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Kroket Kentang - Potato Croquettes with Beef and Vegetables

Hello, everyone.. how's your holiday baking?

It surely is one of the busiest time during the year.
Although we don't celebrate Christmas, enjoying time together in our kitchen is always fascinating.

I was a bit unlucky as the oven at home was not functioning properly.
We don't know exactly what's going on as we use the oven and stove normally until it suddenly beeps repeatedly and show the error sign!
Well, well... while waiting for the technician coming and fixing it, I just have to pause my baking for a while. Hope it won't be that long!

So, now... I decided to try another favorite recipe in the house.
This time, let me introduce you to Kroket Kentang, or Potato Croquettes with beef and vegetables.
Perhaps, you would like to try this easy recipe to complete your holiday baking, especially if you want to add some savory dishes to your festive tables.

I love eating it with fresh chili :)
I have shared similar recipe, Perkedel Kentang, here before.
The ingredients and the cooking method are the same, the only difference is the filling.
With Kroket Kentang, we usually have ground beef and vegetables filling wrapped in delicious potato dough. The filling itself can be freely modifies. If you feel like adding vegetables only, you can have small dice-cute carrots and green peas inside.

So, ready to try it?
Here we go...


4 pieces of big potatoes - I always use Idaho potatoes here because its texture is nice and perfect for kroket kentang. Sometimes, I mix mash potato powder to add some texture
Garlic - smashed, or if you prefer, you can use garlic powder
Shallot - ground
Salt - as desired
Pepper - as desired
Ground nutmeg - as desired. I love it so much because it gives you different, yet enticing aroma

For filling:
Ground beef  1-2 pounds, depending  
Green peas
Sweet soy sauce

Egg - beaten, for dipping before deep frying
Bread crumbs
Oil - for deep frying
Fresh chili for garnish if desired

How to cook:

First, boil all the potatoes until they are soft enough. But not too long so it won't be too soft. 
Some people love to fry the potatoes and mash it instead, but I prefer boiling it. 
Using potato masher or like me, using my traditional mortar and  pestle, mash the potatoes all together with garlic, ground shallot, nutmeg powder, salt, and pepper. Mix them all together until in becomes a perfect potato dough.

Then let's prepare the filling. Saute the thinly sliced shallot until fragrant, add ground beef and cook it well. Don't forget to sprinkle salt, pepper, and sweet soy soy before adding carrots and green peas. Mix them well and cook it for about 5-7 minutes.

Shape the potato dough with beef and vegetables filling inside, make it oval or any shape you prefer.
Dip it in the beaten egg and roll it into bread crumbs.
Deep fry it until beautifully golden and cooked.
Garnish and eat it with fresh chili if you like.

Enjoy your Kroket kentang!

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