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WW: Pink Ribbon Walk Wellington 2022


Hi everyone.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy, wherever you are.

I would like to share the Pink Ribbon Walk 2022  here in Wellington, that happened to take place on November 13th, 2022. You might be wondering why it is not conducted in October as I do have the same question. But looking at the schedule of the walk, it has been conducted in multiple cities and Wellington is scheduled to have it in November.

The walk started and finished in Frank Kitts Park, waterfront area. My son and I joined the 5 KM walk, together with ladies and friends from the Embassy. There is also a 10-KM choice for those who like to go that far. 

For this walk, we bought the ticket which is part of the donation to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. For early birds, we can get the ticket for NZD 35 per person, while the normal one is NZD 45. I bought the family ticket, which cost NZD 115 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Unfortunately, my hubby was focusing on our moving while my daughter had a study group with her friends for their school project. That's why my son accompanied me and I have 2 other friends joining as well. 

Here are some photos I took during the walk.

join us at the Pink Ribbon Walk 

Pinky ladies

My son Bo and I posed in front of the Wellington sign

Welcome to Pink Ribbon Walk 2022

stay healthy, everyone et cheers!

It was really fun indeed and the fact that we are doing it for the noble cause. This is my first time joining the breast cancer walk, after joining Making Strides against Breast Cancer in NYC for 6 times. I was so overwhelmed by the support of those joining the walk. Around 800 people joining the walk, wrapped in many cute pink items. I sincerely hope it will bring benefits to those affected by breast cancers, be it the patients, family and anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. And to all my Pink Squad, kudos to you all, ladies!

Cheers from Wellington!

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WW: My Journey of Fighting Breast Cancer

Indah Nuria Savitri, breast cancer survivor
One of my biggest supporters, my dearest hubby

Recently I have been digging up my files and photos from my previous adventures and activities. I guess I keep saying that in my post during this pandemic LOL.

As October is celebrated as Pinktober as well in my house, I happen to see some photos taken during my 2-year treatment as breast cancer patient.

Indah Nuria Savitri, breast cancer warrior
cheers from Obi and I .. one of my 6-hour-straight chemo episodes

It's amazing to see how photos brought back all the memories, nice and not-so-nice ones. I have to admit it was not always a rose-colored journey. There are times when I was not really myself and times when I got super tired, bored, and frustrated with everything I have to go through thanks to cancer.  

the blood bag I have to carry for 6 weeks :)

I remember vividly when the verdict came, one simple phone call from my GP that changed my life forever. I will never forget when I first walked in to the operating room for mastectomy, my first chemo, the radiation process and endless doctor's and hospital visit and so many more. I am so blessed and glad to be able to pass it all through with a big smile! Merci ya Rabb.

Here are a few photos from my journey of Fighting Breast Cancer and let's spread more awareness about breast cancer, in our own way. I want those fighting it, our Warriors, and those surviving it, will always support one another so that we all can finish the fight!

the family waiting room at NYU Langone Hospi
The family waiting room at NYU Langone Hospital NYC

Thank you for all the support from my dearest friends 

Indah Nuria Savitri, breast cancer warrior and survivor
Facetime with my om in Indonesia at that time..

The sonogram image of breast cancer patient
my USG image.. 

Indah Nuria Savitri, breast cancer warrior and survivor
My biggest supporter, my one and only hubby

My love, Bo et Obi, right before my second operation for breast reconstruction

Never forget to do you self breast exam or SADARI, periksa payudara sendiri, as well as consulting your doctor for clinical breast exam regularly or SADANIS, periksa payudara secara klinis. Love yourself and your body, don't wait until it's all too late!

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Making Strides against Breast Cancer - Join the fun and help

19 October 2014.

It was cold.
And still early.
Even the sun was shyly shining.
Freezing wind swept my body, made me shuddered.
Bo et Obi, walked along besides me that morning, were surprisingly in very good mood although I woke them up so early in the morning. 
I  told them that we were going to walk.
Early morning walk in Fall crispy, cold morning is not always a good combination for kids.
But there we were, holding hands embracing one another, toughened ourselves for a new chapter of my life. 
Our lives.

with my kiddos :)

That was my first walk.
Joining Making Strides against Breast Cancer in Central Park in 2014, just a few days after my second AC chemo.
The toughest chemo session which took away my fitness, my energy, my hair and so much more.  Giving me endless nausea, stained, broken nails, and unprecedented bleeding here and there.
But it can never take away my spirit!
My determined heart to get rid of this horrible cancer.
My endless spirit to get my health back!
To live longer and make beautiful memories with my kids, my family, my beloved.
To celebrate more birthdays.

So I braved my heart, prepared my body and soul, to join my first Making Strides against Breast Cancer. Central Park was my choice, beautiful heart of New York City.
I didn't know what to expect,walking for 5 miles,  as I couldn't even keep my body straight for more than 2 hours after my chemo. 
But deep  down inside, I knew I could do it. 
I knew I should join and I would make it.

And how I felt at home!
Since the very first time we arrived at Central Park Band shell, where the walk started, my spirit soared high seeing the other survivors and those who have been touched by cancer in any ways.
Although that morning was drop dead cold, my heart was engulfed with eternal warmth.
The warmth of love!
The insatiable power of love, of pride, of accomplishment.
That together, we can fight this fight.
Walk this path to recovery.
Beat cancer!

That's my first public appearance with my bald head.
Or BOTAK in bahasa Indonesia, my mother tongue.
Not a single hair that I used to love and be proud of.
But look, I might loose my hair thanks to cancer, but I gain so much more!

The love of my family and people around me, my confident,  my better and healthier life, my strength, my faith.
My fight. 

Here's the complete story: Making Strides against Breast Cancer ...The D-Day

So, that's my first walk with Making Strides against Breast Cancer Central Park.
And I am sooo ready to walk again.
To join those who want to finish the fight.
It's October again and you know what that means! 

Will you join me and my team, IndonesiaCeria&Beyond, to walk leisurely at Central Park, celebrate with survivors and fighters against breast cancer?

Please join my team, IndonesiaCeria&Beyond, and help fighting #breastcancer ! 

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events raise money for the American Cancer Society’s efforts to save lives from breast cancer. They raise awareness about of breast cancer prevention. They honor survivors. And, as you can see in the photo, they can also be a lot of fun.

Please join my team, walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event, and help us make it a special, fun day. If you can’t join us, consider making a donation and help me reach my fundraising goal.

Visit my personal or team fundraising page, using the links below.

Give me a shout and will send you the invitation!

Or you can simply click and join me at 
If you are not residing in NYC, you can always help by making donation as well.
The same link above will navigate you to the team as well as donation page.

Help me #finishthefight #againstbreastcancer #breastcancerawareness

And The Winners are...Giveaway #BreastCancerAwerenessMonth #GoPink #LetsFinishtheFight

Haloooo semuaaaaa..

First, my apologies for taking some times in announcing the winners of my Giveaway #BreastCancerAwerenessMonth #GoPink #LetsFinishtheFight 

Alasan klasik, mismanagement and underestimating my own crazy schedule :)

Ternyata kesibukan kerja saya tidak bisa ditunda :(.
Dan banyak undangan #eeeh.

Tapi yang penting...



And for sure,  I want to hug you all, especially those who have joined my cause and my GA in supporting #BreastCancerAwerenessMonth #GoPink #LetsFinishtheFight

Believe me...nothing warms my heart more than having all my great friends lending his or her support to our fight against breast cancer as well as other cancer.

Bahagia punya teman-teman yang berkenan ikutan membantu kampanye meningkatkan  kesadaran akan bahaya kanker payudara :). Terima kasih untuk semua tulisan, cerita, infografis, foto, gambar, kerajinan tangan dan semua bentuk dukungan yang telah diberikan. Saya pun salut dengan teman-teman yang sudah banyak melakukan hal-hal yang begitu bermanfaat untuk mengkampanyekan kesadaran akan bahaya kanker payudara, baik lewat Sadar, gaya hidup sehat, olahraga teratur dan masih banyak lagi. 


Percayalah, ini semua memompa semangat saya dan para penyintas kanker lainnya untuk terus berjuang untuk sembuh.


Dan sekarang...

Setelah HUGE THANKS kepada Mba Muti dan teman-teman di Love Pink Indonesia dan juga ibu juri pecinta ungu Isti'adzhah Rohyati yang sudah super membantu :) 

Daaaaaaan......Ini dia para pemenangnya..

Kita mulai dengan tiga peserta pertama yang mendapatkan pulsa masing-masing Rp 25.000,-

1. Febri Aming

2. Agustinadian Susanti

3. Ajen Angelina

Dan hadiah berikutnyaaaaaa....

4 sets of  mini beauty package from Peter Thomas Roth and pin, masing-masing:

- S Fauzia Subhan
-  Waya Komala
- Merida Merry

1 Intense Matte lipstick Wardah 

Ummu Khais

1 paket NYC souvenirs


1 paket NYC souvenirs

Uniek Kaswarganti

1 buah Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Wuri Wulandari 

1 buah Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Relita Aprisa

1 buah Victoria's Secret Perfume in Aqua Kiss

Suciati Christina

1 buah Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Love Addict

Ajen Angelina

1 buah Sephora Lip Artist Palette

Feriyana Sari

1 buah Sephora Lipstick

Umi Jamilatun

1 buah Sephora Luster matte long wear in Cranberry

Karina Sukmaningtyas

                           1 buah Sephora Lipstick Rouge Infusion on Magenta 

                                                            Lianny Hendrawati

                     1 paket beauty products H&M cosmetics and hand sanitizer 
                                                          Bath and Body Works 

                                                                Harie Khairiah

1 buah Estee Lauder lipstick

Astin Astanti

1 buah pouch Kate Spade

Haya Aliya Zaki

1 buah Kylie Gloss in Koko

Ade Anita

1 buah Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip liner Posie 


Daaaaaaan ...ini dia tulisan favorit  :)

Uang Tunai Rp 500.000,-

Nurul Noe

Uang Tunai Rp 750.000,- 

Siti Hairul Dayah

Uang Tunai Rp 1.000.000,-


Dan sebagai apresiasi dan wujud syukur saya untuk partisipasi teman-teman, semua peserta yang namanya tidak ada di atas  akan mendapatkan pulsa sebesar Rp 20.000,-

Semoga di GA selanjutnya hadiah bisa bertambah yaaa #aminyangkenceng 

Semua pemenang diharap memberikan nama lengkap, alamat lengkap, dan nomor telpon ke Sementara peserta lainnya juga harap mengirimkan nomor telpon yang akan diisi pulsa. 
Ditunggu yaaa

Thank you once again for joining my GA  #BreastCancerAwerenessMonth #GoPink #LetsFinishtheFight