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flight from Jakarta to Bali
welcoming myself back to Bali.. excuse the dirty window :)

Another week gone by and we are getting closer to the end of 2020. 

I have been focusing a lot on works as we have big events coming this December. The fact that the meetings will be conducted in hybrid mode,- in this case, a combination of offline and online event,- does not make things simpler or easier. We still have to prepare everything from scratch and the administrative arrangement as well as the substantive issues have to be thoroughly managed. At some point, it is much more tiring! Working from home makes us work around the clock somehow. But I have set my boundaries and I make sure I don't work overtime so it will affect my healthy and my wellbeing. Do you also have similar situation with regards to Work from Home?

The kids have been continuing their online classes and they have their tests again. December will give a break to many of us, particularly heading to the end of the year. You can smell the holiday season in the air already! Frankly I look forward to it and hope that I can benefit from the extra holidays provided by the Government in lieu of the usual holiday that we are supposed to get during Idul Fitri or Eid el-Fitr in May during the beginning of the pandemic. But I fear that others will have similar plans and people will flock in many tourist destinations. So much for having a safe and peaceful holiday. Well, we'll see about it. 

Welcome to Bali
we might go back to Bali again..

Last week, right after Bali, I visited Bandung, the capital city of West Java, for works. Bandung is always fun indeed. We have so many lovely memories in this city.

View from Hilton Bandung Hotel
City of Bandung, seen from the 9th floor of Hilton Bandung Hotel

It was just me and my hubby so we stayed for 3 days there. It's good to walk down some memory lanes but since it's still the pandemic, we didn't really go out that much. We just enjoyed our time in Hilton Bandung as much as we could.

Deluxe room at Hilton Bandung Hotel
our room in Hilton Bandung Hotel

We tried one of the famous culinary spots in Bandung, Se'i Sapi Lamalera. Well, this food is originally coming from East Nusa Tenggara but this smoked beef has won people's heart even as far as West Java. My hubby enjoyed it very much and I did too. And that's one of the perks of visiting Bandung, never ending culinary experience!

have you tried Se'i Sapi Lamalera in Bandung/

Now, let me invite you to the Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends. Have fun!

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  1. Lahir di Bandung, masa sekolah di Bandung, sampai dewasa dan menikah tetap sering ke Bandung tapi blm pernah mencoba sei sapi nya itu. Heuheu... Lewat aja. Semoga suatu saat ada kesempatan menikmatinya juga

  2. I love it that there are so many beautiful places for you to visit. Gorgeous always:) Have a great weekend xx

  3. kemarin waktu denger mbak Indah di Bandung mau ngajak ketemuan hehee tapi lalu dengar kalau mbak Indah sibuk sekali :( ga jadi ngajak ketemuan deh jadinya

  4. Nggak menyangka kalau tahun 2020 akan segera berakhir ya Mbak Indah. Wah mau akhir tahun pasti Mbak Indah bakal sibuk banget. Sehat dan semangat terus ya Mbak <3

  5. Cozy banget kak hotelnya jadi kangen banget staycation di hotel huhuu :((

  6. Wah mbak indah udah ke Bali aja. Kalau ke Bali barat kabar kabar ya, mbak. Meet up meet up, hehe.

  7. Blm pernah ke Bandung. Berencana tahun ini ke sana, tapi gara2 pandemi jadi batal deh. Semoga pandemi segera berlalu, kangen pengin staycation di hotel juga...

  8. Baca ini jadi kangen banget sama Bandung terakhir 3 th lalu kesana huhu. Btw have fun ya mba di Bali semoga sehat dan bahagia selalu.

  9. Mudah-mudahan lebaran idul fitri tahun depan uda bisa silaturahmi lebih lega tanpa mikirin covid ya mbak. Btw sei sapi ini kayanya sekarang lagi hits banget ya, aku belum coba dududu

  10. Gak terasa sudah akhir tahun saja. Bulan depan ada libur panjang. Mbak Indah ada rencana ngapain saja? 😍

  11. You've been traveling nicely. It's great to walk down the memory lane with your hubby. Semoga sehat dan berbahagia selalu

  12. What a fun place to be! I've always want to go to Bali!

    I can't wait...I got a marketing job that starts Dec. 7! Ekkk! I want to jump, for joy. The people that I interviewed with were so down to earth, and much more cultured than anywhere else that I've been. I'll be working for a nonprofit that instills technology into low income areas. I'll be writing, working on graphic design and marketing. PLUS I get to work remote!

  13. Salfok aq sama ilustrasi tempat se'i sapinya keren banget. Btw sehat selalu sama hubby nya kak ��

  14. Waaah Mbak Indah ke Bandung. Aku yang tinggal di Bandung belum nyobain Sei Sapi yang lagi hits itu hehe


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