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Welcome back!

April is kicking in and boy, I have 'spring' blooming in my office in terms of works LOL. Many of my friends, particularly whose who live abroad, are enjoying spring now. All those bursts of colors! I love it. And I have to say is that I do miss enjoying spring abroad. 

Meanwhile, I almost flew to Kupang, the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara, as well as Rote Island in the surrounding area, on last Sunday. We have got everything ready,- the antigen test, the issued ticket, all the programs and nitty gritty of conducting our program there. Then disasters struck! Cyclone storm, flood and landslides hit Kupang, Rote and the surrounding city. All our prayers for the victims and hope everything will soon be back to normal. We cancelled our flight on early morning Monday and thank god we still have His protection from all these natural disasters. I cannot imagine what would have happened if we continued our journey there! Merci ya Rabb!

I am back to the office and as much as I enjoy it, I do get overwhelmed with the works. One of our team members is taking her maternity leave and the other one is joining a compulsory training as well. With me having my office on et off between my own leadership program, things can be a bit complicated. Yet, we have all the deadlines and we will have to find the way to work on it. I have reports due in June (and it's a big report indeed with a lot of negotiations and awareness raising programs) and more coming in between. We might have to make some traveling during the Ramadhan. Again, wish us luck!

Jakarta has been nice and cool 

We are also blessed to be able to welcome Ramadhan soon. What a special month it will be and I sincerely hope we will have all His blessings and repentance in this holy month. We are getting ready for the fasting month and gearing up our faith and perseverance. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Meanwhile, let's join me on Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends. Have fun joining the link party!

Have a great week, Happy Spring!

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  1. Thank you so much, Indah, for choosing my article on Creativity as your favorite feature this week! Your really made my day and I appreciate your thoughtfulness SO much!

    My Friendship Friday Party at Create With Joy just went live. I hope you will come and join the fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  2. Alhamdulillah, you're still have His protection from all East Nusa Tenggara's natural disasters, Mbak Indah.Wish you luck for your next journey!

  3. Ngakak saya. Ternyata musim semi di indonesia beda, ya. Yang bersemi adalah pekerjaan hehehe...

  4. ha haaa oh yeaaah mbak Indah, for few, after a long winter, spring flowers are like endorphins made visible

    For spring season, although in Indonesia it's always spring, you can try put the gerberras at ur lovely desk

    These pretty flowers symbolize innocence, beauty, and purity. They come in a variety of colors and are often used to create feng shui throughout a house!

  5. Wah, suatu pengalaman yang sungguh di luar dugaan pasti ya mba
    Jika saat itu jadi berangkat ke NTT bukan tidak mungkin terjebak pada situasi memilukan terakhir belakangan
    Semoga kesempatan lain yang lebih baik akan datang

  6. Wah, Mbak Indah ternyata ada rencana mau ke NTT untunglah masih dilindungi yah mbaaak. Semoga sehat terus semuanya menyambut musim semi yaaah. Di Indonesia sih masih musim hujan kayaknya hehe

  7. Through all those your Wednesday party articles, I can enjoy the difference circumstance that i can't found on Indonesia. Love it ❤️

  8. Alhamdulillah, dilindungi Allah ya Mbak Indah, belum sempat terbang dan berada di NTT. Sedih banget atas musibah yang menimpa saudara-saudara kita di sana. Maaf lahir batin ya..

  9. Saya hidup di pegunungan mak indah, nggak tau tuh gimana rasanya musim semi kayak diluar negeri tapi seringnya liat pemandangan hijau hhehehhe

  10. haha bisa saja mbak indah
    pengertian musim semi yg berbeda ya mbak
    gpp mbak, klo pekerjaan bersemi biasnaya pendapatan ikut bersemi, hehe

  11. suasana saat ini terasa lebih baik setiap harinya ya mbak.. tentunya berkat positif mind dari diri sendiri untuk menjalani hari demi hari seperti yang telah dilakukan mba indah selama ini..

  12. Terakhir kali ke Kupang kalau gak salah tahun 2009nan, ya ampun dah lama banget heuheu, diajak temen kantor yang tugas di site muter2 sampai kulit gosong hehe, apakah msh sepanas dulu ya....
    Duh iya moga saudara2 kita yang di NTT segera bangkit kembali aamiin
    Selamat menyambut ramadan juga mbak Insav semoga kita semua diberi kemudahan menjalankan ibadah aamiin

  13. Stay healthy mba Indah, ditengah kesibukan pekerjaan kantor yang ngga ada habisnya plus harus back up teman yang sedang cuti.

    Semoga planning holiday bisa kesampaian
    Salfok sama lokasi pool diatas. Ketje mbaa

  14. Ya Allah, mbak ... alhamdulillah belum berangkat ke NTT ya. Begini ini rezeki sehat yang tak terkira.
    Selamat bekerja dan semoga dimudahkan untuk report in June

  15. Ramadhan tinggal.hitungan hari ya mba...happy fasting semoga ramadhan membawa keberkahan untuk kita semua

  16. Alhamdulillah mbak Indah tidak jadi ke NTT, deg-degan waktu baca yang ini soalnya. Semoga semuanya segera pulih ya, Saudara-saudara kita di NTT juga diberi ketabahan menghadapi semuanya.

  17. Alhamdulillah mbaaa indah bisa bertemu dengan Ramadhan semoga selalu sehat dan lancar dalam setiap pekerjaannya ya mbaa


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