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WW: Outfit of the Day - Election Day

How I love posting about my Outfit of the Day, although I haven't done many apparently.
Well this time, as I feel like the Election Day is super special, let me put more details on what I wore that day.

Cheers from me and mini-me :)

Pemilu memang Pesta demokrasi yang seru ya, teman-teman!
Hanya sekali dalam lima tahun, rasanya rugi besar kalau sampai terlewatkan.
Dan supaya tambah seru, aku pastikan OOTD yang aku kenakan juga sama serunya.
Kali ini, my hubby and I decided to wear white.
Well, not necessarily all whitey but the nuance is white, for purity and peace. 
For sure, my Mini- me and I were having tons of fun heading to the designated booth or TPS 05 near our house, wearing one of my favorite outfits 😇.

Well, my hubby was simply wearing NYC t-shirt and short in baby blue from Levis plus his favorite cap he got from Ebay.

in white and purple..
As for me, here is my OOTD..
Top 👚: off shoulder top in embroidered white and purple by INC that I got at Macy's .
Pants👖: 318 shaping bootcuts jeans by @levis .
🎩: white fedora from Amazon .
Earrings : my favorite purple pompom ring by @uniqlykamea (go check her IG account).
Mini me by @helloayko@wayakomala (again, feel free to check those IG accounts).
Tote bag 👜:  by @ditut, my dearest friend and neighbour in NYC ♥️♥️
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace: Hengky Kawilarang 

Do you like wearing special outfit for special occassion?
Do you take picture of your OOTD?
What's your favorite day-to-day attire?

WW: Mini Me, Batik, and Room XX Palais des Nations

Coming back to Geneva. for series of UN Human Rights Council meetings, I had so much fun exploring this place again.

Palais des Nations is truly one incredible place. 
I have been coming back here and forth and still be amazed by its ageless beauty. 
Sitting as the UN Office or the European headquarters, this palace-turn-into-office has been one of the jewels of the city of Geneva.

I spent most of my time at Room XX, or the Alliance of Civilization Room.
Commissioned by the Government of Spain, this room has uber unique and incredible ceiling! Take a look a it.

The ceiling of Room XX, Palais des Nations

UN Human Rights Council has conducted so many meetings in this very room.
In a year, UN HRC has 3 sessions, that is es every February - March, June-July, and September. Let alone other related meetings at the UN HRC, which take around 42 weeks in a year. Full calendar indeed. 

Here are some photos of Mini Me, Batik, and Room XX Palais des Nations

Before we start the meeting

During the meeting

My favorite lanyard

This year, Indonesia is not the member of UN HRC.
We are campaigning to be the member for 2020 - 2022.
It is indeed a tough campaign as we have 5 candidates,- Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Iraq, South Korea, and Japan -  for 4 seats representing Asia Pacific.
Wish us luck, dear friends.

Mini me is also enjoying the meeting, I dare say.
She's been traveling along with me and shares many sleepless night during the preparation as well as the meeting itself.

I have the priviledge to wear my purple-and-green Batik cape from Galeri Batik Avara (check their Facebook and Instagram accounts, please :)) this time.
I have been a great fan of their work, particularly the Batik Cape.
My hand-written Madura Batik, in deep purple and green, looks great with the combination in 2 tone purple.
Matching jelly-fish earrings from @uniqlykamea (check it on Instagram) are match-form-heaven for this cape.

Well, I will be back with more stories from Geneve and meanwhile, wishing you all a great week ahead!

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