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Lovely Stay at NH Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuba

Lovely Stay at NH Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuba

Hi everyone

Welcoming August, my birth month, I am still sharing the joy of my trip to Havana, Cuba. As I have warned you before, I still have so much to share indeed.

After writing about Hotel Nacional de Cuba , Floridita Cafe, Obispo Area, Santa Maria del Mare beach and Museo de la Revolucion as well as Mesquita Abdallah in Havana, Cuba, I now have NH Capri Hotel to share with you.

For our 4-day-3 night trip to Havana, Cuba from New York City, we decided to stay at NH Capri Hotel. The hotel is strategically located  I love this place because it is not far from many interesting landmarks in the area, including the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the famous promenade Maleçon where we can enjoy the lovely view of Havana Bay.

Frankly, before flying to Cuba we read a lot of references and tips & tricks from other fellow travelers. Many have suggested some things, including the importance to choose the right hotel, the special international currency for tourists, as well as the fact that we might need to bring some basic supplies, like toilet papers, because simple things like that can be very rare and expensive. It all is caused by the prolonged embargo by one of their immediate neighboring countries. I did read it with mixed feelings, between not (or perhaps cannot) believe it and do not want to take any risks. So, we did bring enough supplies for our stay.

Welcome to NH Capri Havana

Well, as we arrived in Jose Marti International airport and went to the hotel directly, we were happy that we made the right choice. We really wanted to stay in Hotel Nacional de Cuba nut as it's the biggest hotel in the country and very famous as well as historical, the room rate is also fantastic. We prefer to use the money for other experience, like our Salsa class and walking tour with the local guide.

So, when we arrived, we waited at the lobby and the check in was very smooth. NH Capri is part of NH Hotel chain adn as I have used their services many times while in Europe, I know they have a good standard and affordable prices as well. 

the sleek, elegant lobby

They had everything ready and we just have to wait for a while. The hotel is nice although it is not that big or 'modern'. I am not saying it's a classic hotel but more like an art-deco one. 

In the lobby, they also have the cigar corner, where you can get many brands of famous cigars here. Perfect for souvenir! They have this small corner selling all those famous cigars, which we have put on our long list from our NYC bosses and colleagues LOL. So it immediately attracted our attention and we certainly bought some. Speaking about impulsive buying.

When we get to the room, we now that hotel's facilities are nice. 

The room is lovely and clean, not too spacious but it's enough for 2 people staying comfortably. I have no issues with the bed, linens and the pillows, which are crucial indeed.

The amenities are complete, like NH Hotel standard. It has free shampoo, conditioner and the bath gel. You also get free tooth brush, lotion, shower cap and tissues. We also have bathrobe and slippers. So, the amenities is complete.
The bed is comfy. The pillows are nice as well. 

The room is beautifully decorated in mint color. It is very cool and calming. 
And we had free wine, as a welcome gift for us! Not to mention free coffee, tea, and water bottles. 

The staff is very friendly and they are very helpful indeed. It has pool, rooftop and the breakfast is nice. I do enjoy the warm food they have for breakfast as well. 

the pool is packed!

in front of the hotel, there will always be classic, beautiful taxi is waiting

We spent around USD 360 for 3 nights of deluxe room with breakfast for 2 people. Not bad at all! It is only 5 minutes walk to the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba and 10 minutes to Maleçon, where you can take pictures with the big Cuba sign on the hill.

I flew to Havana from New York City, using direct flight from Jet Blue. The flight was smooth and at that time, really packed with tourists like us. 

Here's my little video about our trip to Havana, Cuba, day 1!

Obviously, since our trip was taken in 2018, we stayed here before the pandemic hit the country and the world. So, I guess a lot of arrangement are changing nowadays. But that's my little review of our lovely stay at NH Capri Hotel, Havana, Cuba. 

Will you stay here as well if visiting Havana, Cuba? Tell me what you think about the hotel and what will you do if you visited Havana, Cuba!

Cheers and stay save, happy and healthy, everyone!

WW: Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

 I do have a soft spot for museums.

This hobby of mine is definitely developed when I lived in New York City, as this city is simply bustling with world class museum

Whenever I travel, I try to sneak a visit to local museum in my itinerary. Every country will always have its signature museums or at least one national museum. When I visited Havana, Cuba, I spent some time at Museo de la Revolucion or the museum of the revolution. This museum is indeed a living history of the journey Cuba as a nation.

Besides the fascinating stories about the revolutionary period of Cuba, which highlights the significant roles of Fidel Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, this museum is located in a grand building with magnificent architecture.

As we came here straight from Santa Del Maria beach, we were a bit tired in the beginning. But then, as we arrived in this lovely museum, we spent at least 2.5 hours exploring this place and adoring its details as well as abundant information and history it displays.

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
the photo of the fascinating ceiling!

Here are some photos I took during my visit.

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
Me and Che in the background... fascinating stories about him indeed

Check out these photos and tell me what you think.

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
all the photos and stories are very informative

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
even mini - me enjoyed the visit to Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
one of the beautiful rooms in the museum

Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba
Look at the marble stairs, the elegant columns, chandelier, and the facade at Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba

The three musketeers ..

Quite a display indeed and I guess many will definitely visit this place. As I said, we spent quite sometimes here and admired every single details they have in this museum.

Check out more story about Museo de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba here.

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Floridita Restaurant and Bar, Havana, Cuba - Home of Daiquiri

Shall we continue our fun, virtual trip to Havana, Cuba? 

Come and join me here and let's go to Floridita Restaurant and Bar, Havana, Cuba - Home of Daiquiri! 

Maybe many of you have been to Havana, Cuba before and stopped by at this lovely place as well. But some are probably not yet have the chance to come and visit, or even tried Daiquiri before.

Mungkin ada teman - teman yang sudah pernah mampir ke kota Havana, Kuba, sebelumnya. Biasanya, kalau berkesempatan mampir ke Havana, banyak yang mampir ke restoran dan bar yang terkenal karena minuman khas yang diciptakan di sini, Daiquiri. Tapi kalau belum pernah, atau juga belum tahu apa itu Daiquiri, mari kita simak ceritanya di sini.

Floridita Restaurant and Bar, Havana, Cuba

To those who had a chance to come and visit Havana, they might be strongly advise to visit Floridita Restaurant & Bar. Not only that it is uniquely known as the original home of Daiquiri, but also because Ernest Hemingway, one of the famous American novelists, who spent his life for around 10 years in Cuba, was a regular here. This restaurant is being well-known as one of his favorite hangouts, it has his life - size bronze statue on Hemingway’s corner. 

But besides that, the interior design of the restaurant is also beautiful. Its classic murals depicting incredible view of Cuba as well as elegant upholstery and accents make you feel comfortable dining or hanging around here. Not to mention delicious food they serve here, along with the refreshments.

When we first passed this lovely pink restaurant, my dear friend Erma and I just started our walking tour + salsa class session. That was on the second day of our visit to Havana, Cuba. As our tour already included lunch in the local restaurant, we planned to come back here again on the next day. As it is situated in a popular area of Obispo calle, you will see many antique cars in various make, colors and types. Interesting to watch indeed.

When we first passed this lovely pink restaurant, my dear friend Erma and I just started our walking tour + salsa class session. That was on the second day of our visit to Havana, Cuba. As our tour already included lunch in the local restaurant, we planned to come back here again on the next day. Besides, we had to walk around the old square or Plaza Vieja, and there are so many things we had in our itinerary, including having salsa dancing class. Yeaaah! 

As it is situated in a popular area of Obispo calle, you will see many antique cars in various make, colors and types. Interesting to watch indeed. Before I share more, let’s enjoy some of these photos first.

Floridita is also known as ‘la cuna del daiquiri’ or the cradle of Daiquiri. Here’s the famous bar, initially open back in 1817. It was used to be called La Piña de Plata and still famous till now. As you can see in the photos below, the bar is very vibrant indeed. The bartenders and the waitresses are very friendly indeed! The statue of Ernest Hemingway is located in one of the corners near the bar. It was a long queue when I tried to get there so I didn’t really go near.

Busy bar.. this is before the pandemic, though

When we came here for our late lunch (I was super hungry at that time), after visiting Santa Maria Del Mare beach and Musee de la Revolucion, this place was packed, especially the bar. Well, we came here before the pandemic so you can imagine many tourists were flocking at the same time.

As you can see, the bar is very festive! Big mural in the background showing pictures of sceneries from the past, with majestic ship sailing in the bay. It was busy and vibrant, with a lot of happy chatters and giggles when we arrived. Some were even dancing to the music being played in the background. Again, the waitresses were very bubbly and smiley. 

The cradle of the Daiquiri

At one corner, you can see a special stand selling merchandise of this famous restaurant, like t-shirts, aprons, glasses, mugs, ashtray and more. Perfect for those collecting memorabilias.

As for the dining room, as I mentioned above, you will be transported back to the golden era of the 40's and the 50's. Big round tables with comfy chairs for family or group as well as table for two are available. 

the ambience of the restaurant

the busy bar seen from the dining room

the menu... noce the Gran Plate Hemingway? His favorite!

it has soups and entries as well


How about the famous Daiquiri?
Let’s see how it looks!
Looking fresh indeed right.. no wonder this is one of the all-time favorite beverages of the Cubans and many others. With hot and humid weather Cuba, this drink will be perfect.


Daiquiri itself is originally a cocktail, composed of rum, lime juice (or any fresh juice.. and I chose strawberries. Super fresh!) and super fine sugar. As it originally has alcohol on it, good thing is you can still order the ‘virgin’ one or the one without the alcohol. That’s what I got here 💜.

The original Daiquiri (the white one) and the virgin one 

Of course besides Daiquiri, they have other choices of  food and beverages as well. Don’t worry.. they also have many non-alcoholic drinks for us to choose, like soft drinks, juice and shakes. 


Can you guess what we ordered?  For sure I ordered the soup and I chose the Sopa Noche de Paris. Soup of the night in Paris! Sounds very intriguing right. It is basically broth with onion, cheese and baguette on the side.

delicious salad with fresh dressing and veggies

For sure, Erma and I really enjoyed our food and drink after spending some times on the beach and in the museum. As we walked out, we joined other visitors who were dancing in circles. What a day indeed!

Well that was one fine afternoon we had in Havana, Cuba. Enjoying fine dining in such a vibrant and historical place surely becomes one of my unforgettable experience. As we continued walking around the area, we found more attractive alleys and friendly people. 

And the story is to be continued..

WW: Mezquita Abdallah - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

Mezquita Addallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

Welcome back to Havana, Cuba, with me,

I certainly have so much to share and many photos as well as stories are still neatly waited in in my hard disk. This time, I will take this opportunity to share some photos I took from Mezquita Abdallah or Abdallah Mosque, - masjid Abdallah, which is situated in the heart of Havana, Cuba. 

Mezquita Abdallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba, was inaugurated in June, 17, 2015.

I was looking for the mosque or the praying area for moslems during my trip. Although as a traveler or musafir, I have special arrangement in doing my prayers by combining  and shortening 2 prayers in one praying time. But as you know, when we travel, we tend to go the whole day so I still need to find a proper place to pray so I won't miss it. 

Mezquita Abdallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

I was so happy, - and a bit surprised, when I found out that there is this beautiful mosque there waiting for me all other moslem brothers and sisters. Not far from the Obispo area, you will find this mosque near the Casa del Arabe.  I came here to pray dzuhur and ashr, those are the ones in afternoon and late afternoon. I brought my own praying gown for ladies or mukena. 

mini me and and I at the mosque.. with beautiful calligraphy 

I do love the interior of the mosque. It is not too big but spacious enough and comfortable for you to pray. The ablution corner is inside and they also provide El Coran or the Holy Koran if you want to recite it. You will see beautiful ceilings, lovely ceramic on the wall and lovely carpets for the praying mats. Wonderful calligraphy are adorning the walls beautiful. I feel so peaceful and happy to be here.

The praying area at Mezquita Abdallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

Al - Quran, the Holy Koran or El Coran in Spanish

inaugurated in 2015 
The mosque was inaugurated in June 17, 2015, at the beginning of Holy Ramadhan 1436 H. When I came here for praying, the brothers and sisters there were very friendly and they asked where I was originated from. When I said Indonesia, not all of them directly recognized it. But they know that Indonesia is the country with the most moslem population in the world and they are familiar with Soekarno, our first President and the Non - Aligned Movement he initiated, as well as the beautiful Bali. They said it is far faraway from Cuba. Indeed it is. Interesting, right!

So, that's another little story I have from my trip to Cuba. Surely will be back with more stories.

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