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Travelling to Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto


A friend once told me that Sawahlunto is a civilization in its own right. Nestled on a crater-like landscape guarded by the hills around, Sawahlunto is a sight to behold. It is a quaint city with diverse culture and beliefs still adorned with remnants of dutch colonial buildings that to this day still function as hospitals, hotels and government buildings.

Little did anyone from outside the city knew that this city was once at the brink of destruction. The crater-like landscape was the remnants left from an era of plundering. Sawahlunto was once a small village in mid-19th century surrounded by forest with population of 500. It all changed in 1867 when a huge coal deposit was found beneath the ombilin river by a dutch geologist, Ir. W.H. De Greve.

Coal has always been intertwined with the history of Sawahlunto. In 1891, coal deposit in Sawahlunto was estimated to be at 205million tonnes and the coal mines in Sawahlunto reaches its peak between 1920 and 1921. The coal mining went on for over a century and was eventually depleted. Soon the mine workers started departing the bustling town leaving it back the quite town it used to be.
2001 was the turning point for Sawahlunto as it was declared a historic site and opened for tourism. Tourism spots was established throughout the city including info box and coal mining gallery, Soero pit left from the coal mining days, Museum Goedang Ransoem and Train and Rail museum of Sawahlunto.

Sawahlunto becomes the capital city of coal mining tourism of Indonesia

In June 2019, from what was an almost forgotten relic of the past, Sawahlunto was restored to where it should be and was named as one of the UNESCO world site heritage, “Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto”. It was named as the UNESCO world site heritage through the unique architecture of the city and the mining technology of the time marking an advancement of technology development by mankind.


Traveling and Exploring Sawahlunto

Surrounded by rows of hills and situated in the province of West Sumatera, this city is roughly one third the size of Jakarta or is estimated to be 283 km2. The city is well equipped with various tourist destinations to satisfy the curiosity of travellers.
When in Sawahlunto, don’t miss visiting the now defunct coal mines that were newly crowned as UNESCO World Heritage Site, commemorating the rich history that this city has to offer. Traveling to the city takes a bit of extra effort which will all be paid off by the beauty of the city. You would land in Padang, a more well-known nearby city, Minangkabau International Airport. From the airport you can take a number of transportation option, travel minibus to directly head to Sawahlunto or for the more adventurous, take public busses and go through several terminals before reaching Sawahlunto.

The trip to Sawahlunto from Padang using a travel bus would take 4-5 hours and costs around Rp. 100,000.- which would take you directly to the city only stopping for toilet rests. While if you are feeling a bit more adventurous and is on a budget trip, taking the public bus will be a better option which will costs you around Rp 25,000.- to Rp. 35,000.- and takes around 5-6 hours to reach Sawahlunto. You can directly find the public bus named Tranex from the airport, from there you would want to go to Solok Terminal and exchange towards Sawahlunto Terminal from there. However, the West Sumateran government now provides a direct route using Tranex bus from Padang Terminal to Sawahlunto terminal that costs Rp. 30,000.-.
The trip will take you through Padangpanjang city in the Sitinjau Lauik area. The route will be a bit steep and will have a number of sharp turns. However, the view on either side as you are sitting on the bus will be hard to miss. You will enjoy the view of the city of Padang from above and afar, giving you a magnificent view of the whole city.


The city is well-accommodating for tourists as it offers a wide range of accommodation choices that varies with price and facility. It ranges from homestay to hotel. The costs will be in the range of Rp. 200,000.- to Rp. 700,000.- per night depending on the facilities and location of the accommodation. You can easily book the accommodation via traveling apps like Hotels are also available nearby the Ombilin river which still preserves the dutch colonial style building.
Traveling around the city itself can be done by riding the city’s public transport, named angkot (a public minivan) or ojek (motorcycles operated personally). Travelling by renting a car is also another option, which is more convenient but is much more costly. Several travel agents provide cars to be rented and also local day tours so that you don’t need to plan the trip yourself.

Not only rich in history, being in West Sumatera, the Minangnese food here is also a must-try experience. It will provide wary travellers with flavorful culinary experience. The foods here are rich in flavour combining savouriness and spiciness from the spices used to prepare the foods. We recommend that you taste the Gulai Banak (Savory and spicy curry with cow’s brain) and Pical (mixed vegetables and noodle in peanut sauce), a delicacy of Sawahlunto and West Sumatera.

Aside from the famous coal mines and museums, there are several other attractions such as waterfall, park and lake that you can visit. The ticket price varies but are relatively cheap ranging around Rp. 10,000.- to Rp 15,000.-. The attractions and tourist sites information including opening time and costs can be found here. Another option is to sightsee the picturesque view of the city still adorned with colonial building can be observed from Cemara hill in the outskirt of the city. Of course, you cannot forget to bring back some delicacies and souvenirs on your way back home, there are Keripik Balado (Spicy cassava chips), also a Minangnese delicacy, and handicraft made from coal. 


This is a story of an almost forgotten city in Sumatera where thousands of people once flooded in to extract the riches of mother earth over a century ago. Now, it is restored to what it is supposed to be, a famous mining city of Sawahlunto. Its past are eternalized by its museums and its history is recognized worldwide as a UNESCO World Site Heritage.

This is a guest post from dearest colleagues of Anak Rantau

Tips to Find A Good Makeup Case Easily

vintage makeup case
Red looks good!

Tips to Find A Good Makeup Case Easily

Most of the makeup artists offer onsite services, and thus they need to travel a lot carrying their makeup kit with them. An experienced makeup artist knows the importance of having a good makeup case. A well designed and organized make up case can save your time in a significant way. 

Well, even for me, a makeup and beauty products addict, I need to have one good, makeup case! Otherwise, we will have all our stuff scattered around and chances are you are going to miss them. 

Moreover, some of those cases are so cute! A great collection of this case can make our work much more comfortable and our beauty products can be neatly stored. Before discussing different types of makeup cases, let’s know about the things that you should consider when choosing a makeup case. 


Most of the makeup cases, which you find in the market, are a bit costly. Hence before buying one, you should do proper research. If you buy a low-quality makeup case or bag because it is cheap, you will end up searching for a new makeup case shortly, because competitive quality products will not last long. In short, you will end up purchasing a new one soon. 

Take your time and do proper research to know which makeup case brands are popular and in demand in the market. Check customer reviews online before making your purchase. Don’t forget to check the condition of a product before bringing it home. Even if you've ordered it online, open the delivered product and check its status before you sign on the receipt. 


You should choose the right sized makeup kit if you are looking for something comfortable to carry. It is always better to pick smaller bags to bring wherever you want comfortably. Understand how much space you require before choosing a makeup case.
Purpose: You should always choose a makeup case keeping your assignments in mind. For example, if you are a bridal makeup artist, then you may require large makeup cases. If you travel often, then you choose a makeup case according to the mode of transportation. 


Make a note of all the elements which you are looking for on a piece of paper. Now start your search online accordingly. Most of the makeup artists generally look for makeup cases or bags that come with a lock. 
Budget: Set a budget to make your search easy. Most of the sites online provide a filter option to select your budget range. Use that option to make your search easy. 

Do you need a good makeup case? I do!

Types of makeup cases

Mentioned below are some types of makeup cases that you should know about. 

•    Train Cases

Train cases are a good choice because it can carry portable and smaller makeup kits as well. 

•    Rolling Case

If you are working for a movie or TV series, then you may require different makeup tools. A rolling case is an excellent choice for makeup artists who are working on big projects. You will get rolling cases with lights and seats as well. All you have to do is choose one from them as per your requirement.

There are some excellent stores online that offer these and many more makeup kit cases at a very affordable price. Take some suggestions from your seniors as well before purchasing one. Buy a rolling makeup case if you are looking for something unique, stylish and easy to carry.   I might have one as well and if you think you will need one, place your order online now to save your time and money!

Do you have a good makeup case already?
Do you like them?
Which one do you like, train or rolling cases?
Share your stories about your favorite makeup case in comments yaaa.

8 Ways To Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine

8 Ways To Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine

Photo credit: Brittany Neale

Happy, happy new year, everyone! 
Let's hope for a better, healthier and more wonderful 2019 for all of us. Any particular resolutions you have in mind? I am determined to live a healthier and more balanced life in the upcoming days. 

People are extremely powerful and sensuous beings. The abilities to work hard, play hard, and love deeply are embedded inside us. The smart person maintains control over every aspect of their beings and trains themselves to live life with quiet passion.

Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska

The 3-H’s

In order to use the powers of essential oils to help you live a balanced life, you begin with the 3-H’s. They are healing, health, and harmony. Identifying the essential oils that keep these three important things in order will put you on the path of perfect control. With perfect control, comes the depth of your power and the effects it has on everyone and everything around you. You do not have to display it, as it will be understated and evident. You don’t have to “do” anything except to find the keys that open the doors. Those keys are often found in particular essential oils. You now have the goal in site. Let us identify the natural essential oils that you can use daily to let you achieve them.


Of course, when we become ill, our bodies fight the illness until it is under control. But healing is a more complicated issue. Take a common cold for example. Long after you have fought through the cold, you are left with fatigue, aches and pains, and a general sense of feeling unwell. This is because it took your energy and resources to fight the sickness, Now healing extends into recovery. Below we will list oils that will assist in returning your body to health and will protect you from a relapse.

Lavender is a well known essential oil for assisting in sleep. It also relieves headaches and body aches.The body recovers and restores itself during sleep. Lavender can be used daily. You can massage Lavender essential oil into the skin, but a steaming cup of lavender, peppermint tea at bedtime is a great way to inhale the properties of the oil and relax the entire body.

Peppermint is one of nature's superpowers. Peppermint is relaxing, it can be rubbed on, consumed in tea, or you can place a drop directly under the tongue. Peppermint is good for nausea, cramping, constipation, headache, energy, sinus issues, and fever. If you can only select one essential oil to keep on hand at all times, select peppermint.

Oil Blend
 - clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, and eucalyptus

Mix equal parts of these oils into a single amber-colored bottle. This blend helps you rebuild your immune system. Consider signature aroma diffusers or rub 2-3 drops on the wrists. The blend is used to cleanse the body. It fights the symptoms of cold and flu. It relieves a sore throat and quiets coughing. It gives you more energy and opens the sinus and passages ways to clear breathing and break-up congestion.

Maintaining your health is easier than recovering your health. That is why it is essential to eat healthily, get exercise, and drink plenty of water. There are essential oils to help you maintain your health. Remember, it is about balance. You are finding a daily routine that fits you well and is easy to maintain. 

Lemon essential oil
Lemon essential oil is an easy boost. Just add it to your water for flavor. Lemon essential oil gives you a boost of energy to make your metabolism stay at a steady rate. It is an antibacterial and antifungal oil, and adding just two drops to a glass of water helps you begin your day hydrated. You will clean your body of toxins and return for more.

Spearmint or tangerine essential oils
These essential oils are zero calories. Best of all, while you are hydrating your body, you are controlling cravings for foods that are not good for you. If you want to lose a few pounds, add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil.

Wintergreen, lemongrass, clove, and sweet orange
All of these oils are great for relieving tight muscles. Add 6-8 ounces of the oil of your choice to a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and rub into your tired muscles. You can also mix it with water and spritz it on your face for clear and healthy skin and an immediate sense of energy.


Life is good. You feel good, you are balanced and have everything moving in the right direction. Let’s induce that feeling of harmony with these great essential oils

Ylang Ylang
The fragrant oils extracted from a flower grown in the Philippines are much loved in the world of essential oils. They induce a sense of being loved and of well being.

The woody fragrance of sandalwood is used in many perfumes. But on its own it is believed to keep the user balanced.

As you can see, there are many ways to use essential oils to enhance your life. Experiment with the oils and fine-tune a method that allows you to live your life to the fullest, every day. 

Cheers and have a heathier life with essentials oils!

What Happens to Your Body when You Drink Thyme Tea

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Thyme Tea

tea time!

Being a small herb within the mint plant family, thyme is not only considered one of the most popular culinary herbs these days with a variety of usages, but it is also best known for a long list of medical properties which are beneficial for treating a lot of diseases and conditionsAside from adding thyme to your meals, you could also try drinking this herb as tea as well. Indeed, drinking thyme tea regularly can benefit your health due to its abundance of important vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants. Let’s discover some key benefits of thyme herbal tea and learn how it affects our body, either good or bad sides. 
10 Benefits of Thyme Tea for Health And Beauty
1. Alleviate Inflammation
The thymol found in thyme might help alleviate inflammation through suppressing some inflammatory pathways. This active compound might be helpful in fighting against peritonitis – the inflammation of peritoneum, which is a membrane covering the abdominal organs. 
2. Manage Blood Pressure
In accordance with a study which tested mice, thyme exhibited the ability to lower blood pressure. In more details, this herb reduced both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. It means that the Mediterranean diet, in which thyme is popularly used, could improve healthy blood pressure levels in human beings. Thus, thyme tea is considered a promising complementary natural medicine for hypertension.
3. Relieve Respiratory Disorders
This herb is widely used in traditional treatments for respiratory disorders. The bronchi and bronchioli are dilated by an extract in thyme. This extract also relieves respiratory airway at the same time. Thyme is also antispasmodic in nature, thereby contributing to relieving tonsillitis, asthma, and coughing. Ivy and thyme leaves are often combined together to cure cough and bronchitis as well.

it's good for our health
3. Act As A Mood Booster
Thyme can work on neurotransmitters, influencing the neurons’ activity and improving your mood. Furthermore, this mechanism may also lessen nervous conditions such as insomnia, depression and nightmares. You can take advantage of either thyme tea or thyme essential oil. Especially, thyme oil is widely used in aromatherapy for a boost in mood.
4. Provide Essential Minerals
You won’t believe that just two tablespoons of dried thyme leaves deliver 3.56 mg of iron, which meet the suggested daily iron value for a person. Thanks to its amazing source of iron, thyme tea supports the growth of red blood cells and boost energy for a healthy body. 
Lack of iron can be a reason for anemia, exhaustion and susceptibility to infections. It is also packed with vitamin K, manganese and calcium to provide your body with essential minerals. As the best aid used for normal blood clotting, adding thyme tea in your daily basis helps prevent other blood disorders. 
5. Alleviate Headache 
Owing to the monoterpenoid phenol named carvacrol, thyme tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, drinking this tea daily can help you boost your energy levels and wind down with its mild scent. 
In addition, just several sips of thyme tea a day can also eradicate melancholy and exhaustion, and decrease the potential risk of insomnia. Not only does tea help you control headache episodes, but the oil extracted from thyme is also known to relieve stress as well as migraine headaches. You just need to rub some drops of this oil on your forehead and temples, then relax until your headache pain goes away.
6. Lose Weight
Popularly regarded as a weight loss tea, drinking this brew before meals can restrain the appetite, make you feel less hungry while still boost energy and distribute vital nutrients for the body. The nutrition compounds presenting in thyme tea can also optimize metabolism and burn off fat effectively.
7. Treat Acne 
In addition to a wide range of health benefits, thyme tea also benefits our skin as well. It offers essential nutrients to help maintain skin texture and eliminate bacteria causing many skin disorders. 
Thyme has the ability to combat external factors that lead to acnes thanks to its antibacterial actions. Therefore, this natural gift is often found in the ingredient list of face cleansers and acne creams. Its function is to cleanse oily skin, working in conjunction with antiseptic properties to alleviate dermatitis and acne. It works well for most skin types and can also be used as a natural toner. You can easily make this toner at home by dabbing thyme tea on your skin to minimize wrinkles, tighten skin pores and reduce sunray damage
The following steps describe how to treat acne as well as skin issues at home using thyme tea:
• Steep thyme leaves along with witch hazel in boiled water for 20 minutes. 
• Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and apply to any affected areas on your skin.
• Rinse it off with warm water.
• Repeat this process twice a day. 
8. Improve Bone Health
Provided with a payload of excellent minerals such as vitamin K, iron, calcium and manganese, thyme brew plays an important role to nurture bone health. It supports the growth of bone and prevents the risk of bone disorders. 
9. Improve Vision
Having a rich content of vitamin A along with antioxidant, thyme tea helps enhance your vision health and reduce eye diseases. Thyme is also helpful in reducing the risk of getting other related vision issues, including macular degeneration, pink eye and conjunctivitis. You can apply a cool thyme liquid to the effected eyes by using a cotton ball and clean your eyes carefully to see its effects.
10. Protect Hair Condition
Thyme has long been known for its benefits for hair as it encourages hair growth and fixes various hair issues, such as hair loss, thinning and frizzy hair. It explains why thyme is a common ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. 
Thyme tea is often used as natural hair rinse in dandruff treatments, and works best when diluting with other herbs.
5 Side Effects of Thyme Tea
Apart from various health benefits, take a quick look to some potential side effects of this herbal brew that could happen to your body:
1. Nausea 
Overtaking thyme tea to your body could result in nausea, which has typical symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, stomachache and vomiting. Its powerful chemicals along with active contents could counteract the effects of this tea if you drink too much for a long time. Just 1-2 cups per day is enough.
2. Allergy 
Similar to any other types of herbs, some people may react with thyme tea, especially if they also exhibit the same effect toward other Lamiaceae family plants such as rosemary, oregano and mint. For this reason, you may get breath shortness, skin rash, painful chest and some serious allergy signs. Stop consuming thyme tea immediately if you suffer from any symptoms listed above and ask for medical treatments. 
3. Pregnancy
It is advised from most healthcare experts that thyme tea should be limited for pregnant women because it can stimulate the menstruation and result in early miscarriage during the pregnancy. Likewise, it is recommended for breastfeeding women not to drink this brew without getting strict permission from healthcare providers. 
4. Heart Issues 
Some people who have chronic heart issues may get their conditions worse if they consume an excess amount of thyme tea. Therefore, it is better to stay safe and stick to small doses. Remember to consult your doctor before drinking it daily for better precaution. 
5. Bleeding Disorders
Be aware of any bleeding possibility if you drink thyme tea in large amounts, since it can slow down blood clotting. Give up thyme for at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery date to reduce the risk.  

Enjoy your tea...

About the author:
John Hughes is a Health and Beauty expert who has more than 5 years of experience in Health Care industry. For more health care tips on healthy living, visit him at the website There, you will find posts on natural treatments, recipes, healthy foods, and so much more.