Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Wishing you all great days and we all can stay safe, happy and healthy! 

We have many rainy days  lately, after some super hot days. Well, I know the weather has been extreme in some parts of the world and we also have areas being affected by this, including flood and draught. Alhamdulillah we are okay here in Jakarta and hopefully we all will be safe and sound amidst the many challenging circumstances we face.

I have been drown in works but I try to keep my spirit up. Many times I have to break for a while as I need to pause, simply resting my mind. I know there are times when things happen at the same time and everything requires your full attention. Nevertheless, my health is paramount important too and after a long, painstaking lesson about it, I know when to stop when I need to stop. Now I try to work more efficiently with my team and sincerely hope we all can grow and learn together as we fulfill and accomplish many projects. It is important to note that not every one in the team share the same passion and lever of energy towards the work we have. Nevertheless, whenever I have time, I always try to share the knowledge I have and the joy of going through the process passionately so that my team will have the same spirit. Well, wish us luck!

In between.. I try to post some stories in my blog, IG accounts or YT channel. Well, it's a great intermezzo for me. If you have time, check out my lasts post in YT, including this one from Teba Cafe, Jimbaran, Bali!

I am scheduled to visit Makassar, the lovely capital city of South Sulawesi province for a business trip. We have crazy tight schedule so I don't know whether I have the time to actually enjoy and explore the city. I do have some blogger friends in this lovely city but I don't know whether I will have time to meet them briefly. I also heard and read so many incredible natural landscapes, including amazing islands and diving spots in this lovely place! Well, let's see what I can do and if I can't explore this time, let's hope I can come back here for my vacation with my loved ones!

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