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Hi everyone... how's the second week of January treating you?

The whole nation is mourning due to the tragic incident of Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 in the Thousand Islands area near Jakarta. 62 crews and passengers perished in this accident. The evacuation is still undergoing now and the FDR or the black box has been recovered. May all the deceased rest in peace... Innalillahi wainaillaihi rojiuun.

Work wise, we continue with the program in my department. There are so many adjustment as we have restructuring of budget due to the process of vaccination across the country. National health security is indeed the top priority and the state's budget as well as policies will focus on that. Our Minister has officially released the annual press statement outline all the achievements in 2020 as well as our priorities in 2021. Well, we all need to focus on the safety of the people and measures to handle the damaging impacts of the pandemic to the societies, be it in the economic sector and others. Now that the vaccines are available, hope we can manage the pandemic better!

Jakarta and Indonesia in general is entering the rainy season now. We do have a few disasters in some areas but hopefully it won't be too many. During this time, we have to be extremely careful with our health. Hopefully all of us can stay safe and healthy, wherever we are.

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  1. Such tragic news.

    Praying for the victims and families of Sriwijaya Air SJ 182.

    Have a great weekend, Indah!

  2. Makin optimis pandemi covid-19 akan segera berakhir. dan berharap banget, semoga bencana alam yang terjadi belakangan ini segera teratasi, serta tidak adanya lagi musibah berupa kecelakaan pesawat dan lainnya. Aamiin.
    Iyup mbak Indah, stay safe dan stay healthy juga ya buat Mbak Indah dan keluarga.

  3. Aamiin. Semoga dengan keadaan cuaca di Indonesia yang sedang berada di musim penghujan, semua baik-baik saja. Semoga yang diberikan musibah banjir di beberapa tempat diberikan kekuatan dan diberikan kemudahan mendapatkan solusi. Sedih, awal tahun dibuka dengan berita yang mengurai air mata.

  4. masih dengan perasaan nggak enak, mbak, karena bencana terus datang. sedih banget sebetulnya huhu semoga kita bisa bergandengan tangan bersama

  5. Inalilahiwainailaihirojiun, semoga dikuatkan keluarga yang ditinggalkan dan tabah. Aamiin. Hidup, dan mati Allah yang tentukan. Mendoakan yang terbaik.

  6. Berita duka di awal tahun memang nyess banget rasanya ya mba. Semoga kita sekeluarga dilindungi oleh Allah SWT dimanapun kita berada. Sehat dan bahagia selalu ya kak.

  7. It's so funny how all kids draw the sky blue. It's yellow here. Very pretty!

  8. Semoga diberikan ketabahan dan kekuatan bagi kelurga yang ditinggalkan. Tuhan pasti punya rencana indah.


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