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WW: The Council Chamber, Palais des Nations Geneva

Hi there!
Allow me to invite you all to continue our journey at Palais des Nations, or the Palace of the Nations - United Nations Headquarters at Geneve, Switzerland 🇨🇭.

Last time, I took you to Room XX or Alliance of Civilization Room,  commissioned by the Government of Kingdom of Spain which spent around € 20 Million. As I have showed you in WW: Mini Me, Batik, and Room XX Palais des Nations, this place looks spectacular with its super unique ceillings, filled with colorful stalactites.

Now, I will show you one of the most historical parts of Palais des Nations.
The Council Chamber.

Welcome to the Council Chamber

I just love the wonderful mural painted by José Maria Sent, wonderful Catalan artist 

The Council Chamber has been very well known for its exquisite design and the fact that it has been used since the era of the League of Nations, the international organization which started what the United Nations is now. Many important issues have been discussed in this very room, including the Gulf war and disarmaments.

Wanna know more about the history of this very room?
Stick around then. I will definitely share more on the next post.
Meanwhile, enjoy some of these photos and tell me which on is your favorite!

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