Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

I hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy wherever one is!

I have been following the news and see the continued spiking numbers of COVID-19 cases in so many countries, including Indonesia. It's sad to hear the news and some happened to somebody we know. 

As I have shared before, I have been traveling for work and this week, my family and I explored Bali. It's good to be back on the road as we all love traveling. But at them same time, we cannot deny that we get anxious whenever we meet big group of people or traveling to a place packed with visitors. Of course we are trying our best to seriously implement new normal norms and health protocol. It becomes the new SOP and standard whenever we have to make contact with others or travel for work. Hopefully that will help us prevent the spread of the virus.

Happy happy birthday, mija

Amidst the pandemic, we are blessed to spend my daughter's 10th birthday in Bali. I had a meeting and my kids had their final exam but before we started anything, we managed to have a little celebration. Just the 4 of us, in our hotel room. Nothing fancy, but we have a little birthday cake and candle blowing session. Alhamdulillah Obi, or Nadine, has healthily grown. Tons of love, mija, and may Allah SWT bestow you with abundant blessings. Always.

Here comes the kisses LOL.. look at her face!

While in Bali, we decided to pay a visit to Nusa Penida Island. It's simply AMAZING!

Kelingking beach, Broken Beach, Angel's Billabong and Chrystal Bay are on our itinerary and through a private tour for a safe and healthy trip, we finally enjoyed this breathtaking beauty. Check out some photos at WW: The Amazing Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali. More photos and stories are certainly coming!

Now, let's enjoy Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends.

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  1. Oh you know how much I love reading your blog!! So imagine how excited I am to see you've featured me- Thanks so much!!! Happy weekend to you my friend xx

  2. Baarakallahu Obi. Semoga sehat, bahagia, dan makin cerdas,.jadi kebanggan papa dan mamanya. 😍

  3. Happy bday Obi, senang banget bisa rayakan ulang tahun di Bali. Aku kangeeennn banget sama Bali btw, tapi masih takut bepergian bawa anak kecil, huhu.

  4. Happy Birthday Nadine. Wishing you all the best in life. And wishing The Frakarsas a fun and safe holiday too

  5. Happy birthday Mija senoga jadi anak yang sukses dan bahagia selalu ya kak. Oh ya aku liat foti-foto mba indah di instagram bagus-bagus banget pemandangannya huhu doakan ya semoga saya dan keluarga bisa kesana juga.

  6. Seru banget ya. Sungguh, aku udah kangen banget liburan dan pengen banget liburan di Bali juga. Nusa Peninda wishlist aku juga. Tapi aku masih takut juga soalnya di Bali pasti banyak wisatawan dri berbagai daerah juga. Stay safe, stay healthy kaa

  7. Akhir tahun dan awal tahun baru, bakalan jadi kado yang terindah nih kalau plesiran ke sini ya Mba Indah. AKunya sekalian mau mudik nih tengok nenek.

  8. liburan dimasa pandemi harus agak tricky memang ya, bersyukur masih diberikan kesehatan dan bisa merayakan ulang tahun si putri, selamat ulang tahun semoga diberkati selalu.

  9. Setahun di rumah doank ka. Terakhir ngemall bulan february coba. Msh blm berani kemana2 krn anak masih balita

  10. Waaa baliii, cantik banget pemandangan laut di sana yaa, happy holiday amd stay safe ya mbak indah dan sekeluargaa

  11. Happy birthday buat si kakak, itu kuenya keknya enak banget hehe.
    Aku jadinya penasaran kenapa dipanggil "mija" dari bahasa mana dan apa artinya? hehe

  12. Happiest birthday wishes to Obi! Her dessert looks incredible. I am sure she had a wonderful day ♥

  13. Masih ada banyak hal yang tetap bisa kita syukuri di masa pandemi ini ya Mbak. Salah satunya ya itu, nikmatnya berkumpul bersama keluarga. Apalagi masih bisa juga traveling bareng ke Bali dan merayakan ultah si kakak. Sederhana tapi berkesan ya Mbak


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