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Sasikirana, Anniesa Hasibuan's Masterpice for New YorkCouture Fashion Week

Adalah seorang Anniesa Hasibuan..

Muda, cantik, menyenangkan dan penuh kreativitas..

Yang menggebrak panggung New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 dengan koleksi adi busana yang mengundang decak kagum dari mereka yang menonton pagelaran fashion tahunan yang dinanti-nanti warga New York ini.

I was so lucky to get a chance to meet this talented young lady. I regretfully missed her fantastic show during the New York Couture Fashion Week at the Crowne Plaza, but then it was all paid off as I joined the Trunk Show at the Consulate General of Indonesia in New York.

I was the MC of the show, so I got the opportunity to get up close to her and admire her work.

And I was speechless..

The moment I got to see her brilliant works I knew she indeed has magical hands.
Look at those gorgeous dresses...

Anniesa Hasibuan..

Under her label, Anniesa Fashion, this 28 year-old lovely lady brilliantly transformed the mytical world of queens, princess and royals into intricate, one-of-a-kind glamourous dresses. As Anniesa is wearing hijab, all these dresses are inspired for those wearing hijab as well. 

A beyond-this-world mixture of embroidery, lace, silk, Swarovsky crystals, premium fabrics and tons of creativity and imagination et voilaaa.... incredible dresses are ready for those who admire the couture collection.

Sasikirana is her special collection for New York Couture Fashion Week 2015.

Sasi means terang, or light
While Kirana means bulan, or the moon.

Sasikirana... Moonlight....

15 amazing dresses were displayed during the New York Couture Fashion Week. Gold and black dominated Sasikirana collection, with Prada fabric, the traditional materials from Java.

After seeing her works, no wonder she got the new nickname, Oscar de la Renta from Indonesia, given by Daniel Cole, one of the prominent lecturers at the New York University and Fashion Institute and Technology in New York City.

And I can't agree more.
I personally think Anniesa has much more potential in her next future.

Anniesa has stolen the audience' s attention during her show here in New York, as well as during London Fashion Week and Hello Indonesia at Trafalgar Square, London as well.

And again I am lucky to get a chance to know and meet her personally behind the stage ;).

all the best, Anniesaaaa :) 

Dan saya yakin Anniesa akan terus berkibar dengan berbagai karyanya yang luar biasa.

I just can't wait to welcome her back to NYC with more extravaganza works.

Keep up the briliant work, Anniesa.

New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 - Photo Gallery

Helloooo thereee...

I am sooo busted.
This week has been so exciting, with sooo many great events to attend and to share with you all here in my blog.

As I have promised before, I am more than happy to share more from the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015.
I have to say it was awesomeeee..

Here are some of the photos I took during the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015..

I managed to watch two shows.
Sushma Patel from USA/India and Diana Coutur by Diana Putri from Indonessia
And Secret Garden by Andres Aquino, the founder of the NY Couture Fashion Week :).
Regretfully, I missed Anniesa Hasibuan and Shafira collections shows :(. Although I managed to see their collection during the Open Trunk Show at the Consulate General of Indonesia in NYC.

All the shows on NYC Couture Fashion Week 2015 were held in Crowne Plaza Times Square New York City.

And sitting there on the front row really gives you a different perspective.

Alhamdulilaaaah bangeeet... saya dapat kesempatan menyaksikan karya keren anak bangsa yang ditampilkan di panggung mewah NYC dan thanks to my sister-in-crime, Chiara Sari, saya duduk di front row pula :).
Alhamdulillaaaaah :).

An array of wonderful designs and artistic works, including from Indonesian Designers, Diana Couture, Anniesa Hasibuan, Shafira and Vicky Shu..

As I watched Diana Couture show, we heard wooow, uuuuh et aaaah along the show as people were simply amazed to see such intricate details.

And another proud moment is when Diana M. Putri, the creative brain behind Diana Couture, won The Best Designer for New York Couture Fashion Week this year ;).. 

Dan saat show kedua yang saya hadiri ternyata berbarengan dengan pengumuman bahwa mba Diana M. Putri terpilih sebagai Best Designer for Spring 2016 with Global Fashion Avenue Award, bangganyaaaa luar biasaa..
Saya langsung loncat dan tepuk tangan yang keraaas hehehehe

Congratulations, Mba Diana :)

Sooo proud :)
Showcasing Garuda, our very own national coat of arms, Diana magically transforms the beauty and strength of this mythical creature into one set of intricate, top-notch, one-of-a-kind Haute Couture..

No wonder she stole the attentions and won the heart of New Yorkers ;).


Super proud indeed.. 

And these are some snaps of her fabulous collection :)..

Diana Couture for NY Couture Fashion Week
the models after the runway..

look at the hair piece
sheer look in vivid imagination...


Mba Diana and the models :)

some of the details :)

The runway....

purple runway :)

The other designers...

Sushma Patel from USA/India

Sushma Patel 

And wait until you see the Trunk Show of these 4 Indonesian Designers joining the New York Fashion Couture Week 2015.

I'll be back with more photos and details for sureeee :)