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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

I am officially enjoying my last days of summer here in NYC.

Cute cow!

This week NYC is super duper hot and humid.
Well, I'm used to it as Indonesia is pretty much like that in terms of weather. I take it as the preparation to go home :). To our warm, 35-degree-C-all-year-long Indonesia.

We went out with some friends to Brooklyn Bridge and watched fun futsal in Queens as the team from my office played against the team from the Consulate General, Indonesian bank offices, as well as Indonesian mosque and churches here in NYC. It was fun indeed! And my office with the 3rd place. Not bad for a bunch of diplomats who never practiced soccer together.

The team and we won 3rd place!

As the day of my departure is coming closer, I'm packing up my bags and strolling around the city. My kids and my hubby are still in Lampung so Bi et Obil will start the school slightly late but they are ready. Insya Allah.

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But Now......Lets Party....

WW: Unisphere at Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYC

A quick gateway to our beloved Queens neighborhood, with a visit to one of its jewels, the Unisphere, or a giant steel globe built for 1964 New York World's Fair. 

Beautifully located at Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYC, I got a chance to unwind a bit with my family. It was such a beautiful day, so I made sure I took some pictures there :)

We were lucky we still have some colorful flowers and shrubs near the area, adding some beautiful touch to this complex.


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Cherry Blossoms at Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Queens

Cherry blossoms and spring are like pack and parcel. 
It beautifully comes together.

As this is our first spring in the Big Apple, forgive me for bombarding you with pictures of flowers here and there... 
I just can't fight it, taking picture all the time, in many corners of the city :).
They might look the same, but taken in different spots in NYC.

Mudah-mudahan belum boseeen ya liat postingan bunga di blogku ini. 
I know, I know...udah ada banyak yang cerita dan share mengenai musim semi di berbagai belakang dunia. Dan saya pun tidak Kuasa menolak hasrat hati untuk foto di sana sini dan jalan ke sana ke mari setelah lumayan lama 'disetrap' oleh musim dingin yang seriusan  dinginnya :). So, bear with me, okaaay ..

This time, I'll show you the cerry blossoms at Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Queens.

As we couldn't visit Washington D.C on time for its famous annual cherry blossom festival, we looked for a closer alternative and voilaaa...we have one in our neighborhood!


There, in Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Quens..

Hanya berjarak kurang lebih 30 menit dengan mobil dari rumah, kami memang sering main ke Corona park. Apalagi karena taman ini letaknya satu kompleks denan Museum Queens yang pernah saya ceritakan di sini.

It was a bright lovely day and Bo et Obi just couldn't resist the temptation to play outside. Packing the toys, drinks and some munchies, off we went to the park just to be owed by the this particular spot filled with blossoming cherry trees...

Obi dan gayanyaaaa :)
Saya sebenernya penasaran sejak kapan festival yang identik dengan Jepang ini juga mulai marak dirayakan di negeri Paman Sam. Satu hal yang pasti, dari hasil ngintip di Wikipedia, Jepang  menghadiahkan pohon cherry ke AS di tahun 1912. Wooow...sudah lama juga yaa, sekitar 103 tahun yang lalu. Untuk merayakan persahabatan antara kedua negara, pohon-pohon ini awalnya ditanam di Manhattan, New York dan Washington D.C. Tempat yang di New York City namanya Sakura Park. Terus terang, saya sendiri belum pernah main ke sana...nanti mau dicari dan mampir aaah :).  Dan mungkin sejak itu, pohon cantik yang berbunga setiap awal musim semi ini jadi menandai pergantian musim yang indah. 

Bo was so happy to be outside...

So, as we arrived at this park, we immediately went to the cherry tree. 

It feels like we're in Japaaaan :0)
Although I haven't been there before...

Again, as I told you in my previous story, Missing the Alien at Flushing Meadow,  and Queens Museum in Winter, this area used to be the site of the 1964 World Fair. And apparently, the Japanese American Association of New York has presented these trees in conjuction to the fair.

Like Bo, Obi also enjoyed her time outdoor... 
She didn't forget to bring her Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony and both of them were having fun under, between and amidst the trees.

For sure, the cherry blossoms really worth a wait. After such a prolonged winter, we are now embracing oursleves in the world of vivid colors and bursts of happiness :)

The white one..

the Men in Black Tower at Corona Park...

Ada banyak tempat yang cantik dan penuh dengan cherry blossoms di NYC. 
Tapi saya baru sempat mengunjungi Corona park ini dan UN Headquarters. Mudah-mudahan masih diberi kesempatan untuk melihat cherry blossoms di sekitar kota ini, seperti di Brooklyn, Central Park dan New York Botanical Garden dan juga New Jersey.
salam dari Bo :)...
Do you have cherry blossoms as well near you place? How do you like it?