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New Haven, Connecticut, in a day...

I have shared some photos previously on our visit to the Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut..
But not the story of browsing around this beautiful city ... yet :)

Ceritanya waktu libur long weekend yang lalu, kami sekeluarga pengen banget jalan-jalan ke tempat yang agak jauh. Tapi ternyata jadwal padat merayap karena ada Dian Pelangi, Barli Asmara, Asri Welas et Zaskia Sungkar Open Trunk Show (ngg mau rugi dong aaah :) ) dan cuaca bener-bener drop sampai minus 16. Coba ya sodara-sodara, badan biasa kegerahan begini dikasih minus dua digit yah merinding ajaaa judulnya :).

But the show must go on...
Saya harus tetap liat show, dan harus teteup jalan-jalan #halaaaah plus membuat anak-anak dan sumai tetap happy #banyakamattugasnyaaa
Namanya juga pemilik #kakigatal alias #MyItchyFeet :)
Jadi sebagai hasil compromised dengan my darling hubby plus Bo et Obi, kami menikmati museum di hari Sabtu, nonton show di hari Minggu, dan jalan ke New Haven di hari Senin..
Tuh kaaan...penuh aja kaan jadwalnya :).

While accommodating the kids' preferences, we finally decided to go to the museum on Saturday, enjoy the #OpenTrunkShow of Indonesian 4 designers on Sunday, and visit New Haven on Monday. Busy weekend indeed...

And as I said so many times (too often, perhaps), even as the weather was not very friendly, we managed to travel to New Haven on that cold day. We originally wanted to visit Mystic, but as the temperature there was even colder. We also considered visiting Mark Twain house near the area. But we finally decided to enjoy new Haven only, 1.5 hours drive from New York.

So, first destination, Yale University.
No need for further introduction...this beautiful campus stands against the time and elegantly feast our eyes. Well, after spending some times in Europe a couple years go, coming down here is like a deja vu..

look at all those details..

Gothic style architectures..
Intricate details on the doors and windows

Elegant archway here and there...
Big, spacious square ...

Me like it ;)

It was cold, but it's utterly beautiful..
The snow made everything looks so white, clean, and somehow "fluffy" :)

The kids truly enjoy the snow...until we realized how cold it was...way to cold..

Then we desperately tried to keep ourselves warm :). We originally wanted t see the Art Gallery here but since it was a holiday, the place was closed.

So, Bo et Obi chose the burger corner right in front of the square and we were saved from the fierce wind. After one big cheesy burger, mushroom for me, fries and hot chocolates, we were ready to continue our journey. 

This time, continued our drive around the area...exploring the famous port, heading to the lighthouse. But because of the snow, the road there was closed as well. But we enjoyed driving around the lovely neighborhood. 

Then we stopped in the Fort Hale Park just to see the sea was freezing. 
Yuuup...totally freezing. 
At first we just noticed that the birds were resting on the ground...which happened to be the frozen surface of the sea...
You can imagine how cold it was...

My hands were totally frozen, to..but I couldn't resist to take more pictures...
Winter is always eerily beautiful...

eerily beautiful...the charm of deep, cold winter...

Well, it was a lovely day indeed, although it was minus 16 degree Celcius :)
Then we just headed back to NYC as it was way too cold to explore the city again. But for sure I will definitely be back here...

What do you think of New Haven?

Visiting Yale University, New Haven

It was super cold that day..
But we have set our heart on visiting the charming Olde-England city, New Haven in Connecticut.

First stop, Yale University :).
Lemme first share the clear blue sky we enjoyed there, then come back with the complete story :)

one corner of this old Uni..

on the church square...


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