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Hi everyone..

Allow me to extend my warmest greetings to all of you and I sincerely hope you all are well.

I am entering the third week of my national leadership program or PKN II, Pelatihan Kepemimpinan Nasional tingkat II and it has been quite rigorous yet enriching at the same time. I found some materials on personal mastery and strategic management interesting and pretty much applicable, especially during this unprecedented time of the pandemic. I learn more about taking control of my own self and lead others in friendlier, more effective and efficient way. I jotted down my weaknesses and my doubts, while at the same time noting my strength. We were reintroduced with many analytical tools that we are very much familiar with, like SWOT, SOAR, SCOPE, SCORE and Business Canvas as well as design thinking and try to implement them in various simulations in the class.

As we have offline class with strict health protocol, I have done 3 rapid test in the course of 10 day. Well, it was a lot but it is for the benefit of us all. And I am glad to know that none of the participants in the class were contracted with COVID - 19. Hopefully we will always be safe and sound.

Let's do the test..

I met many new friends as well, coming from different ministries and institutions, including provincial governments. They are fun to be with indeed, online and offline LOL. Of 60 participants, only 9 of them are women, so we are very proud to be part of the program and I believe we will have more and more women joining the program. 

So, in the next 3 months, I will have the melange of office works and this training, I will have to work on the final project and wish me luck! Now, let's join me on Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls, and Friends. All those cool links are waiting for you!

Welcome back..

Welcome to OMHGWW
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  1. Lucky you mba termasuk 1 dari 9 wanita disana yaa dengan total 60 peserta. Sukses terus mbaa

  2. Wah senangnya bisa bertemu teman baru dan bertumbuh bersama ya bun. Mantap juga biar offline protokolnya ketat sampai rapid 3 kali hehehe. Tetap sehat ya semua!

  3. selalu suka sama stylenya mbak Indah :) btw sehat selalu ya mbak indah walau nanti sudah mulai beraktifitas normal kembali

  4. Protokol kesehatan memang tetap harus dijalankan krn pandemi belum berakhir.
    Foto paling atas itu para peserta ceweknya ya Mama Bo, eh kurang satu orang ya, di situ cuma 8 orang.

  5. Semangat selalu Mba Indah :D
    Asyiknya bisa ketemu banyak teman-teman ya, semoga lancar dan sukses hingga finish semuanya :)

  6. btw mbak, kapan2 boleh bikin postingan tentang fashionnya? biasa bei di mana dan share foto2 pas dipakenya? soalnya keren2, apalagi batik2 nya

  7. Wah sedang ikut PKN II ya mba..semoga sukses selalu, baik di pelatihan ini maupun di jenjang karir selanjutnya.. Aamiin..

  8. Oh I'm so honoured!! Thank you so much for featuring me!!! YOu know how much I love reading all your interesting posts- I learn so much from you xx

  9. Yeay semoga sukses selalu ya mba pekerjaan karirnya. Senangnya berbagi kebahagiaan selaluu

  10. Waah seru banget Kak bisa bertemu teman-teman baru dan belajar banyak hal-hal baru juga

  11. Ini jadi mengingatkanku untuk bulan depan harus Rapid Anti Gen sebelum menjadi pembicara di seminar UMKM. Sehat-sehat terus ya mbak Indah.

  12. Asik banget acatanya ya mbak. menambah edukasi dan menambah jaringan pertemanan sehingga bisa saling support untuk program2 yang dilaksanakan. Makasih ulasannya mbak, keren 👍

  13. Aku juga hari ini harus ikut acara offline, dan harus antigen + ikut strict protocol juga. Smangat kakk!

  14. only 9 women of 60 and I hope I will be next women hehe aamiin. proud of you mba. I know you are a brilliant woman and you deserve it. leadership program will improve your competencies and skill, thanks mba Indah for your sharing, it helps to encourage my spirit to be a great woman and do more in my life

  15. Acaranya rame ya mbak kayaknya asik. Walaupun gitu tetep harus jalanin prokes ya

  16. Sudah aktif ke acara ya mbak tapi tetap wajib protokol kesehatan nomer satu. Semoga selalu sehat dengan semua aktifitas yang sedang dilakukan saat ini ya mbak

  17. Alhamdulillah~
    memulai sebuah aktivitas positif dengan keamanan kesehatan yang ketat yaa, kak Indah.
    Sukses selalu, kak Indah.

    Ditunggu sharing cerita kak Indah mengenai pelatihan kepemimpinannya.
    Pasti seru.

  18. semoga semuanya berjalan lancar sesuai dengan apa yang direncanakan ya kak.

  19. Acara yang menarik sekali untuk diikuti, apalagi dengan tema pelatihan kepemimpinan. Wah protokol kesehatan tetap dilaksanakan dengan baik ya mbak.

  20. Sehat-sehat smeuanya ya Mba Indah dan kawan-kawan. Yang menjaga Indonesia di Luar sana, semoga selalu dilindungi oleh Allah. Aamiin


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