We're back...on #Obi@NYC :) (feels like announcing it on the radio :p )

One lovely Sunday, we went to Astoria to sign the house contract. 

When we went out of the subway station, we found this cool mural :). 

Then you know exactly what follows....photo session :p
And I got Obi ready with her own style right on that mural :)). The mural itself was created under the theme of our ancestors. It might not be that clear seeing it from this side, but I'll post it completely later ",)...


Obi was wearing Hello Kitty sweater - Sanrio
Sesame street blue t-shirt (unseen) - H&M
Purple corduroy pants - H&M
Pink socks (unseen)- Polo Ralph Lauren
Pink Marathon Trio shoes - Adidas


  1. Obiiiii.. Lucu banget gayanya, Deeeek :D
    Imut ^^

  2. Obiiiiii i love you.....suka obi.kerennnn bgttttt.. ;)

  3. obiiii,,,cantik,,,lirikannya nggak nguatin,,,,rambutnya jugaaaaaa,,,ikal boooooo

  4. Obi gayanya kayak abege deh...keren....

  5. Gayanya sedep abis... Obi, lanjutkan.

  6. Obi gayanyaaaaa... ih cubiiiiiiit

  7. I'd love to go there someday. There's so much to see and do.

    1. it's pretty close to Astoria Park, Alissa....such a huge park as well and I can't wait to see their famous pool :D...


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