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Tirta Gangga at a glimpse

I guess I need a break right away.
This is what happened when I accidentally checked my external hard drive for more pictures.

One click and I transported myself to Bali :)
To Tirta Gangga Water Palace to be exact.

welcome to Tirta Gangga

It was in February 2014 when we had our break to Bali before heading to NYC.
The clear blue sky above us was the witness of our enjoyable visit to this former palace of the Balinese Royal Family in Karangasem, the eastern part of this island of gods and goddesses. By the time you step into this beautiful park, your eyes will feast with lush green garden and maze of fountains and clear water pools. It took us around one hour from Denpasar to go here. Worth a visit indeed.

one of the fountains, with the sacred cow statues

Obi was enjoying her visit as well :)

Bali, one of the most-sought tourist destinations in Indonesia, indeed has a lot to offer. Its unique yet beautiful culture of its peoples, an amazing mix of religious values and traditional norms that the Balinese people hold dearly, has turned Bali into people's paradise. No wonder once you've visited Bali, you will definitely crave for more.

Being an Indonesian myself, I have visited Bali probably more than 10 times, including for my honeymoon. But never I get bored even in a second while visiting this island. There will always be something new and wonderful to discover. Including the area of Karangasem, where Tirta Gangga Water Palace is.

And let me take you there.
Through my photos.
I sincerely hope I can get back here again soon :)

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WW: Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Bali

Summer break is here...
Yaaaaaay :)..
While waiting for our real summer break, I looked at my external hard disk and came up with these photos. Our last summer in Bali!

That was the first time we all went to Tirta Gangga Water Palace in Bali.
And what a place it was...

Truly the water palace fits for kings and queens :)
No wonder we took pictures all the time...

Tell me what you think about this place :).

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