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Happy World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day!

Have we done enough 
to protect our beautiful ocean?

I was so lucky I got a chance to join the UN Ocean Conference, as part of the UN support to the full implementation of Goal 14 of the Sustainable Development Agenda or Agenda 2030, conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Leonardo Di Caprio, the UN Messanger of Peace

We had many public figures, scientists, world-know photographers, CEOs, local communities and youth joining the event, including Leonardo di Caprio, the UN Messenger of Peace, Diego Luna, Sir Richard Branson, and 3 great Indonesians speaking at the UN.
Besides, this high level event was also packed with Head of States and Governments and well as ministers related to the preservation of oceans and environment.

Here's some messages given by Leonardo, regarding the challenges we all face now .

The ocean is indeed our home, our future!

And we have no better choice but to keep and preserve the oceans we love, the oceans in which our children will be the next stewards.

For me personally, the oceans will always be my refuge, offering the unconditional peace and boundless love where I am endlessly grateful for ever single thing our Creator bestowed upon me.

Down there, there's a beyond-words beauty we all have to protect. 

To preserve. 
To love!

But our oceans have been heavily polluted by our greed, our selfish actions, our constant ignorance.
Marine debris, acidification, over fishing, pollution, raising sea level are only a tiny portion of the horrible consequences of what we have done to the oceans.

This has to stop!
And we can and we have do that together.

Please, ask ourself what we can do to help protecting our oceans, our environment.
A simple gesture of reducing plastic use, stop littering our ocean, to raising awareness about the need to preserve our planet will certainly help.

Happy World Oceans Day!

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

What a week!

June has been in full gear as we have the UN Ocean Conference where we have 2 ministers coming! Ocean is and has always been the main priorities of our policies.
So we are happy and honored to be part of this historical event.

Meanwhile, Ramadhan continues and can you believe that it's almost two weeks now?
Alhamdulillah, my family and I still fully observe it.

Meanwhile, allow me to invite you to our weekly  linky party!

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But Now......Lets Party....

WW: UN Ocean Conference 2017

It's always great to gather here at the UN Headquarters 
for the great cause of our planet.

Kicking off the UN Ocean Conference 2017 here in NYC!

And look at these beautiful artworks made of marine debris.
Meet Nora, Stella and Grace 

Join us in (almost) Wordless Wednesday  and enjoy fabulous links!