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Music that Heals at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

I believe you all agree that music heals.
Yup, music does heal :).

I personally love music. Love it so much, to be exact :).

I love singing, playing guitar, listening to all kinds of music and not to forget, watching music concerts. My hubby loves it, too. Well, he's an avid bassist, guitarist and drummer. And we do sing and play music together. Perhaps, I guess music brings us together since the very beginning as I joined his band before we were dating :). Aaaah...such sweet memories :).

Musik memang selalu memiliki efek menenangkan dan menyenangkan buat saya.
Rasanya bahagia. Kalau bisa bermain musik, bernyanyi sesuka hati...apalagi kalau duet dengan suami :).

Lately, I have been visiting NYU Clinical Cancer Center on daily basis.
Every day, from Monday to Friday, for my radiation therapy.
I am obviously tired, but I have to go through this therapy uninterruptedly. 
And amidst my fatique thanks to the radiation and the trip I have to make, nothing makes me feel more relaxed than sitting down at the lobby for a while and enjoying some cool, refreshing music.

Truly Music that Heals :).
Co-founded in 2007 by Kathy Lord and Susan Weber, both are musicians, Music that Heals has inspired seriously ill adults and children in 25 hospitals, clinics, and various health facilities all over New York City, in its 5 boroughs. My Clinic at the NYU has them, too. Involving professional performers from a wide range of music genres, they have brought joy, happiness and pleasant environment to patients and those around them amidst the rigorous treatments and procedures that we have to go through.

And I am lucky. During my painful chemotherapy, I managed to get a chance to enjoy those mini concerts from Music that Heals. 

One Wednesday, I saw this cool lady with her guitar playing all those great songs from John Denver, Stevie Wonder, and many more. I was transfixed to her alluring melodies although I just have some doses of Taxol and Herceptin. So cool...

Sayang saya terlewat namanya. Tapi dia sempat memperkenalkan diri dan bilang kalau dia sering bermain musik di subway, Dan sumpah,,,suaran, gaya dan pilihan lagunya keren bangeeet. Just exactly like what I love :)

Then the following visit,  I enjoyed this classic performance. 
Meskipun hanya berdua, tapi musik klasik yang mereka tampilkan sangat berkelas.

Aren't they great?
Well, I only have these two videos and I would definitely make some more if I got to see them. 

Feel free to check their website and you can support them by donating or becoming volunteer to one of their programs, too.

Really enjoy Music that Heals. And I do sincerely hope it will help me through my ordeal :).