Better Moisturized Skin with Coconut Cream Skin Softening Body Butter

Coconut Cream Skin Softening Body Butter

Having trouble with dry, horrible skin?
Me, too!

I have been facing some issues with my skin after the chemo.
Well, I did the chemo at the end of 2014 and the first four month of 2015 and up until now, I am still facing one of the impacts and consequences.
Horrible, dry skin.
There were times when my skin was so dry I didn't realize it started bleeding.
Well, chemotherapy caused all of those side effects but even after I was done with my treatment, I still bear the consequences.

I have been using several products to help addressing this issue.
As suggested by my oncologist, I started with something natural with less chemical.
It would go gentle on my skin and reduce the possible complication.

Another challenge that I have here is my fond of snorkeling and diving.
Going out to the middle of the ocean and spending the whole day under the sun and underwater is not that friendly to my skin either.
And lately, I have the opportunity to visit some Caribbean countries. 
Whenever I have the time and chances, I would definitely go snorkeling and diving in these beautiful spots.
But since I love doing it, I just to find a good product that will help me with my skin.

At some point, I also need extra moisturizing products during Ramadhan that we has just passed a couple week ago.

As I have mentioned before, during the holly month of Ramadhan we moslems fast from dawn till dusk for one month. With long days we have in this summer and restricted hydration during fasting month, my skin get drier and drier.

But now, I found one product that helps with my dry, dull skin.
Almost instantly.
Introducing Coconut Cream Skin Softening Body Butter.
This body butter is special because it has extra ingredients of shea butter, hokum and cocoa butter which help moisturizing our skin.
And I love how it feels on my skin!

You can just easily rub a small amount of the body butter to your skin and wait for a while to ensure the skin fully absorb it. It feels good and it's not sticky.
I also love the wonderful smell of coconut on my skin.
So natural and reminds me of the beach!

The ingredients of this lovely lotion include, among others, water, shea butter, cocoa butter, garcinia indica butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and rose hip oil. Check out the complete ingredients in this photo.

So you can see that this body butter is good for your skin, enriched with so many natural products and has no dangerous ingredients on it. It's natural, paraben free and packed with vitamin A, B, C, and E to nourish skin. What's not to love about this body butter.

If you want to give it a try, you can get it from Maple Holistics or through Amazon as well as their Facebook page. Check out their lovely website and you can get free samples too!

Enjoy your beautiful, moisturised skin with Coconut Cream Skin Softening Body Butter.

Disclaimer: I received free product for this review but  all opinions expressed here are my own. 


  1. I have spent a lot of time outdoors lately myself and have noticed my skin is dry and flaking in areas now too. I need a new moisturizing cream to smooth out my icky skin!

  2. Aku jarang pakai body butter sih Mbak, soalnya iklim di Indo kan tropis ya. Tapi akhir-akhir ini aku pake soalnya hawanya super dingin belakangan. :D

    1. Aku tetap pakai tapi pagi or malam menjelang tidiest

  3. We do love natural products!
    Rhamadan fasting is so cruel! I don't personally support it, especially not for kids.

    1. Natural products are the best. Ramadhan is obligatory for us Muslims. It was tough during summer but in Indonesia, the time is pretty much the same during dry and wet season. So we manage fasting month really well

  4. I bet it works great!

    This sounds odd, but the only thing that works for my poor nose after I had surgery was coconut oil to keep it from getting too dry. After I started using that I had way less bloody noses. The only downfall is that it warms up, and wants to drip out. I have to have a tissue handy.

    1. Good to know the coconut oil works for you Alissa. But that’s true, it dows warm up

  5. Duh, jadi inget nih aku jarang banget ngerawat kulit, makanya kulit jadi rada2 kering :)

  6. Aku suka pakai body butter, soalnya lebih lama nempel di kulit yang kering. Untuk free sample biasa berlaku di US aja ya

    1. Body butter enak jugaaa mba. Iya, sementara ini free sample utk US ajaa

  7. Asik nih pas banget buat kulitku yang kering nih mbaa. Apalagi ada kandungan coconut ya mbaa

  8. Wah, body butter dengan kandungan coconut, belum pernah coba. Kelapa memang banyak manfaatnya.

  9. body butter biasanya aku pakai kalau pas cuaca panas gini mbak,kulitku suka kering dan beberpaa bagian pecah-pecah,boleh nih recomendasinya.

  10. Welcome to Indonesia! Kalau gini mbak kudu sering pakai body butter karena cuaca Indonesia yang panas.

  11. aku juga pakainay body butter soalnya kulit kering, kalua pakau body lotion kurang lembab. Mau ah nyobain yang ini

  12. Selamat datang di Indonesia kembali mbak semoga betah dan memang cuaca di Indonesia panas mbak semoga kulitnya juga sehat ya

  13. I can definitely try it for my dry skin

  14. Aku suka pakai body butter mbak karena kulitku termasuk kuking kering, pakai body butter lembabnya lebih lama ya.


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