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WW: Astoria and Midtown Manhattan After the Blizzard 2018

Wanna see Astoria and Midtown Manhattan after the blizzard?

Here we go.
Let's start with Astoria, particularly Astoria Park, our favorite spot.

It looks sunny and nice but it was minus 5 F at that time..super cold

And of course, we still had to clean the snow stuck on our car and the pathway behind the house. The kids really enjoyed doing it but we couldn't stay too long because it was too cold.

Right after Grayson storm on Thursday, we all were back to school and the office on Friday.
As expected, the streets were filled with piles of snow (some of them are obviously dirty)

You can see how Astoria and most probably the other parts of Queens look much nicer with clean, white snow pile, while Manhattan is the other way around.
Well, the City really tries to clean up all those snow so they did that right after the snow stopped.

Don't get me wrong.
The Department of Sanitation has done tremendous jobs indeed but it's just too much to handle all this mess at the same time for sure.

And I heard that we might have another round of blizzards and storms.
Embrace yourself, New York City.

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