5 day in Christchurch.

Enjoy some photos first, shall we?
Some of them are the highlights of our visit in Christchurch and the surroundings.

One of the street arts in Christchurch, Alice in Wonderland...

happy me posing in the Castle Hills Conservation Area

In front of An-Nur Mosque, Christchurch

Queen Victoria Park

As we arrived at CHC, that’s the code for Christchurch in flight, you know we drove straight to Riverside Market to have late lunch and buy yummy tempe and more food in Indo Tempeh restaurant. I shared that in my previous post.

Read : South Island, Here We come - Road Trip in South Island New Zealand

Then after a quick check-in at Crowne Plaza hotel Christchurch and dzuhur break, we continued our journey to Castle Hills conservation area, famous for its incredible rock formations and its importance to the Māori.

Before that, check out my YouTube video for a little room tour in Crowne Plaza hotel Christchurch.

We drove around 1.5 hours from CHC to Castle Hills. It was a bit drizzling and cloudy along the way but as we arrived at this spot, the weather was lovely.

We parked and got to walk to the hills, dotted with astonishing rocks formation while at the same time reading the history of this place. There is a story about the three pou and how this are becomes so important to the Maori. We browsed around the area and took more pictures while admiring the hills, which, according to the information board we read on the spot, used to be seabed million years ago. So, the place where we were standing used to be the place for the sharks! Interesting, isn't it.

The story of three pou..

Nadine posing amongst the rocks

Well, I will stop there as I still have a lot more to share. Stick around and see you on the next stories.

WW: Strolling Around New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

Strolling Around New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy wherever you are. I know Omicron is rampantly lingering and even in Indonesia, my home country, some of my family members are contracted by it and have to stay in isolation. Again, please remain vigilant and make sure to observe the health protocol.

Anyway, I would like to share some  short stories and photos from my last adventures in Christchurch. Being the second most populated city in New Zealand after Auckland, Christchurch has a lot to offer. After taking tram city tour in Christchurch and incredible culinary experience in Riverside market Christchurch, let's join me on the other side of the city.

Welcome to New Regent Street

This time, I will take you all strolling around New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Being the central part of the city, New Regent precinct offers many unique shops, boutiques and cafes that become major attractions for tourists and visitors.  I strolled around and checked cute shops and eateries, including book shops, record store, opticians, souvenir and local artists. I know why this pedestrian mall is becoming people's favorite. Moreover, the pastel - dominated Spanish architectures dotting the area makes the street becomes highly "Instagramable.'

Meet my newly acquainted friend :)

the lovely ceramics dotting the shops along New Regent St.

One of the cafes that I stopped by in this area is Belle, cafe and micro roastery

I really love its interior design, lovely services they offer, and the scones. I tried their flat white, cheese scones and the ice cream.  As it was raining cats and dogs during our visit, we stayed inside then got to the terrace to get fresh air. While sipping my coffee and munching my scones, I saw the legendary tram passing through. Well, here are some photos I took from the cafe.

Upside down paintings on the roof

Love all the colors!

cute faces sitting on the coffee machine

Fancy the painting?

My take - away cup..

So, will you explore this lovely precinct? 
I bet you will enjoy strolling around and shop some of  the locally made items or grabbing your favorite food and beverages.

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Enjoying Christchurch Tram City Tour

A visit to Christchurch, one the biggest city in the South Island of New Zealand, will not be complete without taking the tramway.

Enjoying Christchurch Tram City Tour
Enjoying Christchurch Tram City Tour 

I have been enjoying tramway and cable cars whenever I can find them. So on my last visit to Christchurch in December 2021,  I took the chance to enjoy the trip together with the team, headed by Ambassador Tantowi Yahya, to enjoy Christchurch Tram City Tour. This is obviously one of the landmarks of the city and of people's favorite too.

We went to the Tram station and buy the ticket which costs you NZD 30 per adults and up to 3 kids can come for free. Additional kids will have to pay for NZD 5. 

Since we visited during the pandemic, we followed the health protocol by scanning the QR code, wearing masks, cleaning our hands frequently, and keeping the safe distance.

the details of the heritage tram

Once the tram arrived we hopped on and took our seats. It didn't take long to wait until the tram started to move. We were so excited indeed.

My Ambassador waiting for the tram

There are many spots you can enjoy while taking this Tram City Tour and since it is hop - on - hop - off system, you can definitely stop in one of the places and hop on again for the next destination. During our trip, it was raining cats and dogs so we chose to stay inside the tram all the way from the beginning till the end of the tour.

so, where are we going to stop now?

The tram stops at 17 spots, including the Canterbury Museum and Botanic Gardens, The Cathedral, the Riverside Market, Art Center and New Regent Street, which is packed with wonderful cafes, stores and eateries. So many choices to stop by and you will definitely enjoy the trip.

the sign of the tram stop

After the trip for about 40 minutes, we were back to the station again and decided to go to the nearby cafe, waiting for the rain to stop and getting ready for our next meeting.


Colorful Culinary Adventures in The Riverside Market, Christchurch, New Zealand

One of the murals in Riverside Market, Christchurch, New Zealand

Heading to the local market in one particular area is always be my fave and most of the time, it becomes top of my itinerary.

That is exactly what I did during my last visit to Christchurch in the late December 2021. Something popped up and we had a business trip to this wonderful city for about three days. Once we arrived here, one of the place that we visited is the Riverside Market.

Located in the heart of Christchurch Central, easily accessed by any means of transportation including the public ones, Riverside Market has become one of the icons of Christchurch. Here you can find a myriad of wonderful choices of fresh farmers' produce, seafood, cheese, and more, plus delicious menus from different corners of the globes with the high degree of authenticity. 

frozen tempeh..

We also have Indonesian food here, provided by Indo Tempeh, the vendor which supplies tempeh or the soy bean cake with varieties of menus using tempeh and more traditional Indonesian cuisines like nasi kuning, sayur lodeh, sambal goreng tempe, mendoan, tempe bacem and more.  

nasi kuning, anyone?

In terms of food, you can also get popular western food like fried chicken, fish and chips, burgers and steak, as well as more Asian cuisines, like Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Malaysian food, and Turkish, Greek, Italian, Mexican, and more. Healthy choices as well as candies and sweets are also available. 

These cheese twists are super yum!

As I came before Christmas, many festive food, chocolates and cookies are sold by the vendors here. Many of them are colorful and super cute. I also like to accent and the decorations used by each vendor here. It makes the whole ambience of the market rich and vibrant as they bring and infuse their unique, one-of-a-kind touch of home. As for the aroma, it is indeed tantalizing!

Cute gingerbread person

Not to mention various drinks like coffee, bubble tea, ice cream, wine, beer, spirits and more. The bakeries that we have here also provide delicious bread, pastries, pies, biscuits, cookies and anything you can think of. So tempting indeed.

Around the area, particularly the laneway, we also have various shops and I have to admit the summer sales as well as the cute, collectable items from many gifts shops dotting the area, really make me strain my shopping appetite. And it was not that easy LOL. 

Some of the colorful items I love to have 

You will find colorful, brilliant, eye-trickery murals outside of the building as well. Obviously many will love taking pictures here as it's so Instagramable. Those murals are the depiction of the original buildings in the area before the great earthquake hit Christchurch in 2011. The Riverside Market is more than just the market as it stands tall marking the collective efforts of the city as well as the nation to restart building Christchurch after that life-changing disaster.

I managed to get a flat white, cheese bread and croissant, nasi kuning, rendang frozen tempeh, candy, organic butter and souvenirs from this market. Well, it's quite a lot for a short trip to the market. Well, for sure, if you are coming to Christchurch, you cannot miss this place.

WW: Highlights of 3-Day Visits to Christchurch, New Zealand

 Christchurch is such a wonderful city.

We had spent 7 days there during the quarantine as we entered New Zealand, but then as I have shared before, we didn't get the chance to see the city as we were directly ushered to the airport o continue our journey to Wellington.

Nevertheless, I must be very lucky as in the next 2 weeks afterwards, I flew back to this city and get a chance to actually enjoy it.

Although it was raining cats and dogs, literally for the whole 3 days during my visit, but it was still wonderful.

Here are some of the highlights of 3-Day visits to Christchurch, New Zealand. I will certainly share more details at the later stage but now, check out some of these photos I took here and there.

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