Wonderful stay at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung

Welcome back to Bandung

Visiting Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province, is always lovely. Whenever we had the opportunity to come and visit this wonderful place,  we try to get lovely place to stay as well. From our last trip, Pullman Grand Central Bandung is one of the lovely places we would love to try. So, let's walk through with me to review this premise.

Welcome to Pullman Grand Central Bandung!

Firstly, I love the fact that this hotel is perfectly located near Gedung Sate, Gasibu Field and the center of Bandung. It is indeed a prime location to those who want to stay in Bandung for a short period of time or even longer. It is easy to reach this place as well, particularly if you drive from Jakarta or anywhere else using the highway because the hotel is not far from the famous Pasopati bridge and highway.

The premise is certified CHSE safe and health protocol is carefully placed. When we arrived, we had our body temperature checked with the machine (so touchless and way safer I believe) and wash our hands or use the hand sanitizers immediately before entering the building.

Such a welcoming lobby 

Once you stepped into the building, you will definitely love the lobby area. Well, I love it indeed. It is very elegant and for sure beautiful. The sofas are comfortable, the chandelier is beautiful, the distancing space is maintained, and the area is thoroughly cleaned.

The room is nice and spacious. 

It is also carefully and thoroughly sanitized. 

Inside the room, you will have hygiene kit which has hand sanitizer and wipes. It is handy.

here's the Hygiene Set

I love the bed and the pillows which is super comfortable. The amenities are complete and it has extra things such as emery board, shower cap, shaving kit, and other. Free Nescafe coffee, Dilmah teas, sugar, and cream are available as you have coffee machine and water boiler as well. They even provide dumbells and yoga mat for your exercise! They have robes, scale and hair dryer as well. Complete indeed. So, you do have the comfort of home. Let's take a look at the photos we took in the room.

Food is great as well here. We really enjoyed the menu selection they have here. 

I love the breakfast, lunch and dinner here. It has various menus like Indonesian traditional food, even Bandungnese delicacies and famous munchies, Western food, as well as desserts like ice creams and cakes. They have noodles corner, live BBQ corner serving satay, and more. We managed to try them all here. They also serve shaum during Ramadhan since we did our first shaum or breakfast before the sunrise here as well.

Here are some of the photos I took in the dining area. 

Food at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung

Food at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung

Food at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung

Food at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung
Ice cream time...

The decoration in the dining room
the decoration on the dining room 

The hotel has T-Box cafe as well and I really love seeing the decor here. So beautiful, elegant yet homy!

As for the pool and public areas such as kids' zone and teen activity center, you can use the pool and fitness center after booking it. They strictly manage the numbers of the people in the public area during the pandemic. The kids and teens' fun zones are closed, as well as the spa. The pool is not that big but it is enough to have a healthy round of swimming, so we can still enjoy it. I didn't get a chance to try the fitness center but I saw it has many equipments in the room.

Pool at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung
I love the pool 

only 1.2 m

Pool at Pullman Hotel Grand Central Bandung
happy me after cold swimming

The hotel is also disability friendly. There are ramps and assistance to those having reduced mobility.

Its strategic location is really a plus point so we can easily explore the area. It's not far from Jl. Riau for stretches of Factory Outlets and many cool cafes and eateries in Bandung. If only I had more time to explore them all!

Too bad I didn't get a chance to go to the rooftop cafe in this hotel and I will be more than happy to go back here again.

So, that's our little review on this lovely place. We highly recommend this place and happy to go back. 


  1. wah, kamar mandinya keren dan nyaman banget.. peralatannya juga lengkap :D

  2. Nyaman banget ya tempatnya,
    Cocok nih buat nginep kalau pas lagi travel ke bandung

  3. Oh my goodness. This is one of the best hotels you've shared. It is so luxurious. I love the little bags with the q-tips and other items are in. Thank you for sharing and for co-hosting at #omhgww. Socialized.

  4. As usual, a bautiful place. I really like how all your venues are sanitized. And the food looks deliscious. Thanks for co-hosting and sharing with #omhgww.


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