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Pokemon Hunting in New York City

Enjoying Pokemon Go? 
I do! 
And don't give me that look LOL. 
Or saying..duuuh, where have you been, Indah? :).

Some of you might think that it's a bit to late to write about this phenomenal game dubbed as the most popular location-based game ever.
Now that summer break is over and the school time is here, I can actually have some times to sit down and write about it. 

If you feel like you gotta catch 'em all, then you're not the only one as approximately 
I know that this game has somehow created a new world of Pokemon-chaser.

it's purple and it's cute :)

My family has been using Pokemon Go as one of our get-together summer break activities. Don't get us wrong. We do other sport and outdoor activities as well, but occassionally, we play Pokemon Go together. Why together? Because the kids don't have their phones so we set the accounts in my hubby's and my phones. That means my kids can only play when we allow them to use our phone.

Last year we were privilege to have our road trip during summer but this year, I am still caught up with works so we just stay around the City and enjoy more quality time with the kids. One of the simplest and easiest way of doing it is by heading to the nearest parks. Usually we spend so much time in Astoria and Central Park. And as you know, many people chased those cute digital pocket-monsters with their smartphones. For us, it proves to be fun!

So, is cashing Pokemon good for you? 

I read about all those negative impacts and crazy things that happened to people absurdly playing Pokemon Go all the time. Some had accidents as they did not pay enough attention to their nearest surroundings. Some had trespassed others' property and got trouble with it. Some even got mugged because of snatching Pokemon at night. And many discouraging stories surrounding this game.

But as we manage to control the time we're using for this game, we also have benefits deriving from chasing Pikachu and friends.

These are some of the good things we truly enjoy from playing Pokemon Go with my kids.

Bonding time

Every morning, my kids wakes me up earlier because they want me to walk with them to the Park. We discuss different kind of pokemons, their combat power, and more details. This is one game that unites us all.

Frankly speaking, I don't like it when my hubby and Bo play games in their consoles. Looks like they have their own world and don't care about others. Call me jealous but I always feel like those games rob our fun time together.

But as we play Pokemon Go together, the four of us enjoy this game a lot as a family.
And for us, it's 

One selfie amidst the stampade at Central Park :)

Walk a lot, exercise more

Have you tried hatching the eggs in Pokemon Go? 
They have choices of 2, 5 and 10 km walk in order to hatch those eggs and be rewarded with some pokemons, including the rare ones. 

Thanks to this game, we walk a lot and exercise more!
Every morning, during the summer break and now on weekends, my kids will eagerly wake us up and take us to Astoria Park. One hour morning walk and we feel super fresh plus get more and more pokemons. 

Occasionally,  we spend some times in Central Park and join the stampede :).
Boy..look at all those Pokemons you have in there. 
We use this additional digital map, Poke Alert,  showing the type of Pokemon you'll find in one particular spot plus the remaining time they are there. It's very handy indeed. 
Once we have one player saying that there is one particular or rare pokemon, like Gyarados, Snorlax, or Pikachu, the next thing I know, everyone is rushing to that sighting place and try to catch it! 

Well, with all the walks, plus running sometimes, and the excitement of catching the additional collection to our Pokedex, I can call it a great cardio!

Pokemon stampede in NYC

New friends, practice english

For us, non-English speaking people, playing pokemon proves to get us new friends while chasing pokemons and practice our English in fun way.  For my kids, it's good for practicing English as well, particularly the spelling! Hearing them spelling Gyarados, Polliwag,  Aerodactyl, or even Abra. See...there are many fun ways to learn English with Pokemon Go.

Have fun

And the most important thing is let's have so much fun.
For us, the FUN is when you share the joy of what we have with the loved ones.

So, that's our little note on Pokemon Go. 
How about you? 
Do you like Pokemon Go as well? What's your story?