Celebrating PINKTOBER - Sharing and Caring Session about Breast Cancer with Google Local Guides

Indah Nuria Savitri pink warrior

Celebrating Pinktober - Sharing & Caring session with Google Local Guides 


Celebrating Pinktober - Sharing & Caring session with Google Local Guides 

Hi, everyone!

I hope all is well and we can stay safe, happy and healthy wherever you are.

October has been celebrated as Breast Cancer awareness month. 

Cancer. Cancer. Cancer.

Six-letter word that instigate fear to many of us. 

One single word that changes your life forever.

Cancer, particularly breast cancer, has touched people’s lives.  Many of us have seen or ben through life-changing moments due to cancer. Be it breast cancer or any type of cancer, those diagnosed with it, and people surrounding them, will see some major adjustments and 'pause' in life. And cancer knows no boundaries. You can be young or old, educated or not, rich or poor. It can simply be anyone. It can be you, it can be me. And Google  Local Guides are no exceptions.

breast cancer survivor Indah Nuria Savitri

Whether you or someone you love has cancer, knowing what to expect can help us cope with this challenge and life-changing moments. From sharing information and experience about breast cancer and the fight against it, including the importance of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment options, this session will serve as a ‘sharing & caring’ session for Google Local Guides whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. 

breast cancer survivor

Together we can provide support to those cancer warriors, as well as learn how to take care of ourselves and take necessary actions to prevent and ensure early detection. Furthermore, we can identify health facilities & institutions as well as communities that provide care for and support breast cancer. And more importantly, we can show our support to those who are still fighting it. 

That's why we invite Google Local Guides to Join us on Google Meet on Thursday, October 29th, 2020 at 8 PM UTC + 7 and let’s talk about breast cancer ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ€

The Google Meet link for the meeting was also provided (https://meet.google.com/ssz-nozb-jkk )

And we invited our friends to ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŒธ WEAR PINK ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŒธ. Or anything in PINK ๐ŸŽ€ during the meeting.

As a Google Local Guide, I  @indahnuria, a breast cancer survivor, became the host & shared my personal fight against breast cancer. While our dearest doctor LG @doc_dells shared some valuable insights from medical point of views about breast cancer and . Then our dearest friend  Google Local Guide from India @shreeya added to the voice of her own journey in accompanying her beloved mom battling cancer and gave some highlighting points to always remember.


Let’s fight breast cancer!

The meeting run well and we discussed a lot about breast cancer and many interesting aspects about it, starting from the symptoms, the treatments and medication, the psychological impacts and the support of the family as well as people around us.

Breast cancer - Indah Nuria Savitri
Breast cancer has long been known as one of the silent killers

I shared stories, photos and video about my struggle  against breast cancer. The struggle from July 2014 as I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and continue fighting till now.

From one little lump that changed my life to the series of treatment I have got to do to eliminate cancer cells from my body. From the consultations to the joy of joining such supportive communities sharing the same passion about fighting breast cancer. From tons of pills I have to take to mind-blowing questions and contemplation I got to do.

breast cancer awareness - indah nuria savitri

Support is one of the immense helps we, cancer patients and survivors, always need. I am super lucky to have my hubby, two wonderful munchkins, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

❤️ Stay safe, happy and healthy, everyone ❤️


  1. Acaranya menarik, Mbak Indah. Edukasi terkait kanker payudara masih perlu digalakkan. Semoga lancar segala sesuatunya.

  2. Catat ah, akhir Oktober ya Mba...

  3. Hi Mba Indah, I just know that you are a cancer fighter. I also excited to read this. May the blessings of healing and recovery come down to the all cancer fighters. God bless you

  4. Bulan Oktober memang special banget ya mbak, jadi pengingat juga untuk kita semua untuk peduli. Semangat sehat terus ya mbak Indah.

  5. salut dengan semangatnya mbak..
    semoga selalu semangat dan sehat terus ya mbak Indah

  6. wah sudah kelewat ya acaranya. Padahal bagus banget acara kayak gini, buat nambah wawasan tentang kanker, terutama kanker payudara

  7. Wah sayangnya kelewat ya saya seminat onlinenya tentang kanker payudara ini. Saya kadang kalau mandi suka periksa payudara sendiri soalnya takut ada benjolannya. Karena gimana pun kanker payudara ini nggak bisa dianggap entengv

  8. I made a pinky promise at breast cancer moment. I promise to eat healthy food and take care my body from anykind of diseases. I hope that nobody can get bearst cancer anymore.

    Ojo di guyu ya, Mbaaa.. kalau inggrisku ora genah. Hahaha..

  9. Setuju Mbak Indah, kita harus memberi dukungan semangat kepada teman penderita ya agar selalu berpikiran positif..

  10. WOw, 3 point of view; doctor, survivor and care taker (dauhter).... and they will complete each other.

  11. Keep up the spirit, Mba Indah , together there will be more that can be done

  12. Kak Indaaah..
    Sehat-sehat selalu.
    Semoga perempuan Indonesia semakin tinggi awarness nya terhadap deteksi dini terhadap penyakit, terutama kanker payudara.

    1. Kak Indah..
      Tetap semangat. Dan sesungguhnya, semangat kak Indah ini sungguh bisa dirasakan pembaca dan penonton channel youtubenya kak Indah.

      I love you, mami Boo.

  13. Salut dengan semangat Mama Bo yang selalu penuh dengan positive thinking ketika menjalani treatment untuk breast cancer. Semoga banyak yang terinspirasi dengan semangat positif ini.

  14. It's always good to catch it early if you can. You are such a strong woman.

  15. Cancer is so disrespectful. It has ravished my mother's side of the family with 4 of her 5 sisters having brest cancer and 2 of her 3 brothers also have cancer. One brother had cancer of the spine and the other cancer of the throat. It has been very rude to our family. do know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and with all of the modern day advances, you certainly have the chance to show cancer the door out of your life. Take care and be well. Thanks for co-hosting and sharing with #omhgww.

  16. Halo mba Indah. Slalu mendoakans erta dukung mba INdah dan all penyintas kanker. Saya yakin kesembuhan itu pasti akan ada dan nyata :)

  17. Proud of you mba, I know you are such a strong women. I believe you can againts it, and you will get better. You will healthier. Thank you for sharing mba, this reminds me how the important to take care and put our healthy as a priority. Hope you will get better soon mba Indah and yap together we can

  18. Mba Indah.. aku salut sama dirimu. Tidak hanya kuat tapi juga tetap ada semangat di dalam dirimu Mba. Semoga Allah angjat penyakit mu ya Mba Indah..love love

  19. Nice sharing Mbaa, semoga gak lelah untuk berbagi cerita dan semangatnya, supaya semakin banyak Perempuan yang aware terhadap breast Cancer ini termasuk aku, sehat² terus Mama Bo, tetap berjuang kalahkan Cancer ya Mba, Allah lah sebenar-benarnya Maha Penyembuh,Amiin Ya Rabb

  20. Google local guides ternyata punya concern juga masalah kanker payudara ini, ya

  21. Kita semua harus support untuk proses kesembuhan para penderita kanker ya. Dukungan seperti inilah yang dibutuhkan ketika seseorang menjalani serangkaian perawatan yang tentunya tak mudah.

  22. Semoga kita, keluarga, dan kerabat dijauhkan dari breast cancer ya mba. Jadi diingetin lagi nih aku buat selalu makan makanan sehat dan mencintai badan sendiri

  23. Wah mbak aku malah baru tahu kalau Goole Local Guide jg bikin semacam seminar online dengan tema breast cancer lho dan mbak Insav yang jd salah satu narsumnya. Semoga ,enginspirasi banyak survivor di luar sana dan menambah awarness kita semua soal penyakit ini ya mbak, tengkyuuuu

  24. Support sistem paling penting banget ya mba, salut sama Mba Indah yang selalu menebarkannya. Sehat dan bahagia terus mba indah


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