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World Cancer Day and Lovepink Indonesia, Wonderful Community Supporting Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors and More

World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer Day 2021 is here!

Every February 4th, the world commemorates the World Cancer Day. 

Cancer, has long been known as one of the scariest diseases. Up til now, statistic shows that approximately 9.6 million people passed away due to cancer each year. Four millions among them prematurely decease with the age ranging 30 - 69 years. We see more and younger victims affected by cancer. With this daunting phenomenon, we need to continue raising awareness about the danger of cancer and what we can do to fight it back and to prevent it. Moreover, we also need to support one another, as there are more and more cancer warriors, fighters, and survivors. And everyone can help of course... through your social media platforms, local communities, and your family.

I support World Cancer Day 2021!

Statistic shows that cancer kills more than AIDS, Malaria, and tuberculosis. Even when these three deadly diseases are combined. Sadly, 70% of those cancer patients reside in developing countries, including Indonesia. However, it is noted that 43% of cancer can be prevented, among others, by reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption, reducing the exposure to cancer triggers, joining vaccination programs and living a healthy life obviously. For sure, the numbers of cancer patients will increase if we don't take any preventive measures, including through awareness raising programs. 

kita bisa cegah kanker bersama (sumber :

Back in 2019, I celebrated the World Cancer Day with so many survivors in Jakarta, parading in Bundaran HI, one of the landmarks of Jakarta ( Read  WW: World Cancer Day 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia). But then 2020 and 2021 was marked with the pandemic and we didn't have our usual event to mark this important day for us. This is indeed the great opportunity to support the awareness raising campaign on the fights against all types of cancer.

Speaking of support, as a breast cancer survivor, I would love to introduce you to Lovepink Indonesia.

Have you heard of Lovepink Indonesia before?

Remember the Pink Virtual Walk which was held on October 4th, 2020? 

"Halo teman - teman, apa kabarnya? Tahu ngga kalau  Bulan Oktober diperingati sebagai Bulan  Peduli Kanker Payudara sedunia. Maka dari itu, Lovepink Indonesia ingin mengadakan acara Indonesia Goes Pink 2020 dengan menyelenggarakan Pink Virtual Walk untuk Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Beautiful face of Chelsea  E. Ihsan, Indonesian famous movie star, is smiling sweetly on the video I watched at Instagram. Chelsea, the ambassador of Lovepink Indonesia, has long been known as one of the Indonesian celebrities who is highly committed to the fight against breast cancer.  She has staunchly supported her mom in battling cancer and her mom is one of the founders of Lovepink Indonesia. I am so touched when she passionately showed here support to her mom, her mom's friends and all Lovepink Moms as well as breast cancer survivors across the nation.  She said " Your fight is my fight!" and I feel like 

As a breast cancer survivor myself, I am honoured to join this supportive and wonderful community. And let me introduce you to Lovepink Indonesia.

Lovepink indonesia (source:

Lovepink Indonesia is a non-profit organisation which focusses on awareness raising activities on the early detection of breast cancer through breast self-exam, or in Bahasa Indonesia, SADARI (Periksa Payudara Sendiri), as well as clinical breast exam or SADANIS (Periksa Payudara Secara Klinis), as well as accompanying those fighting breast cancer. Lovepink is a community and survivor-based organization which focuses on all the supportive efforts to breast cancer patients and survivors.

Sebagai organisasi nirlaba yang berfokus pada kegiatan sosialisasi deteksi dini dengan cara SADARI (Periksa Payudara Sendiri), SADANIS (Periksa Payudara Secara Klinis), dan juga berbagai progam pendampingan bagi sesama perempuan yang menderita kanker payudara, Lovepink telah banyak melakukan berbagai kegiatan yang meningkatkan kesadaran kita semua tentang bahaya kanker payudara serta hal - hal penting yang perlu kita ketahui untuk menghindari maupun mengobatinya. Bukan hanya kepada perempuan, tapi juga kepada para pria dan anggota keluarga lainnya yang perlu memberikan dukungan kepada para penderita kanker payudara.

For sure, Lovepink Indonesia is a wonderful community supporting breast cancer patients, Survivors and more.

To read more about my fight against breast cancer, please find the following posts:

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

indah nuria savitri - breast cancer survivor
October is still here and I continue with breast cancer awareness campaign. 

I am so happy I can join some programs such as webinars and Instagram live to talk and discuss about cancer. I shared stories and experience as well as the importance of self-breast exam and prevention of breast cancer. I also conducted a sharing and caring session with Google Local Guides about the breast cancer and I was so happy many can join us on that virtual meet - up. We discussed a lot about the fight against breast cancer, what we do to survive and prevent, as well as some highlight for supporting breast cancer survivors and warriors.

celebrating Pinktober with Google Local Guides
celebrating Pinktober with Google Local Guides

This week we actually have super long weekend starting from Wednesday till Sunday as we celebrate the birth of  Prophet Muhammad SAW. I was planning to go to Lampung again but we have even more stringent requirements to move between cities during the pandemic now. You have to provide COVID-19 free letter before entering one city or another. If you travel alone, it might not be too problematic. But if you travel as family, the test fee can be enormous so we have to consider that as well.

daily offering at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
daily offering at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Besides, my low back pain is kicking after my trip to Bali (which is packed with so many 'stair master' sessions in Ubud) and this time is really messy. I really have to take Advil just to ease the pain. I have been doing a lot of Yoga to work it out and visiting my doctor as well. It gets better each day but it's there. I might need to continue my therapy then. Well, on a bright side, it's good that I am 'forced' to do the exercise and yoga on daily basis. Wish me luck!

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WW: Pink Virtual Walk 2020

 October is here!

Let's kick breast cancer goodbye - breast cancer awareness month

I regularly celebrate this month with the fight against breast cancer. Being a breast cancer survivor, I hope my journey towards the road to recovery will benefit others who have to go down the similar path. I try to join communities which support those fighting, surviving and being affected by breast cancer. One way to do it is by joining American Cancer Society in NYC.  In Jakarta, I join Lovepink Indonesia dan Yayasan Kanker Indonesia.

Every year, starting 2014, I joined Making Strides against Breast Cancer in Central Park New York. I was lucky enough to be in the city during those times.

Nevertheless, in 2020, things are extremely different. 

This year, as we have the pandemics, I don't travel to NYC or any other cities abroad. We stay at home most of the time and occasionally travel to nearby city. So this year, I joined Pink Virtual Walk held by Love Pink Indonesia.

We took our walk surrounding our complex, observing health protocol and wearing pink accessories. I was accompanied by Obi, Fia my nice and my hubby. It was fun indeed.

Here are some photos we took that day

Let's kick breast cancer goodbye - breast cancer awareness month

Let's kick breast cancer goodbye - breast cancer awareness month

Let's kick breast cancer goodbye - breast cancer awareness month

Let's kick breast cancer goodbye - breast cancer awareness month

Let's celebrate the spirit to fight breast cancer. Don't forget SADARI or Periksa Payudara Sendiri, or self breast exam, in Bahasa Indonesia. I sincerely hope we all safe, happy and healthy, always.


Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Ready to take off for 2020
How’s January treating you?

It’s still raining cats and dogs here in Jakarta and we’re not even on the peak time yet.
Flood has been occurring here and there but many have been assisted.
Everything is back to normal and my office has been busily starting our programs for 2020.
Obviously, it will be a busy year as we are now officially members of UN Security Council and UN Human Rights Council at the same time.

My son will soon be facing the final exam, which will take place in April.
I have faith in him as he’s a smart kid but I do see him struggling with the completely different educational system we have in Indonesia. Well, more drills and extra classes have been given and let’s hope he will nail it this time. He was in honor roll and one of the best students on his 5th & 6th grade in NYC. Again, I believe he will do his best.

I will soon join the Senior Diplomatic Training in my office. It’s the final step in my professional career and I can’t wait. It will be a 3-month program of classes, outdoor activities and more skills. I’m excited for sure.

Last but not least, I am so relieved that the obgyn didn’t find any cancerous cells in my womb after series of bleeding periods. After that painful process of hysteroscopy (I have to write it down!) and uncertainty from heavy bleeding I had, I am pretty much ready to have my womb removed through hysterectomy. Yet the hyperplasia that took place is non atopic or not going to develop into something more dangerous. At least for now. Whatever it is, I’m optimistic I will be fit as a fiddle.

And now, let’s party, shall we?

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