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Welcome (back) to Bali 

I am welcoming myself to Bali.  Again! 
Ramadhan is entering the second week and how grateful I am to be given the strength and perseverance to continue observing this incredible holy month together with my family, My mom and niece are also living with me in the last 12 months and we do fasting together. For me it's a luxury to have my mom with me while we are still in Indonesia. I guess I will stay at home until the end of the year. That will probably the best choice for now during the pandemic and my hubby and I would definitely spend more time with our parents whenever we can. The issue with assignment abroad is sometimes being separated from our loved ones indeed, so when we are still in Indonesia, we tend to spend more times with our parents and big families. 

Sunrise at Conrad Bali

Well, this pandemic doesn't make things easier for sure so we have to ensure the health protocol is well observed before we can meet our parents. 

Anyway, speaking of Bali, this time I had back - to back meetings in Uluwatu and in Tanjung Benoa, South Kuta. The meetings were followed by short visit to villages listed as resilient village against disasters as well as the one with law and human rights services in their local system. It is very interesting to meet those officials and see how their villages and the communities respond to the necessary sets of skills, knowledge and good practices on dealing with disasters as well as issues related to the promotion and protection of human rights. I do learn a lot from them. So many beautiful local wisdom that can definitely be showcased here. 

In addition, it is always be great to go back to Bali. For whatever reason!

Happy me in Bali

And now, it's time for Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends. Join us!

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  1. Suasana Bali saat pandemi seperti apa, Mbak? Katanya bener-bener sepi, ya?

  2. Sejauh apapun kaki melangkah tetap bali paling cantik. Tetap menerapkan protokoler kesehatan agar bisa jalan jalan terus

  3. Whoaa, senang banget bulan Ramadan ada Ibu yg tinggal bareng di rumah ya mba
    Selamat menjalankan ibadah di bulan suci ini ya
    sehaatt sehaattt

  4. Selamat berpuasa Mbak Indah ... senangnya menjalankan puasa bersama ibunda. Semoga sehat selalu sekeluarga ^__^

  5. Semenjak pandemi sempet sedih melihat Bali yg bener2 sepi. Tapi untungnya sekarang mulai rame lg ya, mbak. Tp harus tetap menjaga prokes.
    Aku selalu kangen dengan suasana Bali, apa lagi dengan sunset nya ��

  6. Senengnya yang bisa berkumpul sama keluarga dan ibu pulaak, mumpung lagi ada di Indonesia ya Maak. Kangen2an berkumpul.
    Btw, senengnya juga yang kembai bertugas ke Bali, tetep jaga kesehatan ya Mak.

  7. Ramadan adalah waktu terbaik berkumpul bersama keluarga tercinta yaa, Mba. Menikmati waktu-wakktu sahur dan berbuka puasa bersama keluarga tercinta itu nikmatnya tak terkira

  8. Selamat bertugas, kak Indah.
    Menikmati keindahan dan keistimewaan Bali memang tidak ada habisnya yaah..

  9. Wah seneng banget Mba meetingnya di Bali jadi bisa sekalian traveling nih hehe.... ALhamdulillah bersyukur banget nih pastinya :D

  10. Saya pernah gak ya menjalankan puasa di Bali? Hmm kayaknya pernah pas motoran bareng anak dan suami ke sana, dari Lombok. Met puasa, mbak Indah~

  11. Wow langit biru Bali yang dirindukan, udah lama banget gak ke Bali, terakhir tahun 2013 sama suami. Sekarang punya anak dua, mungkin sudah waktunya menjadwalkan ulang perjalanan ke Bali bareng anak-anak.

  12. Kangen banget sama Bali, semoga pandemi segera berakhir supaya bisa jalan-jalan ke Bali lagi.

  13. I need more info about resilient village against disasters, mbak...
    It's interesting since i work in NGO!

  14. Wah mama Bo udah dari Bali lagi aja ya tugasnya. Kali ini sendiri ya mbak gak sama keluarga

  15. Bali sangat luas dan aku pun belum banyak yang dieksplor mbak. Apalagi dah lama sekali gak ke sana, makin banyak lokasi wisata baru yang pastinya menarik untuk dikunjungi.
    Entah knp ada suatu masa aku malah pengen tinggal di sana deket sawah hehe

  16. wah asik yaa ke bali lagi mbaa.. aku abis ngobrol sama temenku yang di bali katanya di sana orang2 umum sudah pada divaksin buat mempersiapkan kebangkitan pariwisata bali. semoga aja bisa cepat merata yaa dan kita bisa bangkit sama-sama

  17. Seru banget emang suasana di Bali ya kak tapi aku kurang nyaman karena sulit menemukan mushola disana.

  18. waah sudah di bali lagi,apapun alasannya mengunjungi Bali itu selalu menyenangkan..


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