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Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018 - International Seminar on Krakatau

Anak Krakatau, Lampung
Anak Krakatau Volcano, from afar.

"Ma, what's the name of the Festival that you're coming to?"
Obi, my dearest daughter, asked me when we had dinner at my parent-in-law house.
"It's the Lampung Krakatau Festival, dek,"  I replied.
"Look, Obi,'s an active volcano!" said my boy, Bo. 
"What's a volcano?" replied Obi.
"Here, look...Krakatau erupted in 1883 and people in Europe heard that. Wow, that's awesome. Europe is so far away from here, right, ma? it must be one huge mountain!" Bo, my son explained further while showing the pictures from his gadget.
"You're lucky ma! you will see a lot of fireworks" exclaimed Obi as she looked at the photos of Krakatau's eruption recently.
Well, I know I will have an exciting adventure during Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018.
Lampung, here we come!


Anak Krakatau volcano, Lampung
do you see the cloud?
Have you ever heard of this magnificent volcano?
Its eruption in 1883 had shocked the world as it was tremendous and the sound could be heard even as far as Europe.

Krakatau, or some call it Krakatoa, has long fascinated many, including scientists, researchers, experts as well as tourists. With its status as cagar alam or conservation area is maintained, this place welcomes those coming for research and educational purposes, with the permit from conservation and natural resources local body.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

As part of Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018, the International Seminar on Krakatau was held on August 24th, 2018 in Bukit Randu Hotel, Bandar Lampung. Highlighting volcanology of Krakatau and its beneficial usage in the future, the seminar invited 3 experts of Krakatau, including Prof. Tukirin Partomihardjo from LIPI or Indonesian Institute of Science; Dr. Ir. Igan S. Sutawidjaja from Padjadjaran University; and Dr. Mirzam Abdurrachman from Bandung Institute of Technology.

With other participants of the seminar. L is for Lampung, where Krakatau is located.

In the course of 5 hours, we listened, studied and learned more about Krakatau and its magnificent features. We learned how the ecosystem in Krakatau, particularly Anak Krakatau Island, developed. We saw the samples of native flora and fauna in the surrounding areas. We compared the composition and structure of this volcano over the years. We got more insights about the danger and potential hazards of Krakatau, which can erupt intensively and without warnings.

At the same time, we also considered the geotourism side of this volcano. 
The Islands of Krakatau itself comprises 4 different islands, namely Anak Krakatau, Sertung, Panjang and Rakata.
These 4 islands are unique and packed with interesting flora and fauna, which are impacted by the frequent eruption of Anak Krakatau.

The beaches there have black sand but still with turquoise, pristine water. 

Interestingly, we had quite a debate over keeping this incredible world heritage site untouched and closed for tourism , except for conservation and educational purposes, or as Krakatau has been very known across the continents, to give access to tourism as well. We cannot deny that people are intrigued to see Krakatau closer as it has interesting history and beautiful landscapes as well. Some believe that we still can keep and preserve the areas in its natural conservation nature while providing limited access to tourism in a sustainable way. Well, for sure, all relevant parties need to sit down together and discuss further to see the solution that can accommodate all the needs.

For sure,  in terms of world volcanoes distribution, Indonesia ranks no 2 with 15.6 % coverage consist of 129 volcanoes. Number one is Pacific, covering 61.8 % with 512 volcanoes spread across the area. Undoubtedly, we are part of the ring of fire! 
We saw in one of the slides that people were actually watching the moments of Anak Krakatau eruption from the nearby island which is located in the safe zone.

Check out the video of the seminar in my YouTube account

We continued the seminar with educational trip and observation to Anak Krakatau Volcano the following day. As you now, this volcano is literally active and just weeks before it erupted! But by the time we were scheduled to visit this majestic volcano, Anak Krakatau was in a better mood. 

See you in the next post :)

Well, it was quite an experience to be so close to an active volcano and I will surely share that in the next post

WW: Lampung Culture and Tapis Festival

Lampung Culture and Tapis Festival was super awesome!

Lampung Culture and Tapis Festival 2018
Ready to participate in the parade..

As one of the series of events being held during Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018, Lampung Culture and Tapis Festival is indeed one of my favourites.

After exploring Anak Krakatau and its surroundings, we were enjoying the lively and colourful Parade and Festival done in the Main Streets of Bandar Lampung. 
Lampungnese Governor, together with his wife and officials, also joined the parade and walked along the main streets together with the marching band and the performers from 15 regencies and cities under this province.

Check out some of these photos taken during the Parade.

The couple from one of the Regencies

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

How's your week?
Mine has been crazily busy and enlightening as I participated in series of event for Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018 in Lampung, Indonesia.

Good morning from Bandar Lampung
As you can see from my previous posts, I stayed in BandarLampung, joined an international seminar on Krakatau or Krakatoa volcano and had a trip there. I also joined the Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival.
It was incredible!

Beautiful troupe from Tulang Bawang, Lampung, during the Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival

Aaarggr...ready to dance :)

 I'm back to the office already, by the way, and so far I really enjoy Jakarta.
Come and visit us in Indonesia and I'll take you to those beautiful places.

Happy to be back home!

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WW: The Majestic Anak Krakatau

The Majestic Anak Krakatau, located in Sunda Strait, Lampung 
I was privileged to see Anak Kratakau, an active volcano, from close proximity, during the educational trip to Krakatau Islands.

Anak Krakatau, an active volcano 

We managed to stop at its black sand beach, after we got the permission from the local natural resources conservation body.
We went there for educational and research purposes as the follow up of international seminar on Krakatau held a day before.

The black sand beach

The other side of the islands
Let me share some photos here, before writing and sharing more stories from the series of events at Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018 which I attended.

When we went there, the volcano was still active

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