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Indonesian Street Festival New York 2017

Indonesia Raya
Merdeka merdeka
Tanahku, negeriku, yang kucinta
Indonesia Raya
Merdeka, merdeka
Hiduplah Indonesia Raya

Hundreds of people, including me, sang Indonesian national Anthem, Indonesia Raya, solemnly, as we started Indonesian Street Festival New York 2017.
Thundering claps followed as the opening ceremony of the Indonesian Street Festival 2017 started with the anthem, short remarks of Ambassador Budi Bowoleksono from Washington D.C. and three-time-gong,- the typical Indonesian ritual for most opening ceremonies,- hit by Mr. Abdulkadir Djaelani, the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia to New York.

And as Ambassador Bowoleksono said, let the fun begin!

For the third time, NY Indonesian Street Festival is held in the area of the Consulate General of  the Republic of Indonesia at 68th St between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue.

Melange of tempting aroma from various Indonesian food stall, melodious music and traditional sound, popping colors of elaborated costumes of dancers and performers and exciting chats of the spectators created such an incredible ambience.

I, once again, was lucky enough to be part of this wonderful gathering as one of the volunteers at the kids' booth. Together with my mom, Bo et Obi (Udi is still enjoying the wonderful weather of Indonesia), we came to the venue a bit earlier as we were joining the opening Parade. Armed with my purple luggage, I packed my Siger Lampung, the traditional 'crown' or headdress of Lampungnese ladies, complete with my Tapis Lampung and its scarf. The same package was prepared for Obi as well, while Bo would be waring Tapis-adorned shirt and kikat. Hailing our yellow cab, it took only 15 minutes to go to the venue on Saturday morning.

Arriving at 68th st. between Madison and 5th Avenue at 10.30, most vendors were still finalizing their booth. So was the main stage.
All performers were getting ready and I took the liberty to walk around and take some pictures before the Festival began.
Packs of Indomie goreng, Indonesia's super famous instant noodles were neatly stacked at the Information Center, ready to be distributed to all visitors, for free.

want some?

Just like the last 2 years, the Festival was be packed with people coming and joining us not only from New York City, but also the surrounding States like Philadelphia, Maine, and more. My mom and I even met many tourists and Indonesians visiting from Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. They took pictures with us wearing that Siger and Tapis Lampung :). 

Welcome to NY Indonesian Street Festival 2017

So, are you ready to have a blast enjoying a piece of heaven of my homeland, Indonesia?

This even is indeed  a perfect time to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the largest archipelago on earth. 

The ISF 2017 indeed has more performances, more food, more Indonesian cultures, more laughs and crazy dances, more exquisite tastes, and definitely more fun! 

The theme of this year is "The Spice Islands" 
Indonesia has long been known as the islands of spices.
Nutmeg, pepper, and cloves are examples of famous spices abundantly found in Indonesia.
These spices have made Indonesia become most -sought by colonial power hundreds of years ago.

And interestingly, all these spices has also brought a close tie between Indonesia and New York City, particularly Manhattan.
Through Breda Treaty.

That's why, the Indonesian Street Festival this year's theme is The Spice Island,  "in conjunction with 350 Years of Breda Treaty between England and Netherland that concluded "The Publication of the Peace between England and the United Netherland". Through this, the Dutch ceded control over New Amsterdam (New York) to England for a tiny island of Run (now part of Banda Archipelago in Indonesia) which is rich in Nutmegs, a spice which once weighted in gold " (as I took from the ISF FB page). 

Wanna see the festivities during the Indonesian Street Festival New York 2017?

Let's start it with the food.

Rendang, mie goreng, nasi pecel, lemper, getuk, combro, rendang jengkol, balado udang, pempek, cendol, es teler, lalampa, panada, sate ayam, tahu gejrot, bubur ayam, nasi kuning, kopi gayo, rawon, nasi Bali, kredok, sate padang, siomay and so many more!

Food, food, glorious food.
Indonesia has been famous for its exquisite cuisines and traditional food and Indonesian Street Festival 2017 is the perfect parade of food haven.
You name it, you get it!

This year, we got many food vendors, those that have been famous here in NYC as well as those catering services which are also providing wonderful Indonesian food and drinks. 

Some of those are Queens Padang, famous for sate Padang and lontong sayur, Bakso Super Philly, Mamika noodles, Dapur Tio's, Bali Kitche, Nu York, Dapur Ampera, Rendang Righteous, Po Hanum, Warung Solo, Sate Tuson, Kopi-kopi, Kopi Trading Co., Mie Tek-tek, and many more.

Long lines of people tempted by those mouth-watering aroma could be seen in many corners of the street. I managed to get combro, sate padang, risoles, es buah, mia ayam, mie ayam rica-rica and nasi ayam kremes!
Super happy indeed.

The artisans

This is another improvement that we have compared to last year.
We have many beautiful Indonesian artisan corners displaying and selling their wonderful works of art. My favorite is Pinodita, my dearest artist-slash-astorian-neighbor, whose scarfs, pins, outer, and other crafts have attracted many.

I got my Batavia Chippers from Dita in this Festival, in addition to my Ramadhan as well as super cute dogs series.

More on the event we have beautiful home decorations from as well as bags and accessories from Legra, Everenia, and Pherren.

The performances

For sure, this year's Festival was packed with top notch performers!

Opened with Yorim Pancar, traditional dance from Papua depicting the daily life of Papuans performed by Saung Budaya, the area in front of the main stage was truly packed with spectators.

Yosim Pancar from Papua, performed bu Saung Budaya

More Indonesian traditional dances mixed with Indonesian martial arts, dangdut in America, and Indonesian Jazz  by Nial Djuliarso and Iman El-Hassan were some of the long-list performers entertaining us that day.

Nial and Iman

On top of it, audiences were serenaded by Glenn Fredly, one of the famous R&B singer from Indonesia, who is also one of the coach of The Voice Indonesia. Epic!

Glenn Fredly!

The ambience

Fun, fun, fun!
That's what I have seen along that street! 
Many have met their childhood friends, having a little reunion, or simply sitting and enjoying the food, feeling nostalgic about ones' childhood in Indonesia. Some were happily chat with others showing their new Batik shirt while others enthusiastically explained what lalampa is to American friends.
What a beautiful day indeed.

Finally, it was 5 PM.
Time to call it a day.
Indonesia Pusaka, sang by all the Committee and volunteers of ISF NY 2017 with the fantastic Nial Djularso on Piano officially closed the Festival.

The big team!

Again, super happy and proud to be part of this event.

I salute all the big team of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, along with Indonesian diasporas and volunteers. Hope those who came to the Festival feel happy, revived and know Indonesia better :).

Here's a little video I made about the Indonesian Street Festival NYC 2017

Great job, semuanyaaaaa!
See you on the next Indonesian Street Festival!

Indonesian Street Festival 2017

Indonesian Street Festival 2017

Indonesia, the Spice Islands
Saturday, August 26th, 2017
12 - 5 PM
68th Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue
New York, NY, 10065

It is going to be a beautiful day 
filled with fantastic performances, fashion shows, arts and crafts, kids corner 
as well as Indonesia's culinary and delicacies.

So don't miss it and see you all there :)

WW - glorious Indonesian food at NY Indonesian Street Festival 2016

They speak for themselves :).

Glorious Indonesian food at the recent New York Indonesian Street Festival 2016.
Starting from rendang jengkol (I don't even know what's the translation of Jengkol in English :)), to bakwan, martabak daging and combro, from sate padang to lemper and arem-arem. So many choices, all makes me drool.

Most of them are precooked and packed, some are freshly prepared on the spot.
One thing for sure, they are super delicious!

Here's the complete story of New York Indonesian Street Festival 2016 

rendang jengkol for you :)

Sate Padang...and all the long lining up just to get a portion of it :)

es teler..perfect for hot NYC day..

so many choices indeed :)

And finally, at home, I was inspired to make my own sate padang :)
Mari makaaaan 

home-made Sate Padang :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and enjoy bloghopping

Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

What a week!

We really had such a wonderful week at the end of August. I've told you that August is my favorite month, haven't I? Not only that I celebrated my birthday in August, but this month is also filled with so many great outdoor events and festivals.

So, we had a super colorful New York Indonesian Street Festival 2016 last Saturday. I wrote it completely in a blog post for this week #OMHGWW.

Enjoying Indonesian Street Festival 2016

We also managed to venture the culinary haven New York City abundantly offers. One of my favorite is Kyclades specialty from our favorite Taverna in Astoria. A plate deliciously filled with fresh lobster tail, scallops, jumbo shrimps, clams with crab meats and fish flakes. Super yuuuum!

Care to try some?

And we added a few books in our family's library, including book 2 and 3 from Ransom Riggs as well as Chris Colfer's enchanting Land of Stories series. Bo is happily following Alex and Connor's out-of-this-world never ending adventures!

I love Riggs! All those photos are captivating :)

Not to mention catching some Pikachus :). Have you got some?

gotta catch 'em all :)

But now, let me invite y'all to our weekly linky party with Oh My Heartsie Girls #OMHGWW.

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