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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another busy, yet entertaining week for all of us!
I have previously mentioned that my family will celebrate birthdays and anniversary along the weeks in December, right! After Nadine's birthday on Dec. 8, we celebrated my husband's birthday and our 13th wedding anniversary on Dec. 12 :). Later on, Bo, my son, will celebrate his 11th birth on Dec 18. So you can see a lot of cakes, cards, presents and hugs here. Plus some traveling and weekend gateway :).

Lovely weekend at Philadelphia

But unfortunately, the work at the UN is also at its pea :(.
Back-to-back meetings are still going strong and we are trying to wrap things up.
Wish us luck.

Chrysler Building seen from the UN Delegates Dining Room 

This week we enjoyed the screening of Kartini, the great movie by Hanung Bramantyo, about Indonesian famous feminist who fought for the emancipation of our women, back in her time in the 18th century in the old Indonesian setting. It was a  fantastic movie with such great talents, story and cinematography.

Great time watching Kartini

Then we headed to Philadelphia as well last week!
Strolling around the Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Reading Terminal Market, and a brief stop at the Amish Village. Surely I have so much to tell and so many photos to share!

the Independence Hall during the snow day..
But now, let's have our weekly party with Oh My Heartsie Girls.

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A Glimpse of Saint Lucia Islands 

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But Now......Lets Party......

Indonesian Film Week New York 2016

Heloooo everyone..

Have anything special for weekend?

Here in New York, I was blessed to get the opportunity to enjoy Indonesian Film Week New York 2016!

Super excited indeed!
Last two weeks, I managed to join the Indonesian Movie Sampling and Coffee Tasting.
And I just shared the story now ;)

Sudah lamaaaaaa banget saya ngga nonton film Indonesia. Well, at least sejak kami pindah ke New York.
Sesekali nonton di YouTube dan Netflix ( pernah ketemu 1 film laga Indonesia yang subtitles-nya Bahasa Inggris).
Dan dari postingan teman-teman di tanah air, ada banyak film Indonesia yang keren abis! Jadi pengen bangeeet nonton kaaan :)

That's why.. Saat tahu akan ada pekan film Indonesia di New York, saya tidak mau ketinggalan dong!

Langsung klik linknya and get the tickets.
Awalnya saya diinfokan oleh teman-teman di KJRI dan juga di Indonesian Film Forum NYC.

Then they sent me an email, with all the information, as quoted down here:
Indonesian Film Week New York 2016  (IFWeNY2016) is two days event to introduce and promote the Indonesian films in New York, An Introduction to Indonesian Cinema. A movie sampling and coffee tasting on October 8 & 9, 2016, will feature films with  different genres work of 9 Indonesian directors who have won or nominated in several prestigious international film festival. And enjoy our coffee and food tasting event as part of our introduction to beautiful Indonesia.
IFWeNY 2016 is supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia - New York "
Seruuuuu kan!

Meskipun sudah lebih dari 2 tahun tinggal di NYW, namun ini kali pertama saya nonton festival film di New York City.

Jadi ada film apa sajaaa di festival tahun 2016 ini? 

Banyak! Dan keren-keren :)

Here are some of the movies being screened:
Filosofi Kopi
Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses
A Copy of My Mind
Someone's Wife on the boat of Someone's Husband
The Fox Exploits the Tiger's Might
The Land Beneath the Fog
See.. A lot to choose indeed!

the tickets..
I only managed to watch 2 of them, Filosofi Kopi and Peculiar Vacation. Actually I also watched bit of A Copy of My Mind as well but as the movie is R-rated and I had Obi coming with me at that time, so I decided to stop watching :).

To me, Filosofi Kopi is really awesome. 
I have watched it partially in YouTube before but this full version is indeed much more beautiful. I love the plot, the stars, the cinematography...everything!
And the conflict built in that movie is so close to our heart. How the journey to find the best coffee in Indonesia brought you to the journey to find your own inner peace and lost soul! Bravoooo Angga Dimas Sasongko :). Ngga nyesel rasanya nonton film ini lagi dan lagi. Keren abis soalnya. Abis itu baristanya memang super keren hihihi. Jadi inget jaman masih ber-barista ria di Melbourne :).

As for the Peculiar Vacation and other illnesses, I found this movie quite interesting as well. Unique...very different. And the language used is Javanese instead of Bahasa Indonesia :). Yoseph Anggi Noen, the director, tried to capture the daily lives of two Javanese workers, Ning et Mur, who found love during a long drive on windy roads up to the mountains to the remote villages in Jogja. 

Somehow, it reminds me of one of my dear blogger friends, Amma or Rahmah. Have you visited her blog, Al Chemist of Rahmah? It's a lovely mix of everyday life's post of her colorful stories. We first met in Jogjakarta, during Blogger Nusantara event. It was such a great meeting and now we even get closer in our Whatsapp group.

So, which movie do you like from the list that I have here?
I can say..I have to check out the other Indoensian movies we have.
Can't wait, can't wait!