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Genetic Test for Breast Cancer Patients

October is here.
And so is #breastcancerawareness.

I feel bad for not writing stories related to the procedures that I have done since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.
I really do.
I feel like I have so much to share about the whole journey that I have to go through as a breast cancer survivor.
It was only 3 years ago and even up until now, I am still continuing my medication and under close observation of my oncologists.

I know I have written many and for sure you can read some of the previous cancer-related posts I published here:
And I'm a fighter
Early Detection...As easy as 1,2,3,..
After the Mastectomy...What's Next?
Look Good Feel Better
Why me?

Rasanya belum lama saya mendengar vonis kanker payudara dari dokter umumku yang baru saja bertemu setelah 2 bulan saya berada di NYC di tahun 2014.
Dan Oktober 2017 kembali menghampiri.
Tahun ketiga saya menyandang predikat sebagai peretas kanker payudara. 
Ada begitu banyak cerita, penuh suka duka dan semoga informasi berharga, yang ingin saya bagi dengan teman-teman semua.
Tentu saja saya berdoa teman semua bisa selalu sehat dan prima, namun mungkin saja cerita perjalanan saya berjuang melawan kanker bisa bermanfaat bagi saudara, rekan, teman, tetangga, kerabat atau siapa saja yang membutuhkannya.
Dan kali ini, saya akan share mengenai tes genetika bagi penderita kanker

So this time, let me share some stories about Genetic Test for Breast Cancer Patients.
I remembered when I have finally agreed to take genetic test in relation to the breast cancer I have.
Stay healthy, everyone..
Genetic breast cancer test
If you have heard of Angelina Jolie-Pitt story and her double mastectomy for avoiding cancer that apparently runs in her family, then perhaps you are aware of genetic cancer. 

As I read on, "about 5% to 10% of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary, meaning that they result directly from gene defects (called mutations) passed on from a parent." 

It means that if you mom, or your aunt, or your first-degree family from your mother sides have the history of cancer, particularly breast cancer, then there are big chances that you have have high risk of having breast cancer as well.
And if you read more about genetic test for breast cancer patients, perhaps you see the term BRCA1 and BRCA2 often. further stated that "the most common cause of hereditary breast cancer is an inherited mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. In normal cells, these genes help make proteins that repair damaged DNA. Mutated versions of these genes can lead to abnormal cell growth, which can lead to cancer."
Expensive test?
I know, right.
I have been warned that it is not a cheap procedure.
It's an expensive test indeed and I gotta to admit that the first question I have is whether the test will be covered by my insurance. 

Frankly, with all the series of treatment that I have to go through and the work I have at the office, paying extremely expensive bill is the last thing I need right at that time. But after consulting with my insurance at that time, it was indeed covered.
So, in the middle of my Herceptine treatment, I decided to take the test. 
Having my aunty from my father's side just recently being diagnosed with breast cancer and not to forget that I have my little daughter as well, I am intrigued to know whether cancer is actually in my genes or not. 
I feel like if I know it for sure, then I know what to do to make sure that my daughter Obi is all good.

The test
"The BreastNext gene panel performed by a specific  genetic laboratory has tested for 17 genes associated with hereditary cancer, including the high risk breast cancer genes, BRCA1, BRCA2, PTEN, TP53, and CDH1."

That's what the booklet I have received about the test specifically mentioned.
It might sounds familiar to some of us but for me, the genes and all that are new things that I need to learn more. So, basically, these genes I mentioned above will mark whether I have the cancer because of my family history or because of something else.
And if I do, it means, my daughter Obi will have a high risk.
Scarry, isn't it.
Thinking about your wonderful daughter having to endure the same struggle against breast cancer :(.
So, again, in one of my Herception sessions, I have  took the test.
Nothing much to do but a lot of discussion and some blood draw.  
Yuup..tubes of samples of my blood for the test and that's it. 
I just need to wait for the result.

Before that, I was asked quite a lot of questions regarding the family medical history, particularly cancer. From both my mom and my dad's sides.

I have been trying to remember, and ask around, about this family history.
Apparently my aunty from my mom's side has breast issue, but not breast cancer.
It was only calcification. 
And my grandpa from my father side had throat cancer, while my aunt from my dad's side has breast cancer as well.
After approximately 3 weeks, the result has come back.
You know what the result is?
Do you know what it means? First I got confused but then after reading the result and discuss a lot with the genetic consultant, I can have a relief.
As I read from the summary of my genetic test report, it is concluded that the panel from my test did not detect any known deleterious mutations. Furthermore, I also tested NEGATIVE for mutations in the remaining genes on the Cancer Gene Panel, including: ATM, BARD1, BRIP1, MRE11A, MUTYH, NBN, NF1, PALB2, RAD50, RAD51C, and RAD51D.
However, a variant of uncertain significance (VUS) was identified in the CHEK2 gene, known as c.538C>T (p.R180C).

And this is the explanation offered by my genetic consultant:

"When testing through multi-gene panels, detecting variants of uncertain significance is common. Specifically, a variant of uncertain significance means that a change in the DNA sequence was detected, but its impact on cancer risk is not fully understood. The laboratory that performed the DNA analysis does not have a test at this time to determine the effect the variant has on the gene function and cancer risks. We discussed that over time, as the lab collects additional information about these variants, they may be able re-classify them. Should the variant of uncertain significance be reclassified by the laboratory, the genetic counselor will receive an updated report."

Although many variants will ultimately be re-classified as benign, at this time your patient's result should not be considered positive or negative. It is important to realize this test did not determine the underlying cause of her family history of breast cancer. The specific recommendations about her management and future screening depend on the characteristics of her age and other personal risk factors. The family history of breast cancer should still be considered when considering appropriate cancer screening. We recommended she discuss this further with you and her other physicians.

As discussed with the patient, although this reduces the chance that Ms. Savitri has an inherited susceptibility to breast cancer, not all of the genes that may cause inherited breastcancer susceptibility have been identified at this time, so the chance of inherited breastcancer susceptibility cannot be ruled out completely. It is possible that more gene tests will be available in the future that might be appropriate for the patient and her family. 

We discussed that in regards to risk for other family members, such as Ms. Savitri’s mother and daughter women who have a first-degree relative (mother, sister, or daughter) with breast cancer have approximately twice the risk to develop breast cancer compared to women in the general population. This risk would be higher in the presence of other relatives with breast cancer.  This risk may be due to shared genetic and environmental factors, even though the results of genetic testing such as for BRCA1 and BRCA2 may be negative. The lifetime risk for women in the general population to develop breast cancer is 1 in 8 or 12% to age 70. 
Testing family members for the VUS is not indicated at this time. Recommendations for family members should be made based on personal and family history and risk assessment.
Risk Management Recommendations

No changes should be made to this patient’s surveillance practices without them first having a detailed discussion with their physicians and these options may be further modified on a case-by-case basis with the patient’s referring physician.
Given the results of genetic testing, no changes to Indah's care is indicated at this time.
Management recommendations are not indicated for a VUS in the CHEK2 gene alone.  Instead, management recommendations will be made based on personal and family history and risk assessment.
When no mutation is detected by the these gene panels, current recommendations suggest that women with a family history of breast cancer begin screening 10 years earlier than the youngest age at diagnosis in the family. Because these recommendations change over time, it will be important for them to discuss the family history with their physicians."

That's literally the copy of the report and my test's result.
It know it might be a lot to chew but in conclusion, my cancer is not coming from my genes. It is not hereditary.

The fact that my aunty from my father side had breast cancer as well is pretty much the personal medical problem, not because of our genes.

It was such a relieve as it means that Obi doesn't have to bear the consequences of have her mom as a breast cancer survivor. Of course she needs to live healthy like each and everyone of us, because nowadays, there are so many triggering factors which make us more vulnerable with cancer.

So, stay healthy, everyone!


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Help my #finishthefight
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October is here.
And I can't help smiling, noting that this special month is again coming to see me.
Bringing its beautiful changing colors, friendlier weather and hopes.


For me and all #breastcancer survivors as well as those brave fighters, October is super special as we celebrate it as #breastcancerawareness month. 
A celebration of hope. 
Hopes for a better life.
A healthier life.
Free from cancer.

Cancer, like it or not, has touched our lives at one point of time.

Entah itu karena anggota keluarga, teman atau kolega yang terkena.
Tetangga baik yang sudah seperti keluarga.
Atau bahkan diri sendiri yang tengah berjuang dari sel-sel ganas yang mengganggu.

Tidak ada obat yang lebih mujarab selain semangat untuk selalu berjuang, harapan untuk kembali sembuh dan doa yang tak putus kepada Sang Penguasa Kehidupan.

Dan terima kasih Gusti, untuk kasih sayangnya yang luar biasa.
Karena kanker telah mengubah hidup saya.

Dulu, saya asyik menikmati hidup tidak sehat yang begitu membius.
Dulu, saya anggap olah raga sebagai aktivitas iseng jika ada waktu.
Dulu, saya bekerja tanpa ingat waktu, keluarga apalagi diri sendiri.
Dulu, saya tidak menaruh perhatian pada jerit protes tubuh yang sudah letih.

Dan ketika kanker payudara menyapa, saya seperti ditampar.
Satu benjolan kecil menjadi pengingat .
Kembali diingatkan bahwa hidup memang bukan melulu rangkaian pekerjaan tiada akhir yang sekalipun menantang, namun membuat kita lupa ada banyak 
Kembali ditunjukkan betapa cinta-Nya begitu luar biasa lewat berbagai perhatian, doa dan kesabaran keluarga dan teman-teman 
Bahwa hidup pada hakikatnya adalah perjuangan untuk mendapat ridho-Nya.

Dan sekarang.... Saya terus berjuang untuk hidup lebih sehat!

Setelah rangkaian mastektomi, kemoterapi, rekonstruksi payudara, dan radiasi selesai saya jalani, saat ini saya tengah mengkonsumsi Tamoxifen dan disuntik Lupron untuk mencegah kanker kembali lagi.

Let's finish the fight!

Together we can beat cancer.
Bersama kita bisa kalahkan kanker.
Saling mengingatkan untuk hidup sehat, untuk tidak menganggap remeh perubahan yang terjadi di tubuh kita, dan untuk menyebarkan berbagai informasi berguna yang bisa membantu kita semua untuk terhindar dari kanker payudara.

Saya ingin kembali mangajak teman-teman untuk mendukung kampanye peningkatan kesadaran mengenai kanker payudara.
Teman-teman bersedia bantu kan?

Sebagai bentuk apresiasi saya atas kesediaan teman-teman untuk berbagi dan berpartisipasi dalam kampanye peningkatan kesadaran akan kanker payudara kali ini, ada banyak hadiah yang saya sediakan  ;)

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Banyak beauty products untuk pemenang :)

Terus bagaimana caranya mendapatkan hadiah di atas?

Eazy breezy! Gampang banget lho :)

Bergabung dengan saya dalam kampanye 
#finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawareness yaaaaaaa...

You can write in your blog, tell us your stories. 
Write us poems, compose us songs.
Write anything you want about cancer, particularly breast cancer. 
Share your own story about it, your knowledge about cancer, or your tips and tricks in leading a healthy life to avoid cancer. Help spreading all those useful information about cancer.
Or write anything that will bolster the spirit of all the fighters.

Teman-teman bisa menulis postingan tentang kanker. 
Apa saja...baik itu cerita pribadi, tentang teman atau keluarga yang pernah terkena kanker. 
Juga berbagi informasi mengenai pengobatan, tips dan triks untuk menghadapi kanker dan hidup lebih sehat, misalnya. Apa saja yang terkait.
Bahkan saya dengan senang hati menerima puisi atau lagu sepanjang terkait dengan kampanye #breastcancerawareness.
Saya percaya, semakin banyak kita menulis mengenai hal ini, makin banyak orang yang mendapatkan informasi bermanfaat mengenai pencegahan maupun pengobatan kanker payudara.

Dan bukan itu saja..teman -teman juga bisa membuat bahan kampanye dalam berbagai media, seperti foto, poster, video, kue, kerajinan tangan yang juga terkait dengan kampanye kita untuk meningkatkan kesadaran tentang kanker. 
Kalau misalnya ada yang berkenan bernanyi terus post di YouTube  boleh bangeet ;).  Baca puisi okee.. Lalu link YouTubenya dinasukkan di blog dan diikutkan dalam lomba.

You can also post a photo, make a poster, shoot videos, compose songs and poems, create any crafts related to cancer, anything that you see fit in boosting up the awareness about breast cancer.

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Jadi jangan lupa follow yaaaa :)

Saya tunggu karya teman-teman sampai tanggal 10 November 2016 pukul 23.59 Waktu New York yaaa (agak berbeda dengan WIB, jadi lumayan ada tambahan 11-12 jam ekstra :)). 

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Shout me out at my socmed platform will work, too :)

Come and join me. 

Hadiah sangat mungkin bertambah lho dan semakin kreatif kampanye yang teman-teman lakukan, semakin besar kesempatan untuk menang :).

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Ditunggu partisipasinya :).

Salam pink!

Making Strides against Breast Cancer...The D-Day :)

It was 11 degree C that morning...
The day before was raining cats and dogs, but that Sunday, Oktober 19th, the chilly windy morning just woke us up with excitement...

Pagi itu, cuaca sebelas derajat saja. Dan memang rasanya dingin sekali, apalagi di tambah dengan angin yang perasaan sudah ngalah-ngalahin freezer hehehe. Apalagi saya baru pulih kembali dari kemo yang kedua. Tapi penuh semangat bangun pagi dan langsung siap-siap.

Because Making Strides of Central Park CentralPark @NYC is finally hereeeee ...


Bulan Oktober memang bulan peningkatan kesadaran tentang kanker, khususnya kanker payudara. Setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu Jakarta sukses berpink ria, NYC pun kembali dimeriahkan dengan penyelenggaraan event tahunan yang bertujuan menggalang dana bagi berbagai upaya pemberantasan dan penanganan kanker payudara, berbagi inspirasi dan dukungan bagi para penderita kanker payudara, keluarga maupun siapa saja yang terkena dampaknya, serta meningkatkan kesadaran akan bahaya kanker payudara dan  penggalakan upaya deteksi dini. Such a noble cause that I'm more than happy to support...

A few days before the D-Day, I got this email...

 Hi Beautiful, 
Are you ready to take a short walk this weekend to support the fight to end breast cancer? 

We hope you are excited to experience the passion, power, and purpose of our Making Strides of Central Park, NY walk, and we have all of the information you need to be prepared for just that! 

Print this email and bring it with you to the Registration Tent; it will serve as your registration form and provides important day-of event information. 
Also … congratulations on reaching your fundraising goal! 
Your success proves your commitment to finishing the fight against breast cancer. Every dollar you raised directly helps the American Cancer Society do the most to help people facing breast cancer today and find cures to end the disease tomorrow. You’re on a roll, so don't stop now! 

Log in to your My Strides Dashboard and send one last email to friends and family who have not yet made a donation - sometimes it just takes one more ask! Just don't get so carried away that you forget to print out the registration form and information below: 

• The Making Strides of Central Park, NY walk is on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 7:30 am 
• Our event will be held at Central Park 72nd Street Bandshell 
• The walk will be held rain or shine, so be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately 
• Beautiful Savitri 
• Team: IndonesiaCeria & Beyond 
• Individual amount raised through online credit card donations as of printing this email: $120.00 
• Total of cash and checks you are turning in today: $____________________________ •

Are you a Pacesetter? Does your cash and check total, when added to the total amount of online credit card donations, add up to more than $2,500? (circle a response) YES | NO • View more important day-of event details 

We can't wait to see you this weekend! 

Janett Florindo & Sheryl Braun Making Strides of Central Park, 

Jadi, ceritanya saya ingiiiin sekali berpartisipasi dalam acara ini. 
Diselenggarakan di Bandshell, Central Park, acara tahunan ini dimulai pukul 7.30 pagi. Kebayang kaaan hebohnya...apalagi saya ngajak suami dan anak-anak :). Plus New York yang sudah mulai dingin juga perlu dipertimbangkan, karena cuaca sudah mulai drop banget. Sempat beberapa hari di bawah 10 derajat C. Brrrrr....

It was a bit problematic juga karena dalam waktu berdekatan, saya dijadwalkan untuk menjalani kemo yang kedua. Awalnya dijadwalkan tanggal 16 Oktober, hari Kamis sebelumnya. Setelah kemo yang pertama yang ajaib itu, ternyata saya butuh 4 - 5 hari untuk bisa benar-benar pulih. Yah tidak sepenuhnya sih, but at least, saya sudah bisa makan, tidak mual dan muntah plus  tidak terlalu letih. Akhirnya, saya konsultasi dengan onkologis dan suster saya, cerita kalau saya pengeeeen banget ikutan walk ini dan bahkan sudah mendaftar dan membentuk tim :). Alhamdulillah, dokterku setuju untuk memajukan jadwal kemo saya 2 hari lebih awal, dengan catatan sel darah putih saya mencukup dan secara umum badan saya cukup kuat untuk menjalani terapi kemo yang kedua. Alhamdulillahnya lagi, badan saya kooperatif bangeeet...dan hasil tes darah menunjukkan bahwa all is good dan saya bisa kemo kedua. Senangnyaaaaa :D...

Speaking about the team, saya nekad memberanikan diri membentuk tim pendukung. Ceritanya saya jadi team leader dan mengajak siapa saja yang berminat dan ingin bergabung untuk ikutan acara ini. Tentu saja donasi sangat diharapkan, karena memang salah satu tujuan utama acara ini adalah mengumpulkan dana untuk American Cancer Society ( Organisasi ini telah banyak mendukung berbagai penelitian untuk kanker payudara, menyediakan dukungan sosial gratis bagi penderita, termasuk dengan memberikan wig gratis, membiayai pekerja sosial, memberikan workshop, termasuk look good, feel better, pelatihan kecantikan khusus bagi para  penderita, terutama mereka yang kehilangan rambutnya selama terapi, dan pelayanan sosial bagi penderita kanker payudara lainnya. Dengan tagline, the official sponsor for more birthdays, kebayang kaaan begitu banyak kegiatan bermanfaat yang dilakukan oleh organisasi ini.

So, tim saya pun dibentuk, dengan nama IndonesiaCeria & Beyond.

IndonesiaCeria & Beyond :)...

Saya beranikan diri untuk mencoba menggalang USD 200. Jumlah yang tidak seberapa, tapi cukup menjadi tantangan buat saya untuk mengumpulkannya di tengah kondisi saat itu. 

Tapi semangat tetap tinggiiiii dong..... Banyak teman-teman yang berada di New York dan sekitarnya yang saya kabari dan saya ajak, sekaligus mempromosikan acara dan organisasi ini. Alhamdulillah, saya mendapat 11 orang anggota tim dan in the end, berhasil mengumpulkan USD 340. Yaaaay.... 

Dan di Hari-H, saya pun penuh semangat mengikuti acara ini. 
Dari malam, saya sudah menyiapkan pompom untuk tim kami hari itu :), dengan tema Indonesia (pakai saring kain blongsong dari Palembang) dan ceria (dengan warna pink ungu). Bo et Obi ikutan sibuk membantu dengan tulisan dan gambar mereka :). 
Truly a great dose of love for mama :). I just love to see how creative they are...

pompomnya dipegang tante Nona :)
Then off we went to the Central Park, through Queensboro Bridge with cloudy sky...
It was indeed freezing that morning...
Bo et Obi were still sleepy as well when we left the house...
still too early....and freezing , too...

Walaupun badan rasanya masih ngga karuan pasca kemo kedua, tapi saya tetap semangat hadir meskipun tidak memaksakan jalan 5 miles dengan rute Central Park 72nd st to  110th st dan kembali lagi. Bersama dengan tim IndonesiaCeria & Beyond, kami berkumpul, mendaftar, dan mengikuti acara di tenda utama. Walaupun acara dimulai pagi-pagi, tapi ramai juga yang hadir. Bahkan di 5th avenue, salah satu pintu masuk ke Central Park, sudah penuh dengan para partisipan yang menggunakan pakaian bernuansa pink :). That included me, Bo et Obi ...

we're heading to the registration...

on the way to the main stage...

walaupun setengah ngantuk dan ngambeeek, tapi pas selfie...cheeers...

Di panggung, acara diisi dengan berbagai hiburan, mulai dari gutaris ternama Jay Valero, sampai DJ yang berhasil menghangatkan pagi yang dingin itu, Kabarnya, ada C&C Music Factory lho...masih ingeeet ngg dengan band yang sempat ngehits tahun 90an ini? Sayang saya ngg sempet melihat penampilan mereka karena sibuk ke sana kemari dan menjauh dari panggung utama.

crowd near the main stageee....

let's dance....our morning exercise with the DJ :)

Tidak lupa kami mampir ke Pink Boutique!
Belanja belanji judulnyaaaa :)....opening at 7:30 a.m., they have some  fabulous Making Strides apparel and PINK items from FILA! They also have a limited edition Event T-Shirts for $25. I managed to get bags, necklace, travel mug, and head bands. I got the t-shirts a day earlier at the headquarter of American Cancer Society.  Well, a little shopping for a good cause won't hurt :).

the travel mug...

Then, I also come and join some other survivors in the Survivor tent. 
There I got the access to information about the American Cancer Society's programs and services, exactly what I need. Each survivor , including me, received a special gift as well..
Ada t-shirt khusus dengan tulisan survivor, stash survivor, dan sebotol air minum dengan pH tinggi. Bahkan ada pojok dengan tukang pijat di tenda survivor lhoooo....sayang antrinya panjaaang, jadi skip deh...

Bahkan, karena acaranya diliput oleh ABC TV channel, kami dan tim yang awalnya hanya ingin foto dengan anchor mannya malah jadi ikut masuk TV deeeeh...soalnya pas dengan waktu penyampaian weather forecast, live from Central Park!

liveeee....from Central Park...


All in all, it was a fun day for everyone...
We have a never ending photo session and video making on that day :)

Tak terhingga terima kasih saya untuk temen-temen yang berkenan gabung dengan IndonesiaCeria&Beyond...

I know, I still have a long windy road to recovery, but with the endless support, solid understanding and love from my family, friends and people surrounding me, I know I can conquer this cancer!

semangaaaat....with my survivor t-shirt and head wrap from a friend... 

Ganbatteeee...dan semangaaat :)