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Wintery Days at UNHQ

Winter is here!
In the last few days, NYC has been frozen with bone-chilled wind.
Well, nothing new of course, as winter has always been cladded with freezing, windy days and some minor storms last years.

While the temperature plunged down to sub zero, the sky, magnificently, remains clear and beautifully blue.

Including here near the UNHQ.

Although December is here, and holiday season as well as the end of the year is looming in, we still have meetings. In fact, many meetings.

So, it's good to be out of the building for a while.
Just to enjoy the beautiful sky up there.

Complete with its cute, puffy clouds.
Dotting the sky in its unique ways.

I still get myself lost in thoughts and prayers.
Whenever I look up and picture myself roaming freely just like the sky.
Feel the breeze and the warm comfort engulfing me before going back to where I stand and tighten my jacket :).

I will never stop sending prayers and hopes for all the problems we have in this world.
I wish those never ending discussions and negotiations within the UN's walls and rooms will continue to bring changes to the ground.
To those who need it.
To everyone of us.

sphere within sphere...Gift from Italy 

Join me on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent skies from many parts of the world.