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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

What a wonderful, busy week I have here!

After our lovely Halloween, last weekend I joined UN Run and volunteered for NYC Marathon!
How was your Halloween, by the way?

As for the 5K run and the volunteering, it was really an experience of a life time indeed.
From a mere spectator on TV, I finally decided to join the 5K and then volunteer at NYC Marathon Marshall Zone 3, near the finish line.

7 hours standing, rain or shine, and happily cheering those marathoners as well as providing directions.
It was super tiring but fun!

Shout out to all volunteers and of course marathoners :)

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WW: UN Run - Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K

Abbott Dash to Finish Line 5 K is back and I am once again joining the UN team.

Run Together!
That’s the theme that we have this year.

I finish the 5K for 50 minutes hahahaha.
Too many photos and stops here and there :).
But it was really a fun and healthy well-spent Saturday indeed. 

With the Erma and Angie from the office and Thomas and his wife from Singapore Mission

join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and enjoy the linky party!

NYC Abbott Dash to Finish Line 5K

It's a been a while since I joined Abbott Dash to Finish Line - 5K. But I just manage to write the story about it now while heading to Geneve, Switzerland for a business trip. I hope y'all don't mind.

Soon we will celebrate Thanksgiving.
Here in the US and Canada, Thanksgiving is originally celebrated every year as a moment to say thanks and appreciation for all the blessing of the harvest as well as the upcoming years. It is the occasion when we express our gratitude for all those blessed days. In the US, it's celebrated every fourth Thursday in November.

And speaking about being blessed, I constantly feel grateful for all the blessings given to me and my family. Although it might be in a different context, but being blessed and grateful for what have been bestowed upon me and my family help me get through difficult and challenging times.

One moment I truly fee blessed is when I joined Abbot Dash to Finish Line - 5K.
Yup, the 5K run.

For many if you here, perhaps joining 5K run is nothing special. But for me, it's the first experience that is so enriching. Being a breast cancer survivor and had a life-changing experience during the recuperating process, I have been struggling to life healthier.

Never in my life I imagine myself joining a 5K run. Never!
Well, sport had never been my cup of tea, although I love yoga, swimming and diving so much. But running is surely at the bottom of the list. 

Then as I join Making Strides against Breast Cancer since 2014, I started walking and jogging for fun. The last Making Strides, I walked for a full 5 miles.

That surely boosted my spirit and when my colleagues asked whether I would join UN Team for Sustainable Goals 5K run, I decided to say yes!
Yes.. And then I just realized that I had no experience on it all, let alone the stamina required to finish it!

But then, when there's a will, there's a way indeed. I started to get myself used to the jogging and running with Rudi, my hubby by doing it every morning, plus some cycling session at home to help me with breathing. My hubby was super patience with me LOL, as I have zero experience on it at all.

rise and shine :)
After merely two weeks of continued exercise, I started feeling slightly more confident. Of course my pace is still horrible but the fact that I run at all is quite surprising, even for me.

A day before the race, I took the number and the t-shirt at Javits Center.
What a vibe! Everyone was sharing the joy of running and many of them joined the Abbott run and TCS NYC Marathon as well 

I arrived at 7.30 at the venue and tried to look for the UN team. We had photo session with everyone in the team and it was super fun indeed.

the UN courtesy of Bo Li :)
Then at around 8.45 the run started.
I was a bit worried as there were so many people there.
Of course,'s one of the popular events here in NYC.
How if I couldn't finish it? How if I fall or tripped? How if I am running out of breath? 
How if....
So many 'how if' that are so disheartening but I manage to overcome it and make a mental note that I would do my best but I wouldn't force myself too much :). Besides, my colleagues Erma et Radi really encouraged me to try as much as I can.

Then I just ran.
Ran then brisk walked, ran again and brisk walked when I ran out of breath.
Pretty amateur but for me, it's not just the run, it's more like allowing myself to be out of my comfort zone and try something new and challenging.
It's about being so blessed with the current health I have and try to improve it.

I love the fact that other runners are so supportive as well. 
Regardless  whether you know them or not, they look at me and some other people struggling to constantly run and encourage us to continue.

Every mile, I took a selfie of myself (I know it slowed me down but couldn't help it :)) and I saw how happy I was!
It feels good to actually challenge yourself and do something new.

While almost come to the finish line, I felt like crying ... not for being exhaustive but for being so grateful to be able to do it. Previous years, I was stuck with chemotherapy and all other procedures as part of my race for a better health. And look at me now...Alhamdulillaaah.

Then, after taking pictures here and there, I finished the race in 1 hour LOL.
Tired, but super happy and feel ultra blessed! 

cheers...we made it!

That's my little story about NYC Abbott Dash to Finish Line 5k.
Have you joined similar event? How do you like it?

Hope to join more :)