ASEAN Matters - The 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta

 And I'm back!

Pheew.. it felt like ages since the last time I post here on my blog.

So, happy to be back and I sincerely hope everyone is fine, wherever one is.

These couple of months have been super crazy for me. Starting from August the September, we have series of meetings hosted by the Government of Indonesia. As you are probably aware of, we are holding the chairmanship for ASEAN this year so I was assigned to go to Jakarta together with my Ambassador. The Prime Minister of the Cook islands as well as the Foreign Minister of New Zealand were joining us at the 43rd ASEAN Summit and its related meetings. 

It was indeed a special event as this year, Cook Islands is the chair for Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) and  PM Mark Brown, together with his team, came to Indonesia for the very first time. 

The signing of MoU between ASEAN Secretariat and PIF as well as IORA Secretariats

So you can imagine how excited we were welcoming this delegation and showcasing the best. of Indonesia, as well as ASEAN hospitality. Prime Minister Brown has been scheduled to join many important meetings and engagement during his stay in Indonesia.

So, as you can see, we have a week packed with meetings, signing ceremonies,  lunches and dinners, as well as side events. Many of them were specifically conducted between ASEAN and its dialogue partners, like the US, Canada, Plus 3 and all. So you can imagine how busy that week was! 

My Ambassador and I managed to come and join some of the meetings, including the opening and the closing of the 43rd ASEAN Summit, which was attended by the ASEAN Leaders and all the Guests of the Chair, President Joko Widodo. 

The opening session was great, with live music from Purwacaraka. It was fantastic ensemble for sure. 

The closing session was beautiful as well. I missed the viral dinner, as it was only for limited invitations. But we saw the fireworks on the street, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman to be precise.

After the closing session, on the day when PM of Cook Islands and the delegation was scheduled to leave Jakarta, we took some times to stroll around Anjungan Halte Trans Jakarta and took some mini tours as well as photos. I was lucky that by the time this place was cleared and temporarily closed by Paspampres, my mom and I were already there so we could take great photos here with the crowds.

I took him there and showed him the Selamat Datang statue as well as a little bit of history of Hotel Indonesia. Wearing his fresh teal Pacific shirt, PM Brown seemed to enjoy the scenery and took lots of photos as well! All in all, it was a successful visit.

I left New Zealand at the end of the August and stayed in Jakarta until the second week of September. I got a surprise so to speak while staying in Jakarta, as I was appointed as Director for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs at Kemlu. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, wish me luck for this new position ya.  I guess I have to get everything ready before moving back to Jakarta from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Will keep you all posted!


  1. Selamat mengemban amanah barunya Mbaaaak. Tadi sambil baca tulisannya aku scroll soal Cook Island ini. Seru, jadi berasa belajar geografi lagi

  2. Selamat untuk jabatan barunya. Moga makin banyak menebar manfaat bagi dunia, ya

  3. Wah, selamat ya mbak Indah kini punya jabatan baru sebagai Director for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs at Kementerian Luar Negeri. Sorak-sorai KTT ASEAN kemarin memang masih membekas dalam benak :) Bangga deh Indonesia menjadi tuan rumah acaranya. Seru amat mengajak mereka foto2 pemandangan kota Jakarta seperti itu.

  4. I can really imagine how busy Ms. Indah was during the Asean Summit in Jakarta. I hope you goes smoothly according to plan, I'm waiting for the next of the story before moving back to Jakarta.

  5. Even ASEAN SUMMIT ini emang jadi hajat besar kita dan looks successfully wrapped ya mba, temenku Direktur di Perdagangan ASEN dia syivuk bgt kmrn tapi looks happy akhirnya kelar dengan sukses

  6. wah jadi ceritanya balik kerja ke Jakartakah mbak? seru ya ngajak perwakilan selandia baru jalan-jalan di Jakarta

  7. Mba Indah kegiatannya padat sekaligus seru juga. Senangnya masih bisa berkontribusi positif ke bangsa ya mba. Sehat selalu ya mba dan semoga bisa jumpa segeraa

  8. Congratulations and success always, ka Indah on new mandate as Director for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs at Kemlu.

    It's always a pleasure when ka Indah tell us about the activities in diplomatic relations between Indonesia and foreign countries, especially New Zealand.

    Because it's a dream to go to New Zealand.

  9. Hebat banget mbak insav. Aktif terus menghadiri acara2 berkelas dunia. Salam utk pak jokowi ya. Semoga beliau sehat selalu

  10. Padahal udah sering ketemu orang-orang penting dari berbagai dunia, tapi tetap selalu punya cerita yang menarik ya, Mbak. Pulang ke Indonesia tetap menyenangkan meski sambil kerja

  11. Wah, selamat mbak Indah
    Semoga amanah barunya bisa berjalan dengan baik dan menebarkan banyak kebaikan

  12. MasyaAllah mba indah, menyenangkan sekali bisa menyaksikan langsung. Jaga kesehatan selalu Mba Indah di sana.

  13. Wowww, pengalaman yang sangat berharga yaa mba bisa ikut acaranyaa.. Always success for you mbaa

  14. By the time you see my comment, have you already got back to NZ? Speaking of ASEAN, I just transcribed the meeting between AMS in Boracay, Philippines and can feel the atmosphere of the meeting through the audio that I got. Really want to get participated there!

  15. Selamat untuk Jabatan Barunya Mbak Indah.. Semoga membawa banyak perubahan dan berkah pekerjaannya yaaa..

  16. Masya Allah tabarakallah selamat mbaku atas amanah yang telah di berikan pemerintah, semoga lancar sehat selalu 😘😘

  17. Barakallah ya Mama Bo. semoga sukses dan amanah untuk tugas barunya. ikut seneng nih dengan karier mama Bo

  18. Wah, benar-benar hari yang sibuk dalam rangka KTT ASEAN ke-43, ya, Mbak. Sibuk tapi menyenangkan! Hehe.
    Oiya, selamat untuk posisi barunya yaa, Mbak Indah. Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar :)


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