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19 October 2014.

It was cold.
And still early.
Even the sun was shyly shining.
Freezing wind swept my body, made me shuddered.
Bo et Obi, walked along besides me that morning, were surprisingly in very good mood although I woke them up so early in the morning. 
I  told them that we were going to walk.
Early morning walk in Fall crispy, cold morning is not always a good combination for kids.
But there we were, holding hands embracing one another, toughened ourselves for a new chapter of my life. 
Our lives.

with my kiddos :)

That was my first walk.
Joining Making Strides against Breast Cancer in Central Park in 2014, just a few days after my second AC chemo.
The toughest chemo session which took away my fitness, my energy, my hair and so much more.  Giving me endless nausea, stained, broken nails, and unprecedented bleeding here and there.
But it can never take away my spirit!
My determined heart to get rid of this horrible cancer.
My endless spirit to get my health back!
To live longer and make beautiful memories with my kids, my family, my beloved.
To celebrate more birthdays.

So I braved my heart, prepared my body and soul, to join my first Making Strides against Breast Cancer. Central Park was my choice, beautiful heart of New York City.
I didn't know what to expect,walking for 5 miles,  as I couldn't even keep my body straight for more than 2 hours after my chemo. 
But deep  down inside, I knew I could do it. 
I knew I should join and I would make it.

And how I felt at home!
Since the very first time we arrived at Central Park Band shell, where the walk started, my spirit soared high seeing the other survivors and those who have been touched by cancer in any ways.
Although that morning was drop dead cold, my heart was engulfed with eternal warmth.
The warmth of love!
The insatiable power of love, of pride, of accomplishment.
That together, we can fight this fight.
Walk this path to recovery.
Beat cancer!

That's my first public appearance with my bald head.
Or BOTAK in bahasa Indonesia, my mother tongue.
Not a single hair that I used to love and be proud of.
But look, I might loose my hair thanks to cancer, but I gain so much more!

The love of my family and people around me, my confident,  my better and healthier life, my strength, my faith.
My fight. 

Here's the complete story: Making Strides against Breast Cancer ...The D-Day

So, that's my first walk with Making Strides against Breast Cancer Central Park.
And I am sooo ready to walk again.
To join those who want to finish the fight.
It's October again and you know what that means! 

Will you join me and my team, IndonesiaCeria&Beyond, to walk leisurely at Central Park, celebrate with survivors and fighters against breast cancer?

Please join my team, IndonesiaCeria&Beyond, and help fighting #breastcancer ! 

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events raise money for the American Cancer Society’s efforts to save lives from breast cancer. They raise awareness about of breast cancer prevention. They honor survivors. And, as you can see in the photo, they can also be a lot of fun.

Please join my team, walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event, and help us make it a special, fun day. If you can’t join us, consider making a donation and help me reach my fundraising goal.

Visit my personal or team fundraising page, using the links below.

Give me a shout and will send you the invitation!

Or you can simply click and join me at 
If you are not residing in NYC, you can always help by making donation as well.
The same link above will navigate you to the team as well as donation page.

Help me #finishthefight #againstbreastcancer #breastcancerawareness


  1. I love how you bring awareness to this walk each year. I have just made a small donation to your team. I hope it helps get you closer to you goal ♥

    1. Thank you soooo very much, Theresa.. every donation helps so I really appreciate it!

  2. Beautiful post. You are on the family prayer list.

  3. Salut sama dirimu mba, kakak ku skrg jg sedang melawan kanker payudara.. Semoga diberikan kekuatan seperti dirimu dan bs menjadi cancer survivor :)

    1. Semangaaat ya untuk kakakmu.. tidak mudah tapi pasti bisaaa

  4. Kagum dengan perjuangan Mbak Indah. Selalu menghadapi dengan senyum optimis. Sehat-sehat selalu ya, Mbak :)

    1. Makasiiiih mbaaa... semangat dan bersyukur bisa terus berjuang! Dirimu juga sehat-sehat yaaa mbaa

  5. Powerful story! We had the opposite problem with the weather last Saturday for a breast cancer awareness run ... it was sooooooo hot!

    1. Thank you is my personal fight :) and I am happy I don't have to walk alone..

  6. You are so strong. I'm sure it wasn't easy with 2 kids and a full time job where you travel a lot.

    1. Thank you sooo much Alissa...You too are strong woman!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Dezzy..I just simply want to celebrate more birthday with my beloved :)

  8. All the best for the nearest future! I know how horrible cancer can stay strong..


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