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Cozy Lunch at Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
Cozy lunch at Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington

Wellington has been known for being the coolest little capital, packed with wonderful eateries to explore and enjoy. Whenever possible, I try to stroll and discover new places to eat in Wellington, usually for the lunch break.

This time, after browsing in Google maps and read people's reviews, my friends and I decided to try Prefab Coffee Bar, one of the cafes as well as the house for the coffee roastery, ACME. I read many great reviews about their bakery and coffee. as a big fan of sourdough and rustic bread, I am pretty much intrigued to try Acme bakery products. I have to say by the time I try their Olio roll with mozzarella and vegetables, I'm sold!

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
some of the sandwiches there... looking yum!

We came here during peak lunch hour, yet we are lucky enough to get the table for 3 right away. We got the seat with high chairs but it's comfy enough. The place is packed with customers, enjoying their lunches and coffees, happily chatting and enjoying the lovely weather. As you know, Wellington is now entering summer season, so we have more sunny days coming. It is not always sunny but whenever we have the sunshine, we'll definitely enjoy it outside.

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington

It didn't take long before we got the menu from our waiter. We had our mozzarella and tomato Oli Rolls, margaritha pizza, peach danish pastry, and flat white. We didn't have to wait too long either until our food arrived. I have to say my rolls are super yuuum and the pizza is also perfect! the dough is not too thin, yet crispy and the mozzarella as well as the parmesan cheese melt in our mouth. The pastry is also yummy! We definitely eat them all! 

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
the danish pastry

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
Margarita pizza, anyone

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
flat white for you to enjoy

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
All the flowers are fresh!

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
such a temptation!

I ended up going homing bring a loaf of sourdough and oli rolls as well. The do have varieties of bread, coffee beans, preserves, jams, and more for you to enjoy at home.

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
Cute Pin0cchio 

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
I brought them home for sure :)

Prefab - ACME Coffee Bar Wellington
More to buy and bring home

So if you happen to come to Wellington and looking for a coffee bar, Prefab can be a great choice!

Cheers and see you on the next culinary adventures in Wellington.

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends

welcome to Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends

 Welcome back and I hope all is well with you and your loved ones, wherever you are.

This week is another crazy week for me and my family as we moved to the new house! Yaaay, super excited indeed. From Karori, we moved to Khandallah area and the house is way more spacious than the previous one. It is 3-story house with 3 bedrooms and 1 study, garage for two cars, and balconies plus backyard for extra space. The most important this is that the house and the area has less humidity level compared to our house in Karori. Now, we need to get more furnitures to fill the house as I got many empty spaces. My hubby and I love hunting for vintage or rustic furnitures and let's see how things works. Wish us luck with this new home!

As from the office and my activities, we have been busy with several arts and cultural performances in Wellington. Nadine, my daughter, and  I joined Mekar Bhuana Aotearoa Gamelan, the Balinese gamelan troupe here in Wellington. Vaughn or Bli Pon and mba Putu Evie are the founder as well as the teachers in this group.

After the whole course and extra rehearsals, we performed in front of the Mayor of Wellington. Tory Whanau, and Ambassador Fientje Suebu, as part of the sharing of cultures with Ngati Poneke Maori group. The performance was conducted in Pipitea Marae, so we were properly welcomed in Powhiri, or the welcoming rituals of the Maori. Nadine and I played kangsih and gumanak, like mini cymbals in this gamelan, and we learned playing gangsa jongkok as well. 

I also danced and performed with the group, dancing Rejang Tinju Cak, composed by Putu Evie. I will share more details later for sure!

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WW: Pōwhiri and the Inauguration Ceremony of the New Mayor of Wellington 2022

Kia Ora!

Morena koutou.. morning from Aoteaora.

I was very privilege to get the opportunity to come and join the Powhiri or the welcoming ceremony of the Workship Tory Whanau, the new Mayor of Wellington City. She was replacing Andy Foster, the previous Mayor of this coolest little Capital, and she is the first Māori Mayor for Wellington! What a historic moment indeed! 

the booklet of the Pōwhiri 

I joined other diplomatic communities, families, friends and invited guests to the Powhiri. It was conducted in Pipitea Marae, or the traditional house of Māori located in Pipitea, Thorndon. It is a beautiful Marae in the middle of Wellington with so many traditional touch and artworks, including the famous Toi Whakario or Māori art carving. You can see some of the samples of the Māori art carvings which are not only showcasing their artistic side but they are also considered sacred and believed to elevate the objects 

We really enjoyed the Powhiri and the Inauguration ceremony, which consists of the Pōwhiri, karanga, hongi, Whaikōrero, and karakia - then the proceedings of the inauguration ceremony, including the Mayor's opening speech, Declaration of Mayor - Elect and the Councillors - Elect, and the appointment of the Deputy Mayor.

Here are some photos I managed to take during the procession. 

I was not sure whether we could take pictures or not in the beginning due to the strict property rights' protection of the Māori arts and cultures. Nevertheless, at the less formal stage, we could take some pictures. I even managed to get selfies with Mayor Tory! 

Mayor Tory Whanau received the Hoe, the 

the Mayor with the Hoe..

the performance of the Pipitea Marae art group

one of the Declarations from Councillor - elect

Kai - some of the food provided during the Powhiri 

my shaky selfie with Mayor Tory .. super excited

Hope Wellington will be getting better, better and better in the future under the Worship, Mayor Tory Whanau.  

Ngā mihi koutou.

The Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day and Indonesian Armed Forces

Hi everyone..

National Day or the celebration of our nation’s independence day is always be special. Commemorating the struggles of our ancestors and heroes, this day marks the new beginning in the life of the nation.

Ambassador Fientje Suebu with H.E. Deborah Geels from MFAT, Marja Lubeck, MP from Labour Party from Indonesian descent, and Defence Attache and spouse

For the celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day and Indonesian Armed Forces this year, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia held a Diplomatic Reception on October 12th, 2022. 

After postponing similar celebration for the last 2 years due to COVID-19 pandemic, this time we had been able to have a proper celebration.

After the flag - hoisting ceremony that we did on August 17th, this time we had the double celebration at New Zealand National Library in Thorndon, Wellington. 

We invited around 200 guest and 150 people came and joined us that night. It was really a wonderful celebration showcasing our pride as a thriving country, surviving COVID-19 and continue to make progress in terms of economic development, infrastructures and political stability.

With Nusantara, another word to call our homeland Indonesia, as the theme, we presented a little journey to Indonesia that night. We changed the national library into Indonesian corners, with decorations from different parts of Indonesia adorning the hall we used. 

Not to mention Indonesian delicacies such as kue lapis surabaya, kue lumpur, pastel and risol, as well as our signature rendang, sate ayam, gado - gado, vegetarian fried noodles, and fresh fruits. For our guests who drink alcohol, New Zealand wines and Indonesian beer, bir Bintang, were also available.

We also have Nasi Tumpeng, the famous coned yellow rice, presented to our Guest of Honour, Ambassador Deborah Geels, Deputy Secretary for Americas and Asians of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand. We also had free souvenir of Indonesian traditional woven syal for all our guests. 

The night got even merrier with the performance of Tari Piring, a traditional dance from West Sumatera and a medley of Indonesian songs, like Apuse, Sinanggar Tulo, Cublak - cublak suweng, dan Sajojo. The opening dance was Isolo from Papua.

It was really a lovely night and here are some more photos we have from the celebration.

Lapis Surabaya, everyone..

some of our guests while arriving..

Frits with Isolo dance from Papua 

Noken and Papuan arts and textile as part of the decoration

I was wearing my gold and purple Tapis Lampung, with kebaya sulam usus in the same colors. Good thing I bring the complete set of the Siger Lampung from home.

So, what do you think? We really have so much fun and hope we can have more engagement as well as exposure of Indonesian cultures in New Zealand.