Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Hope everyone is well and here comes another round of Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends. 

It has been another solemn week of Ramadhan for me and my family, with virtual as well as hybrid meetings in between. For sure I have done 2 extra antigen rapid tests and 1 PCR to ensue that I am well and fit before and after meetings. With the new variant of viruses and how infection spread even faster, we take a lot of precautions. Even for the Eid al - Fitr, we are prohibited from making trips back home or what we warmly call home coming. Usually, days before the end of Ramadhan, we will be traveling back home and ready to spend the victory day with the family and your loved ones. But then I guess with the latest development of cases developing in India and other countries as well, it is for the benefit of us all that we stay at home and reduce mobility. Lebaran Day will be as solemn and victorious as it can be without us gathering in big crowds or making some trips. We have seen how the cases in India get worse and worse and I believe we all have to learn from it.

Anyway, all of us at home is happily continuing our Ramadhan. The kids are so used to it and it's always comfortable to celebrate Ramadhan at home. The kids have finished their online classes and only getting some exercises through Google Classroom. They help us clean the house, cook and bake, and take care of the kittens. We have been cooking a lot at home and/or receiving food hampers from friends.

Ow, have I mentioned that we have 3 new kittens? Let me introduced you to PJ, Ink and Yellow. All of them are super cute indeed!

Cheers from Cemong, Yellow, PJ and ink somewhere there LOL

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Beautiful cupcakes in purple and teal frosting from my dearest friends

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  1. menyambut hari kemenangan tahun ini kita rayakan bareng keluarga aja di rumah ya mba, quality time bareng. gak usah mudik demi mengurangi penyebaran virus covid. untuk silahturahmi bisa kita lakukan secara online aja..

  2. cupcake ungunya kenapa jadi pengen bikin aku nyomot satu untuk aku coba ya mba. Hehhe. Have a good day mba :)

  3. Mbaaaa bayi kucing-nya lucu amaaatt
    kapan2 plis dipoto tampak muka imutnya ya mbaaa :D
    *sesama cat lovers nih*

  4. Iih gemash sama bayi kucingnya. Meskipun lebaran kali ini tanpa mudik lagi, semoga keberkahan yang kita harapkan di bulan Syawal nanti bisa menjadi kenyataan ya Mbak Indah.

  5. Haloo PJ, Ink, Yellow ... mau lihat wajah2nya dong :)
    Cupcakes-nya itu ... kok ungunya cantik yaa :)

  6. yaampuun kucingnya gemes bangeet pada nenen emaknya haha aku juga kepengen pelihara kucing lagi tapi suamiku ga suka banget nih ama kucing wkwk aku ama anak2ku sukaa padahal

  7. Keren banget! Nge-blog pakai bahasa Inggris. Aku yang TOEFL nya pas-pasan kudu baca berulang kali supaya paham. Wkwk.

    Btw, asyik kali ya kalau bisa join di Weekly Link Party. Bisa bertemu dengan Blogger hebat seperti, Mbak. Hehe

  8. Aku gagal pokus sama anak2 kucing ituu meni lalucuuu, menggemaskan.
    JAdi punya mainannih anak2.
    Eh, anakku juga asik banget Ramadhan di rumah aja, sibuk dengan dunianya sendiri, dan ga berasa hari terakhir inii.

  9. Selamat lebaran dan liburan, Mbak Indah sekeluarga. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

  10. Alhamdulillah, mendekati lebaran...tetap seru di rumah aja walau gak bisa pulkam yaa, kak Indah.
    Semoga virtual meeting bisa mengobati walau tidak sempurna. Yang penting sehat-sehat semua.

  11. Ya ampun, 3 anak kucingnya lucu-lucu banget sih mba Indah, lagi nyusu di induknya, sehat-sehat semuanya

  12. Wooww... mpusnya lucu-lucu, bulunya dominan warna kuning dan hitam yaaa... Gemes deh, jadi ingat jaman kecilku dulu punya banyak kucing. Sekarang sih udah enggak.

  13. Ramadan udah mau berakhir, nih. Benar2 berkesan, ya. Apa lagi dapat hantaran cupcake cantik, tuh.

  14. Diy project dan craftnya kusukaaa, ngasi ide buat bebikininan di rumah ngisi libur lebaran biar ga bosan

  15. Sekalipun pandemi masih ada tetapi kita masih bisa menikmati Ramadan dan idul fitri dengan bahagia ya mba. Semoga pandemi ini segera berakhir, amin ya rabbal alamin.


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