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 Hi everyone.. hope July has been treating you well.

We sadly have some unfortunate news from home as my mom-in-law got stroke on Sunday morning. My hubby rushed back flying to Indonesia on Monday morning to come and visit her. Her condition is getting more and more stable now but she is still too weak to move around. Well, she is 77 years old and she has been suffering from high blood pressure and fractured bones but then things get Please pray for her speedy recovery and hopefully everything will soon improve.

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  1. Semogaaa ibu mertua kembali sehaaatttt semangattt ya mba.

    Ikut mendoakan yy baik2 utk mak Insav sekeluarga

  2. Semoga ibu mertuanya diberikan kesembuhan dan kesehatan. Semangat buat membangkitkan semangatnya

  3. Semoga Ibu Mertua tercinta segera sehat seperti sedia kala dan diberikan kemudahan menjalani pengobatan dan perawatan. Aamiin. Doa terbaik ya, Mba Indah

  4. Hopefully your mother in law is getting better now. Speedy recovery too.. enjoy your summer at Wellington mbak

  5. I hope you Mother in Law get's better and healthy again Mba Indah. Will pray for her. hope she will can move and doing activity stronger again

  6. Wish your mother in law get's better and healthy again Mba Indah. Will pray from here. Hope that she can move and doing activity better and stronger than before

  7. I hope your mother in low will getting better soon Aamiin, Actually I still confuse about wonderfull wednesday content maybe this is a support content for blogger but nice to see the content, it's so use full and interesting.

  8. Semoga lekas sembuh untuk ibu mertua Mbak Indah. Aamiin Allahumma aamiin.

    Foto kedua itu pohon apa, Mbak? Mapple? Daunnya unik, ya

  9. semoga ibu mertua mbk lekas sembuh ya, ikut sedih dan mendoakan semoga semakin pulih

  10. Seneng ya bisa kolab bareng para blogger lainnya. Bisa saling kenal banyak orang terus baca tulisan mereka juga

  11. Semoga ibu mertua lekas sehat ya mba...kebayang pasti sedih banget orang tua sakit dan posisi kita jauh.

    Tapi Alhamdulillah yaa kalau sudah mulai membaik

  12. Juli sudah berlalu, selamat datang Agustus
    Semoga bulan baru penuh keberkahan buat kita semua ya mbak
    Semoga ibu mertuanya lekas sembuh

  13. Duh itu kalau jalan-jalan di antar apepohonan enak banget ya mbak sejuk gitu apalagi kalau pagi hari.

  14. I'm sorry to hear that, Mak Insav. I hope your mother-in-law recovers quickly. Aamiin...

  15. Semoga Ibu mertua diberikan kesembuhan, sehat kembali ya mba Indah. Dan keluarga yang merawat diberi kesehatan dan kesabaran, big hug, mbaaak

  16. Syafakillahu teruntuk Ibunda, kak Indah.
    Semoga segera diberikan kesembuhan dan bisa kembali stabil keadaannya.

  17. Cuaca di Wellington lagi cerah2nya ya mbak? Tulisan di bukit khas kotanya kah?

    Turut prihatin mendengar soal kabar ibu mertua, semoga diberi kemudahan untuk pulih seperti sedia kala ya mbak Insav aamiin.

  18. Hope your mother in law gets better and better Mak. It must be devastating to hear the news while you're hundreds kilometer away from the family in Indonesia :((


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