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Review of Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Sinamon

Back to my beauty trunk and let's see what I have today!
Review of Fenty Beauty Match Six in Sinamon.

Anybody likes using highlighters?
I do too!

Highlighters have been booming since the last 5 years and nowadays we have more and more choices when it comes to using these beautiful products.

Why I love highlighter

I love using highlighter.

Do you want to know why? 
As the name suggested, highlighter is used to highlight our favorite features on our face.
For sure, we have so many choices of colors and shades that you can choose now, starting from the powder or liquid ones, - probably most popular,- as well as stick and brick.

Aku memang senang menggunakan highlighter yang notabene membantu menampilkan beberapa bagian wajah yang kusuka, seperti pipi, hidung dan dagu. Apalagi highlighter memberi efek tirus dan kurus, seperti yang kuharapkan LOL. Yang pasti, highlighter juga bisa dipakai untuk pengganti eye shadow dan juga lipstik.

One thing for sure, I love using highlighter because it gives great contouring to my face.

Highlighter, as the name suggested, is used to highlight the feature of our face which we want to focus on. In my case, I usually use it on my cheeks, eyes, nose and chin.

Well, we have different feature obviously but usually, as I have read in many sources and tried myself in one of the free make-up courses I took, I used highlighter in 7 different spots on our face. Do you want to know where exactly they are?

Those places, among others, are:
- cheekbones (my favorite place indeed!)
- the tip or bridge of our nose
- cupid's bow 
- forehead center
- beneath the arch of our brows
- above the arch of our brows
- chin center

You see, so many choices for the place on our face where you can apply your favorite highlighter.

The challenge to find the right highlighter for us continues as we will have to see not only the shades but also the way it blends with our skin. 
I have been using several highlighters, including the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora, and Huda Beauty. I will be reviewing them but I will now start with my favourite, Match stix Fenty Beauty  in Sinamon. 

I guess many of you have heard of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, right?
Rihanna has been a famous singer and this Caribbean beauty (born and raised in Barbados) certainly works on being a leading entrepreneur, including in cosmetic world. And I am one of her fans!

Match Stix Fenty Beauty in Sinamon

So now let's get down to business and here's my review for Match stix Fenty Beauty - Sinamon.

"A magnetized highlighter stick in a longwear, light-as-air formula to highlight, blush, and bronze in 10 colorful shades that let you play".

That's the claim I read from about this Match Stix.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

What is a match stix by the way?
It's one of the most-wanted products from Fenty Beauty which comes in various shades and different finish, either SHIMMER or MATTE. And as the packaging is formed in a a certain way and coming with magnet, they can stick to one another with different shades.

Function as highlighter, blush, and even eye shadow, I love match six from Fenty Beauty in Sinamon. The version I use is shimmer skinstick and tt's the perfect shade for my skin complexion as well.  


The shade that I use is called Sinamon.
It's pretty much a shimmer one with copper - based tone and it falls under Cinnamon Bronze group.

the swatch ..

This is how it looks on my skin.
It's pretty, isn't it?
You can see how it shimmers and really highlights my skin.

Moreover, it feels good on my skin too.
No breakout, no itchy feeling, not hotness and IT STAYS!
I have been using this product for my eyes, cheeks, lips, nose, and chin and this is how it looks.

Sepertinya aku harus kursus lagi nih dan diajari bagaimana memanfaatkan highlighter dengan baik dan benar. Ternyata tidak gampang lho menggunakannya tanpa menimbulkan kesan terlalu berlebihan atau bling-bling banget, It's not always that easy to find the right way of doing it.

look tired, but I still love it!

On another occasion, I have used it as well for my cheeks only and I love the look!

I love this highlighter sooo much!


The ingredients of Sinamon are, among others: mica, ethylhexyl isononanoate, octyldodecanol, polymethyl methacrylate, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, c20-40 alcohols, paraffin, tribehenin, polyethylene, vp/eicosene copolymer, vp/hexadecene copolymer, diisostearyl malate, cera microcristallina/microcrystalline wax/cire microcristalline, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, tocopheryl acetate, hexylene glycol, tocopherol, isostearyl alcohol, ascorbyl palmitate, malic acid, and calcium sodium borosilicate.

So far I found it all safe.


The packaging is lovely. It's like a sturdy plastic container in choco milk color. 
Fenty Beauty is written in silver font in one of the side and the name of the shade is written underneath.  It looks neat.
You have to roll it up to get the highlighter out. 


The price of this collection is USD 25 before taxes (depending on where you buy it, but in NYC it becomes around USD 31 after the VAT) and I bought it in Sephora Times Square New York City. As always, it's always been my favorite spot!

Repurchase? Yes, yes, yes... And I gues I might try and explore other shades.
Sepertinya aku tertarik untuk mencoba shades yang matte dan melihat hasilnya di kulitku.

So, how do you like it? 
Have you tried other Fenty products?
Do you think you will like the shimmer or the matte finishing?
Do you have your favorite collection when it comes to highlighter?
Will you buy this one?


Perk Service at Sephora Times Square, New York City

Perk Service at Sephora New York City
Who loves pampering oneself?
You know , like getting a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, and more?
I really do!
And one of my favourite spot to do so is Sephora.

I guess many of you know what Sephora is and probably are already becoming one of their Beauty Insiders, be it the first tier, VIB or VIB rouge.

As I love skin care, perfume, cosmetics and other beauty products so much, I have been VIB Rouge , the top tier membership in Sephora, since 2015. That means that I have spent approximately USD 1000 per year in order to be VIB Rouge and maintain that status yearly. There are times when some friends ask me to buy some products for them as well in Sephora so that helps me keep my VIB Rouge.  So, as the VIB Rouge, you have many benefits which include free full make-over, extra discount and free samples, as well as free 3-day shipping.  Not to mention free gift for your birthday, which works for any tier of membership.

One benefit I love to use in Sephora is the free skin care consultation and free facial known as the Perk Service, when you spent at least USD 75 on skin care.

So the Perk Service is basically a facial, using Perk machine exclusively prepared for Sephora. We will have the machine help us cleaning the dead cells from our face the put serum into our face in a more effective way. Before we start the treatment, our face will be cleaned thoroughly in order to make sure that the skin is clean.

just cleaned my face
Then using the machine with a small vacuum tube at the end, the beauty expert from Sephora will clean our face using that device so that more dead cells are wiped out. it feels ticklish but it's comfortable at the same time. I love it because you can really feel that your face is cleaned and you can see how many dead cells were taken during the process.

the serum
After it's done, 2 tubes of serum will be applied to our face using the similar device from the Perk machine.  Wait for a while to get the serum properly absorbed then we can put any skin care product after that. 
some of the product I tried

I tried the serum from La Mer then some moisturiser from Dior.
I kept my skin bare and healthy just like that for couple of hours.
And it felt really good!

Then I applied my usual routine - powder, eye brows, eye liner, blush on and lipstick. 
For sure I felt so good and fresh!

clean and fresh indeed!

with Erika who helped me
So, that's my experience with the Perk Service from Sephora.
I will ask around whether they have the similar service in Sephora Indonesia so that I can do it regularly.

What is your favorite beauty treatment?
Do you like facial as well?
Where do you usually do it?

Review Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lips

I'm back with the review of my favorite lipsticks.
This time is I have Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lips, particularly the Spring Collection.

Have I told you that I am a big fan of Sephora?
I guess I have, right?
And frankly, I have had sooo many collections of beauty product, particularly lipsticks

Before we go further, feel free to watch the full review of Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lips, particularly the Spring Collection, on my YouTube video.
And tell me what you think!

Sebenarnya produk yang ingin aku review di sini sudah lengkap aku sampaikan di video YouTube yang lumayan panjang, alias 24 minutes. But I hope it's fine because I do try and review each and every lip samplers we have in that package.

So, let's start our review!

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lips is a special collection of lip samplers curated by Sephora. Obviously, this one consists of samplers with nude shades, from some of the most-favorite and most-wanted brands sold in or through Sephora.

The one that I have here is from Spring collection of 2018.

This collection has 5 lip samplers and 1 full-size lipstick.
To start with, here's the swatches.

Here's the swatches..

Let's start with the lip samplers, shall we?
Then later you can tell me your favorite!

Tarte - Tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in exposed

Tarte - tarteist in Exposed

This lip sampler of Tarte - Tarteist is pretty much the nude collection with matte finishing in this collection.
It  comes in a small tube, weighting 0.034 oz/ 1 mL.
As the name suggested, Tarte Tarteist quick dry matte lip paint really dries quick!
I love the matte finishing but the shade is too pale for me. 

Nars Lipstick - Orgams

Such a provocative name :). Nars in Orgasm 
This lip sampler is small, with the weight around 0.05 oz/ 1.7 g. Enough to check whether this shade is perfect for you. 
I love this kind of nude because it has reddish tint on it.
But still the finishing is not matte so 

Hourglass - Girl Lip Stylo in Futurist

This lip sampler is cute, reminding me of the chubby stick from other brand.
The color is super nude and it has more moisturizer on it.
It has glossy finishing and it does not really stay.
For me, it feels like a lip gloss.

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Sugar

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Sugar is sooo good because it has mint sensation on it
The weight is about 0.07 oz/ 2 mL, so it is small like other lip samplers.  
It also has metallic and glitter finishing, so perhaps it will be perfect for 

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Pigment in Mauve Wife

 Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Pigment in Mauve Wife is my fave!
Although it comes in small package, only 0.17 oz/ 5 mL, but I love the shade.
Perhaps, it is safe to say that it is the BOLDEST of the nude collection we have here.
As mauve is pretty much darker, it looks good on me.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effect in Fever

This one is the full size lipstick in this collection.
Weighting about 0.16 oz/ 4.7 mL, Urban Decay Vice Special Effects in Fever, as the name suggested, gives an extra glittery effect to your lips.
I guess it will be perfect to put it on top of your lipstick so that it has shimmering and glittery effect.

The price of this collection is USD 28 before taxes (depending on where you buy it, but in NYC it becomes around USD 31 after the VAT) and I bought it in Sephora Herald Square New York City.

Repurchase? Maybe not.. And not because it's not good but because I rather buy the full size of my favorite ones.

So, how do you like it? 
Which one is your favorite collection?
Will you buy this one?

Beauty - Win Sephora Lip Artist Palette and more

Helloooo ladies :)

Good to be back here with more goodies for free.

Teman-teman sudah tau kan kalau saya mengadakan kuis di instagram @insav dan bagi-bagi hadiah? Sebenarnya kuisnya sudah berlangsung di IG sejak beberapa waktu yang lalu namun siapa tau masih ada yang ingin mencoba peruntungannya. Kuisnya akan berakhir tanggal 12 Maret 2016 pukul 23.59 Waktu New York City ;). Jadi masih ada waktu buat teman-teman yang mau ikutan lhooo..

Check this one out..

Time for another freebies here on @insav. 
Are you ready? 

Wanna get 1 Sephora lip artist palette (with 4 glosses and 4 lipsticks), 1 NYX lipstick, 1 wet & wild high shine lip stain and 1 Sephora crayon jumbo in mauve shimmer, each for 4 winners?

Easy breezy...
Syaratnya gampang ajaaa 

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Kuis berlangsung dari tanggal 1 Maret - 12 Maret 2016, waktu lokal alias New York City. Dengan demikian, karena Indonesia dan NYC berbeda 12 jam, maka akan berakhir tanggal 13 Maret 2016 pukul 11.29 WIB :).

5. All entries will be checked and winners will be announced on March 15, 2016. This quiz is open for residents of Indonesia, USA and Canada. 

Semua entri akan dicek yaaa dan pemenangnya akan diumumkan tanggal 15 Maret 2016. Kuis terbuka untuk mereka yang tinggal di Indonesia, AS dan Kanada.

Tuh kan...gampang bangeet syaratnya :).
Mumpung masih ada waktu, jangan ketinggalan.

Fell free if you can to try your luck and go check it out at @insav in Instagram