Traveling during the Pandemic and Being Google Local Guides - Interview with SEA Morning Show

Traveling during the Pandemic and Being Google Local Guides - Interview with SEA Morning Show

Hi everyone...

How's February so far? It has been a wonderful month full of readjustments, surprises and of course hard works. Office is as demanding as always while on my personal side, I have some self-development activities that I have committed to do, joining the national leadership training program. 

Meanwhile, one day, one of my friends from the social media groups contacted me and requested me to be one of the hosts in SEA Morning Show, as part of SEA Today. SEA Today or South East Asia Today is a web-based streaming television broadcasted in South East Asia region. Owned by Telkom Indonesia, this TV show displays and broadcasts news and information relevant to the public in SEA region. Launched in 28 October 2020 by the Minister of State Enterprise of Indonesia, H.E. Mr. Erick Tohir.  SEA Morning Show is a daily program that broadcasts from 6 - 9 AM and distributed in 10 ASEAN Countries.

Getting ready for the  Interview with SEA Morning Show

So on February 16, I got a chance to have the interview with SEA Morning Show hosts and discussed about being a travel blogger as well as Google Local Guides. It was fun indeed! We started the conversation with how fun it is to be travel blogger and how, in the first place, I become one. Frankly speaking, I have been traveling around with my parents since I was a kid and we even had trips  with the big family for certain occasions. The fact that later on I join the MoFA and become a diplomat makes me get even more opportunity to travel around the world.

As it apparently runs in my blood,  my hubby and I started traveling with my family even since my kids were babies! My son, Bo, travelled and flew from Melbourne to Jakarta  since he was 40 days old! Of course considering that he and I were in great condition and fit to fly. Then my daughter Obi has similar experience, too. Since early days, I have taken her to go places.  She was born in Geneva, Switzerland,  traveling around Europe has been one of our cups of tea. I remember we went on a 7-day trip around Cinque Terre and Tuscany , including Pisa as well as Firenze area, in Italy with 4-year-old Bo and 5-month-old baby Obi. It took a lot of preparation but we love the trip. The kids have been super wonderful along the way!

My love for underwater world..

I also shared some places I have visited, those that have captured my heart and forever fondly remembered. Of the 57 countries (and counting!) I have traveled so far, every place is of course unique. It has been my dream to travel around my beloved INDONESIA. I have only explored 21 provinces in Indonesia, out of 34 provinces. Some of the provinces have cities which are incredible. My favorite is of course LAMPUNG, my homey hometown. This place never ceases to amaze me, as we have discovered more and more beautiful landscapes. For sure, more diving sites and snorkeling areas are there waiting for you to discover it. I sincerely hope I can get some times to add more ticked lists in my go-to map of Indonesia. 

While abroad, I love visiting national parks as well as UNESCO World Heritage Lists. I also love landmarks which offer unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Places like Liberty Statue in New York City, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Quebec City, Old Havana, Vatican City, Antigua Naval Dockyard, Venice, Cairo, Marrakesh and way more have been visited as well.  In Indonesia, Borobudur and Prambanan temples, as well as Bukit Barisan National Park, which is part of the tropical rainforest heritage in Sumatera, and 

More importantly, I shared a lot about being Google Local Guides. How excited I am to be joining the this global network of local guides from different corners of the world. Although I have just joined Local Guides in New York City since 2017, I have learned and enjoyed a lot of benefits from joining it. I have expanded my networks obviously, learning more about Google maps and how to contribute to it properly and meaningfully, as well as more on AI and some beneficial technicalities. Even when the pandemic hit us, we even get more united as we use virtual platforms to stay connected and even share more. Through Google Local Guides, I learn how wonderful it is to contribute meaningfully to the communities as well, as we contribute there in voluntary basis. No wonder while Google Local Guides was established in 2015, it has so many people joining this platform. 

Moreover, I am so blessed that I was chosen as one of the Google Guiding Stars in December 2020. Of all the Google Local Guides around the world, there are 50 Local Guides who were chosen in 5 different categories,- Helpful Hero, Inclusive Mapper, Creative Contributor, Community Builder, and Local Business Champion. I was part of the Creative Contributor here. Thank you, Google.

Thank you, Google ...

Finally, we were also discussing about staycation, one of the possible and relatively safe ways of traveling during the pandemic. Now that we have 5 M, which is the abbreviation of 5 things we need to do during the pandemic in bahasa Indonesia.  5M comprises of wearing mask, washing hands properly and frequently, keeping the physical distance, reducing mobility, and avoiding crowds. Staycation will give us the opportunity to see and explore our surroundings in a safer way as it does not involve lots of traveling or meeting many people. As long as we can ensure that the place we are heading to are applying the strict health protocol and CHSE principles,- Clean, Healthy, Safety and Environmentally Friendly. I believe many of the hotels in Indonesia have gotten CHSE certificate so that they can operate safely during this pandemic. 

Here's the video I compiled, with the help of my brother Ajay, for the whole segment of my interview. You can watch the complete video in my YouTube channel HERE. Hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think!

I really enjoyed the conversation and I sincerely hope what I have shared with be beneficial to others. I also hope you managed to watch the complete video and tell me what you think about traveling during the pandemic and being Google Local Guides if you have joined it!

Cheeers..... Stay safe, happy & healthy dear friends, wherever you are. 


  1. Wih sudah level 10 ya Mbak Indah.
    Ini yang sempat saya lihat di IG story ya Mbak Indah. Masya Allah, pengalamannya menarik.
    Baru tahun tentang SEA Today, rupanya web-based streaming TV. Kereeen, Mbak Indah.

  2. Keren banget Mbak Indah travel blogger tanah air bisa mendunia membawa nama baik semuanya...
    Videonya blm bisa saya tonton full
    Sinyal nih muter muter terus...

  3. I do watched it! Seneng banget bsia melihat idola nongol di kanal Youtube, ngobrol topik tentang passion seorang Indah Nuria Savitri - yang selama ini jadi banyak pertanyaan buat teman teman juga!

    Berdoa semoga dirimu one day bikin buku buku perjalanan aamiiin

  4. memang traveling saat pandemi butuh persiapan lebih ya mbak
    bisa kok tetap traveling, asalkan dalam kondisi sehat dan mematuhi protokol kesehatan
    jadi harus selalu 5M

  5. Saya juga gabung di Google Local Guides sejak 2 tahun lalu. Tapi jarang update karena udah jarang jalan-jalan lagi. Semoga pandemi segers berakhir deh, udah kangen traveling lagi...

  6. selalu suka sama cerita travellingnya mbak Indah, selain fotonya yang high quality, ceritanya jelas dan penggambarannya seakan kita ikut liburan bareng hahahaa

  7. Selamat Mbak sudah terpilih menjadi Google Guiding Stars sebagai Creative Contributor.

  8. Woow mba indah udah ngunjungin 57 negara? Iri berat. Heheehhe. Selamat juga udah jadi salah satu host di acara SEA Morning Show

  9. Menyenangkan sekali mbak kegiatannya. Jadi host SEA Morning Show, lho. Yah meskipun saya belum pernah nonton juga acaranya kayak apa, haha..

    Apalagi jadi host bertemakan traveling, pengalamannya Mbak Indah layak banget diceritakan. Jadi host sekaligus promosiin wisata Indonesia, hehe

  10. Aw keren mbaa 😍
    Traveling ke Lampung pas kecil bgt. Berkesan saat itu. Dan belum pernah ke Lampung lagi. Moga bisa ke sana lagiiii.. Indonesia tuh cakep2 banget ya mba utk ditravelingi🥰

  11. Untuk travelling, saya pribadi biasanya staycation di rumah ortu. Jaraknya sekitar 20 km lah, beda kota. Pengen sih bisa travelling, tapi persiapannya nggak nahan hehe. Terutama bagian 'pendanaan'. Dana untuk tes entah rapid, swab dll. Ya mungkin saya istirahat dulu deh ya travellingnya.

  12. So proud of you mbaa, i watch it from your IGTV its a good story for me, i wish i could go around the world like you someday :)

  13. Wah sudah banyak tempat yang dikunjungi ya Mama Bo, udah 21 provinsi di Indonesia. Kalo aku baru beberapa aja, seputaran Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Bali dan sekali ke Lombok, itu yg paling jauh haha.

  14. Wah, Bo usia 40 hari udah menempuh perjalanan dari Melbourne ka Jakarta.

    Udah menjelajah 21 propinsi mbak, tinggal 13 lagi genap deh 34 propinsi dijelajahi.
    Semoga tetap sehat dan bahagia juga buat mbak Indah sekeluarga

  15. Ah keren kalau bisa berkontribusi positif selama pandemi
    Akupun seperti itu jadinya ga terlalu stress

  16. Masyaallah, luar biasa pengalamannya mba. Sudah keliling dunia hingga 57 negara dan 21 provinsi. Btw, sudah pernah berkunjung di Makassar mba? Bagikan ceritanya ya...

  17. Woow~
    Kak screamiing!
    Heheh...always heboh kalau liat kak Indah airing. Rasanya gak ada habisnya kak Indah membagikan kisah dan pengalaman seru.

    Dunia blogging oke banget.
    Travelling plus kisah keseharian kak Indah sebagai diplomat.

    1. Iya ya
      Saya juga sepakat
      Apalagi kalau denger mba Indag casciscus dengan suara yang begitu enak didengar telinga
      Berasa penyiar radio kelas kakap

  18. Wah keren terpilih oleh Google, selamat ya Mbak Indah..aku sudah lama nggak isi Google Local Guide punyaku...

  19. Keren dan bangga aja akutu sama Mbaku ini, tetep semangat traveling pas pandemi beraktivitas apalagi sambil sharing2, whuaa luar biasa.
    Sehat selalu dan teros menginspirasi

  20. Wah congrats Mba Indah, keren euy udah level 10 google local guidenya dan jadi salah satu creative contributor karena rajin memang selalu membuahkan hasil ya Mbaa

  21. Woow, udah 57 Negara?
    kereeenn baanget Mbak.
    Tetap bisa staycation ya meski pandemi tapi tetap harus patuh protokol kesehatan, sekarang malah udah naik jadi 5M ya Mbak, tapi most of us sudah terbiasa juga dengan good habit ini :)

  22. wow, i'am amazed by your travelling story mbak Indah.
    It's truly great when our life can support our hobbies :)

  23. Sekarang udah bukan 3M lagi, ya. Tetapi, bertambah jadi 5M. Ya gak apa-apa, lah. Demi kesehatan kita semua. Tetap bisa traveling hanya saja perlu proteksi yang lebih dibandingkan sebelum pandemi

  24. Masya Allah mba Indah, tetep berprestasi ya di tengah pandemi.
    Sehat selalu ya Mbak, membawa Indonesia dan kami semua selalu bangga padamu. Kangen traveling liat mba indah renang di bawah laut.

  25. Waaah, sudah level 10 di local google guide nih.

    Saya juga punya akun di local google giude, tapi sudah lama sejak pandemi malah berhenti upload nih, Mbak

  26. Aku nonton berkali-kali nih video di IGtv Mbak indah. Seru banget bahasannya. Dan penjelasan Dari Mbak indah kereeeen.

  27. Whooaaa itu anak-anak udah naik pesawat dari bayi ya. Ga kebayang gimana traveling around Europe with baby and preschooler. Bagi-bagi tips ya mbak gimana supaya tetap fun.

  28. Amazing, situs warisan dunia UNESCO memang memenuhi standar indah dan unik sehingga ada kesan yang indah saat kita menyambanginya.

  29. Lovely interview. Thanks for sharing and co-hosting at #omhgww.

  30. Keren banget deh Mbk Indah, selalu kagum dengan cerita perjalanannya, hebat banget makin banyak cerita serunya ya

  31. I've been getting the itch to go somewhere. It's hard with covid.

  32. aku dong nonton sampai habis wawancara mbak indah. daan keren banget mbak indah. aih, udah level 10 ya, aku masih level 7 nih. semangat ngumpulin poin biar kayak mbak indah juga

  33. Haven't traveled anywhere for over a year. Really looking forward to getting to the beach sometime soon.


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