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September is reaching the end.

I am so proud that we somehow managed to accomplish so many things in terms of work as well as personal schedules. For those who have been following my blog and my story, I am still in the middle of the preparation of my next assignments. So many things to do, so little time! Let alone the pandemic that keep us restrained in so many aspects. 

Indah Nuria Savitri at UN Headquarters
Me at UNHQ at the UNGA in 2018

I do notice that whenever I have to embark on a new adventure (read: work assignment) in a new place, I keep jotting down many beautiful places in Indonesia that my family and I HAVE NOT yet visited or explored. Well, it's always like that, unfortunately. And it works both sides as well, I mean I feel like I have so much to do when I have to repack and head back home from the post I have abroad. 

UN Headquarters NYC

Memang waktu kerap mengingatkan kita akan banyaknya hal penting (tempat cantik) yang beum sempat kila lakukan (atau singgahi). Terus terang, sebelum pandemi mendera dunia, aku merasa waktu berjalan begitu cepat. Dua tahun berada di tanah air sejak kepulang dari New York City di bulan Agustus 2018 berlalu dengan cepat, di antara urusan keluarga, pekerjaan dan jadwal perjalanan yang aku lakukan sepanjang tahun. Hingga COVID-19 datang dan membuat kita semua pause, berhenti sejenak dari berbagai kesibukan ataupun ritme hidup yang sebelumnya dijalani. Kalau boleh jujur, aku menikmati 'break' yang disebabkan oleh pandemi (tapi tidak menikmati virus dan penyebarannya serta dampaknya yang luar biasa) meskipun aku tentu saja merindukan perjalanan seru yang dilakukan sambil menjelajahi tanah air dan juga dunia. New normal tidak lagi semenakutkan atau membuat khawatir seperti di awal pandemi, meskipun sampai sekarang tetap saja aku kerap merindukan masa - masa sebelum pandemi. Well, intinya memang manusia diberi kemampuan oleh beradaptasi dan melakukan perubahan yang dibutuhkan untuk bertahan hidup. So here we are ... yang penting kita selalu bersyukur dan minta diberikan kekuatan oleh Yang Kuasa untuk menghadapi semua ini. Semangat!

Now, Jakarta is in better condition in terms of COVID-19. We started to go to the mall using a specially-designed application showing the status of our vaccination and tests. In many malls, you can only get in if you have been vaccinated at least once. Well, it's a good 'filter' in a way to ensure people are not flocking in particular areas at particular time.

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  1. We got passports to leave the country. But Covid is in the way. Have fun planning.


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