Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 - Go Pink

"Dear passengers, we are about to land at JFK International Airport, New York City.
Please make sure you fasten your seatbelt and make sure your food tray as well as your foot rest are folded."  
I was looking down the window to see the fascinating view of New York City from above when the flight attendant reminded me that we were about to land.
It obviously felt great to be back to the Big Apple, although it was only for 7 days.
And most importantly, I would join one of the most inspiring events in my life, Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018.
NYC,  I'm back and I'm ready to kiss breast cancer goodbye!


making strides against breast cancer 2018
Thank you sooo much Erma and Haryo :)
New York City is calling me back for a week of meetings.
I was lucky to be here just in time for Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 in Central Park.
The walk this year took place on Sunday, October 14, 2018, a day before I started my meeting at the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly.
And this will be my fifth walk in a row!

You never walk alone..
I still remember my first walk in 2014. 
It was in the middle of my chemo and I went out feeling week with my bold head to the cold October day.
But I was so excited and full of spirit.
Meeting other survivors gave me a huge dose of determination to fight back.
To believe in myself that I can be free of cancer.

And now, 5 years after that, I'm back for my 5th walk as the survivor.
As always, I registered our team, Indonesia Ceria & Beyond, to participate in this year's walk. Some friends have confirmed to walk with me and I am so grateful for them. Thank you so much Erma, my dearest sister-in-crime; Haryo; Eliza; Nabil ad Razzan! It was an honour to have you guys walk with me!

So that morning, I met Erma and Haryo right in front of the UN Headquarters and took M15  as well as M66 bus to Central Park.  As always, Making Strides walk starts and ends at the  famous Bandshell in Central Park, which is located at  the 72nd Street Transverse. 

I woke up a bit late that morning, thanks to jetlag that made me sleep at 4 AM NYC time. But we managed to arrive at the Bend Shell at 9 AM. Not bad! And the check in for all participants has started at 7:30AM. As announced in website, the first rolling or the start of the the walk began at 8:00AM and ended at 10:15AM. Just like previous years, the walk concluded around  12:00PM.

Mini me and I!

This 4-mile walk really attracted thousand of New Yorkers! 
When we arrived, it was packed with people and many of them were coming with their team, wearing pink and all those special costumes. I can say people of all ages in all costumes are there to spend the day with us the survivors in the park and also walk. 
It's also heartwarming that the route for the walk is accessible to strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs. It's open for everybody!
There are non-stop entertainment as well as we have talented singers, DJ and bands entertaining us.

The first thing I did was stepping in to the Survivor tent!
It always gives me a goosebump and a wonderful feeling at the same time.
Being able to stand in front of the SURVIVOR tent never fails to make me feel how blessed and lucky I am. 
I 'm still fighting the side effects of all those procedures I went through before but I'm here!
Standing tall, feeling better about myself and determined to live a healthier life, while advocating others to do the same thing.

I'm a survivor!
Read more stories about my fight here:  When You Lost Your Hair  and Why Me? Fighting Breast Cancer 

So, at the survivor tent, I picked up my free t-shirt, wireless bra, as well as free breakfast from Starbucks and pink roses! I also wrote my name in the big banner saying You Never Walk Alone. We took pictures here and there.
This year is special as Avon is joining American Cancer Society to host this walk.
I also see Normani Hamilton from Fifth Harmony, joining her mother, a survivor as well, in this walk.

We joined the walk around 10 AM and we followed the route designated.
I didn't finish the walk this time because I had to admit I was super tired.
Flying from Jakarta and stopping by in Tokyo with the total traveling time of 23 hours really took a tool on me. I felt that my feet were swollen so that I decided to stop the walk just in the middle of it. It's a bit disappointing but I know I made the right decision.

Fight like a girl!

Let's walk
Well, at least my spirit continues and it roars up high every time I meet others survivor.
One of the biggest challenges that we survivors face is to stay healthy and manage the damaging side effects of the treatment we have received to get rid of cancer cells.

Coming back to NYC celebrating this positivity and excitement is indeed a great experience!
Being a cancer survivor is indeed a bless and I'm grateful for all the love and support I receive from everyone up until now.

So, that's my story from Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 - Go Pink!
Hope I can join Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2019 as well.
If you feel like donating this great movement, please check  

Let's kick some cancer cells!
So please, please, please, ladies...remember that early detection is the best protection.
If you feel and see something different in your body, check it.
Don't forget to do self breast exam, mammogram, and live a healthy, balance and happy life!
Stay healthy and blessed, people!


  1. What a lovely post and a good cause well done to all and to you your an inspiration Indah :-)

    Have a walktastic week :-)

  2. Love your smile, your victory and so proud of you for being such an awesome fighter!

    1. huge thanks for you as well Nana...thank you for all the support!

  3. Semoga semangat Mbak Indah jadi inspirasi mereka yang sedang berjuang melawan kanker terutama kanker payudara

  4. Indah adalah pahlawan yg sangat yakin bahwa cancer bisa ditaklukkan dengan tekad yang kuat dan kepercayaan yg penuh atas ridho Allah, sang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang

    1. Terima kasih banyaaak ya Bunda...for all the love and support

  5. Wow! What a great event.
    Semangat selalu mbak Indah.
    Semoga Allah selalu mencurahkan kesehatan buat kita semua. Aamiiin.

    1. it was a wonderful event indeed! makasih mba..dirimu juga yaaa

  6. Aku masih ingat waktu mba Indah mengadakan GA temanya best support cancer. Curhatku sukses mengantarkan menjadi salah seorang pemenang. Dapat lipstick, eyeliner, apa lagi ya, hehee

  7. Sehat slalu ya Mbak.
    Mbak is the best, semangatnya ituuu...
    Thanks udah ngingetin ya Mbak, untuk slalu cek diri juga :)

  8. Semoga selalu sehat ya Mba, dan selalu semangatttt ya. Ini pelajaran juga untuk saya terima kasih mba sudah diingatkan

  9. Mba.. i love your red-lips smile.. hihi You’re one of the strongest women I know and I have no doubt you will make it through this. sehat selalu ya! keep inspiring!

    1. makasiiih..thank you for the support! And I DO love BOLD lipsticks

  10. Tetep semangat ya mbak.. Keep up the good spirit around us.

  11. Semangat selalu, mbak Say..insya Allah semangatmu menginspirasi kita semua..

  12. Butuh seseorang yang menjadi panutan dan contoh terus tegar menjalani cobaan hidup

  13. very inspiring mba, betapa daya juangmu jadi harapan juga buat para survivor di luar sana. entah itu cancer survivor atau bukan. Awesome

  14. Jadiiiii misi ke NYC ini karena pengin ikutan Making Strides Against BC aja kah, Mbak? So inspiring! :))) Dan aku jadi ingat belum order si tote bag Coach online ituh -_____-

  15. Great job! Congratulations! Go pink! I love your doll so cute!

  16. I'm so glad you got to attend that special event!

    I had a student that passed away of breast cancer in her 20s. Yes early detection is so important! She had it in her family. It's not common to get it that young. :(

    1. My deepest condolences,'s hereditary in the case of some and it's so heartbreaking to see them go in such a your age

  17. Semoga kita tetap sehat!

    Setuju, kita harus peduli pada badan. Jika ada yg gak benar, kudu segera periksa. Deteksi dini penting agar tahu bagaimana kita akan mengobatinya

    Semangat menebar kebaikan, Mbak!

    1. aaamiiin YRA ...jangan sepelekan perubahan kecil di tubuh kita yaaa

  18. Pas banget perjalanan dinasnya sekalian bisa ikutan making strides ya mbak. Aku pikir sengaja ke sana untuk acara itu kemarin :)

  19. Tulisan-tulisan kanker PD mba Indah yang pertama kali kubaca di blog ini terus berlanjut sampai sekarang... tetap sehat dan semangat ya..

  20. aku sampe baca berulang-ulang mba, semangatnya Masyaa Allah, terkhusus untuk saya jugaa.. makasih mba indah untuk megingatkan.. semoga mba indah sehat terus, dan salam kenal mba, aku baru beberapa bulan ini pembaca blogmu..

  21. mbak Indah idolakuuu.. selalu jadi inspirasi kami ya mbak.. semangatmu, tulisan2mu, dan suaramu jugaaa, hahaa aku jatuh hati sama suaramu diyutub mbaa :)))

  22. Suka banget sama senyum mba Indah, senyumnya indah dan memberi semangat, sehat terus ya mba Indah

  23. Love your smile mama Bo. Stay healty ya. Insya allah sehat usia berkah dan panjang umur. Aamiin

  24. Semangat selalu mama boo!!! Kalau ingat bagaimana perjuangan kemo dulu, rasanya sungguh melelahkan. Tapi terkalahkan dengan semangatny!!! Ditambah dukungan orang-orang tercinta pastinya makin semangat ya. Sehat selalu
    .kiss kiss from Purwodadi 😘

  25. Punya beberapa sahabat yang survivor. Dan salut dengan ketabahannya menghadapi penyakitnya dan ketekunannya menjalani semua pengobatannya. Memang harus ada support dari orang orang terdekatnya. Sehat sehat terus ya mba Indah

  26. Mba dikasih ujian karena bisa melewatinya. Jangan pernab sakit lagi ya Mba.

  27. Always admiring your spirit to fight breast cancer, Mom. Wishing you happy and healthy life in future. You never walk alone...

  28. Mba Indah selalu menginspirasi. Sehat selalu yaa, Mama Bo et Ini ����

  29. Senyummu mba, seolah semuanya hanya lewat. Terus menebar semangat dan inspirasi pada orang di sekitar ya Mba. Kamu keren, selalu produktif dimanapun. Makasih mba Indah memberikan semangat luar biasa.

  30. I read a book about the power of mind and believe, the one who heal all desease, i am not sure about that, but reading ur Journey it make me believe that the one who want to survive is the one who will get the miracle

  31. Semoga sehat selalu ya mamabo, seneng membaca ceritanya sepertinya ikut berada di t4 yg mba ceritakan. Menularkan semangat baik melalui tulisan ya mba.

  32. Tersentuh banget pas di bagian ini:

    "... and live a healthy, balance and happy life!"

    So true...

    Juga betapa pentingnya keyakinan pasien itu sendiri untuk sembuh ya, mba, plus dukungan orang-orang yang berada di sekitarnya.

  33. I'm glad you were able to participate in the walk again. I still think going 1/2 way through the walk is admirable, especially after a long flight. Shall we all heed your advice and try to live a healthy, happy and balanced life ♥


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