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ready for my shot! Stay away COVID - 19

How's March treating you so far?

The International Women's Day has been celebrated and how I hope it does bring changer to our lives as women. We all face daunting challenges, wherever we are, and this pandemic is no help. But I know that whining and complaining about what happened to us will not change anything. So instead, let's yield our inner strength, gather our courage, be brave and face the world! 

I never get tired of telling myself that I can many things that I set my heart in to. For that, there will be sacrifices, hard works, and a lot of energy. But hey... that's what makes us, right! And I can't wait to explore those unchartered territories and push myself beyond my comfort zone!

Anyway, I have had my first phase of COVID - 19 vaccine from my office. We gathered in big hall and came in accordance with the scheduled time. We went through all the necessary forms, including consent form. I have consulted my oncologists before the vaccination and he said I was good to go. After having my blood pressure checked, I got the vaccine and waited for about 30 minutes to see the possible reaction. So far so good and I didn't really feel any annoying side effects, alhamdulillah. Next Thursday, I will have the second shot and hope all is well. 

the arrangement was great... quick and no hussle...

Now, let's join us on Wordless Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends and have fun with the link!

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  1. Alhamdulillah sudah di vaksin ya Mba. Semoga sehat sehat terus ya Mba Indah. Happy saturday night.

  2. seneng banget baca tulisanmu ini mba, bisa mendapatkan kesempatan buat divaksin Covid-19 gimana sesudahnya mba? everything's okay kan ya?

  3. Allhamdulilah lega ya Mbak Indah, udah divaksin.
    Terus jaga kesehatan ya mba Indah, di luar negeri sering ketemu banyak orang ya
    Sehat sekluarga selalu.

  4. Amin, sehat2 ya mbak semoga covid-19 segera lenyap dari bumi. Saya malah belum vaksin nih. Oh ya, hari perempuan sedunia kemarin juga menjadi bahan introspeksi saya, bahwa wanita itu bisa dan kuat. Bangga pada diri sendiri & selalu berpikir positif.

  5. Gimana tuh mbak rasanya vaksin? Apa ada efek samping sementara setelah divaksin?

  6. kalau udah divaksin lebih tenang saat ada kegiatan yang bertemu banyak orang ya mbak, walaupun harus tetap jaga prokes tapi kalau udah dapat vaksin udah ada ikhtiar tambahan.

  7. wah sudah di vaksin ya mba, aku deg deg-an juga nunggu giliran..
    semoga sehat2 terus ya mba, stay safe

  8. Penasaran sama kisah kak Indah setelah vaksin.
    Adakah yang dirasakan gak nyaman?

    Semoga sehat-sehat selalu yaa, kak Indah sekeluarga.

  9. I love seeing everyone wear their masks correctly. The US has sloppy folks with mask wearing.

    I just got vaccinated last week. I had to kind of sneak in there. They had it open to teachers. I teach one class. I went fully expecting them to not give it to me. They were pretty much only taking in union schools Kindergarten - High School. I teach a college course. I'm high risk with having asthma. I wanted to get in.

  10. Belum sampai di daerah kami vaksinnya Mba? Allhamdulillah ya sudah vaksin lega rasanya. Semoga lekas menyusul juga di daerah kami aamiin.

  11. Great for you getting your shot. That is a necessary element of getting things back to normal. I've had mine too. Great encouragement. Thanks for sharing and for co-hosting at #omhgww. See you next week.


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