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Breathtaking View of Mount Fuji

Don't you love this view? Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko
What do you have in mind when you hear the word Japan?

Ramen and sushi? Doraemon, Manga comics? or Mount Fuji?
For me, it's all of them.
But for sure, I have Mount Fuji on top of my list since this mountain is super famous and I remember my days at my elementary school when we learn about geography.
Whenever we talked about Japan, Mount Fuji would be directly associated to this fascinating country.

Therefore, I have been intending to visit this beautiful spot since the first time I came to Japan. Finally, at my 5th visit, I managed to come to this famous spot.
I got the change to see the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji!

There are many ways to visit this place for a tourist like me, including by taking buses and trains as well as taking the tour packages abundantly offered at the airport as well as tourist spots.

But I was so lucky as I have friends living in Tokyo and they were kindly taking me to Mount Fuji and the surrounding areas. My huge thanks to dearest Hadi Tjahjono and Nita Tjahjono, my batch - mates who are assigned in Tokyo now, and Mba Ragil, my new friend who accompanied us in this trip.

It was so much fun with you, ladies, and I'm forever grateful.

The plan that we had was visiting Sato - Nenba, the traditional village near Fuji Mountain, and Lake Kwaguchi, or Kawagichiko.
Sounds great, right?
It was proved to be a wonderful plan and the universe also conspired, as the weather at that day was sunny and beautiful!
Lucky us.

Sato Nenba, Japan
Sato-Nenba, the traditional village near Mt. Fuji
It took around 2.5 hours drive from Tokyo to Sato-Nenba and as soon as we arrived there we took pictures here and there and went up to Kimono rent shop.
Sato-Nenba is a traditional village where you can see, enjoy and experience the Japanese way of living. There are Japanese traditional houses, tea house, traditional drawing corner and of course, the Kimono and Yukata rental.

Yup, that's the main attraction that we planned to do that day as one of my dreams were wearing purple kimono with Mount Fuji in the background.

Welcome to Sato-Nenba

But as soon as we arrived, before hiking up to the hill, the view of Mount Fuji is breathtaking!
At the bottom of the hill, there are some fruits and flowers beds which beautifully bloom as well.

And we managed to wear our favourite kimono and took tons of pictures as well!
As you know, I chose the purple one with sky blue combination and golden obi.
The pattern is Japanese fans.
I love my kimono so much and we managed to wear the traditional sandals.

Cheers from me and mini me

The, after enjoying our halal lunch (yes, they do have restaurant serving halal beef curry rice and vegetarian ramen there) and Dzhuhur break in the praying area which has been prepare as well here, we headed to Lake Kawaguchi.

It was another 45-minute drive from Sato-Nenba and along the way the view was super breathtaking!

So I guess, before I get back to more details of my trip, I'd better share the photos I took with my phone.

For sure, this amazing view is so gorgeous and we just couldn't help taking pictures non-stop. Every corner is so beautiful.
Here are the proof of how wonderful this place is!

So, will you visit Mount Fuji and the surroundings?
I highly recommend it!

Happy traveling!