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NOAH Concert in NYC

It's been quite some times since the last time I watched live concert.

Let alone Indonesian Band.

But last Friday, I managed to join screaming fans and have so much fun in Noah concert in NYC.

Are you familiar with Noah?
Check their official website to know them better :)

photo is taken from

Held in Santos Party House, Downtown New York City, the concert was a great success.
I am originally not a big fan of them but by the time I enjoyed their first song that night, I pledged myself to be one big FAN indeed :))..

Ariel, Uki, Lukman and David are awesome indeeeeed..
I have to admit I kept jumping around and screaming that night..and of course singing along with the rest of the audience :)

the many expressions of Ariel, Noah's lead vocalist :)
I guess they have around 20 song preformed that night. I knew some of them pretty well but not all of them. For sure most of the audience sang along of all those hits that were part of the song list.
Lukman, the lead Guitarist...
Uki, who reminds me of Didit my friend, is the guitarist as well
I have nothing else to say but NOAH ROCKS!
Check out more photos in my Facebook album :)

Wanna hear them out? Check out my video here..

Now I hope you'll understand why I love this band instantly :).
Who's your favorite band btw?

All photos are taken by me using my iPhone 6 plus et Ztylus :)

some of the screaming fans :)

Btw, I was wearing my pink outfit to honour the Pinktober :)
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